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Be Your Own Revolution, by Caitlin Johnstone

Revolutions start with individual choices. From Caitlin Johnstone at caitlinjohnstone.com:

I made the mistake of involving myself in a sectarian Twitter spat when I was halfway through my morning coffee today and I instantly felt like an idiot.

People from the Left Twitter faction I’d offended rushed in to push back against the offense I’d caused them, and within minutes I felt it: the all-too familiar sensation of inspiration and creativity draining away from my body. Tension, coldness and defensiveness where previously there was playfulness and the crackling sensation of an exciting new day in which anything was possible.

If you’re active online, you’ve probably experienced this too. The days when you’re involved in sectarian bickering are the days when you are at your least creative, your least inspired, and your least effective at fighting against the machine. At best the drama gives your ego a tickle (as social media platforms are designed to do), after which you feel a bit yuck. The longer you engage in it, the lower the probability that you will produce something creative and inspired that day.

As a general rule, you may find that it works best to reject cliques and factions altogether. When you “belong” to any group you feel compelled to defend it, and to move with it wherever it goes even if that’s not where you feel like the energy is. You get invested in wanting the collective to move in a certain direction, and you get frustrated when it just wants to focus on silly nonsense and sectarian feuds.

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Llpoh: If Not Now, When?

There’s no time like today to start rebelling against a system that has stripped us of virtually all of our freedom. From Llpoh at theburningplatform.com:

It did not happen when they invaded foreign nations.

It did not happen when they implemented income tax.

It did not happen when they began transferring money from the productive to the non-productive.

It did not happen when they refused to secure the borders.

It did not happen when they implemented asset forfeiture.

It did not happen when they required payment to do things like fishing, and hunting.

It did not happen as they squeezed the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

It did not happen when legalized what we consider immoral.

It did not happen when they let rioters destroy cities.

It did not happen when they allowed police to militarize.

It did not happen when they protected too big to fail.

And now they require you to wear masks to buy, sell, work, travel.

And now they decide who works and who does not.

And now they decide what businesses can operate.

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