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China’s Secret Weapon That Could Swing the Trade War, by Nick Giambruno

China is the world’s leading, and in some cases only supplier of rare earth elements that are essential to many computer and communications technologies. From Nick Giambruno at internationalman.com:

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Hot Economic Warfare: Scrambling for Rare-Earth Minerals, by Wayne Madsen

A bunch of rocks you probably have never heard of are the subjects of intense geopolitical competition. From Wayne Madsen at strategic-culture.org:

Just like the gold rushes of California between 1848 and 1855, Canada’s Klonike of 1896 to 1899, and Western Australia’s of the 1890s, the world is experiencing a frenzy to obtain mining rights in pursuit of today’s “gold,” namely rare earth minerals. Used for components of electric vehicle batteries, mobile telephones, flat-screen televisions, flash drives, cameras, precision-guided missiles, industrial magnets, wind turbines, solar panels, and other high-tech items, rare earth minerals have become the type of sought-after commodity that uranium and plutonium were during the onset of the atomic age.

Rare earth minerals do not easily roll off one’s tongue in the same manner as gold, silver, and platinum. For example, yttrium oxide and europium, while sounding unimportant, are what provide the red hue in color televisions.

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