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Schools shocker: 6 possible reasons why NY Dems Cuomo and Schumer suddenly support reopening, by Thomas Lifson

The six reasons all boil down to one: political expediency. From Thomas Lifson at americanthinker.com:

When two powerful Democrats suddenly reject the position of the teacher unions and support the position argued by President Trump, we know that something’s up.  Andrew Cuomo‘s and Chuck Schumer’s abrupt switch of position to support reopening schools in New York leaves a lot of blue-state Democrats exposed to intensified criticism for keeping their own schools closed.  I see five possible reasons that could explain this dramatic switch.


Let’s start trying to account for the change in position by taking Senator Schumer’s press conference explanation at face value.

What is one of the biggest problems facing us in the next month? As the Speaker mentioned, schools. Opening up the schools safely. If you don’t open up the schools, you’re going to hurt the economy significantly because lots of people can’t go to work.

Other blue-state Democrats like California’s Gavin Newsom and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer have continued to behave in ways that inflict maximum economic damage in their states, suggesting that they expect President Trump to be blamed by voters for a slow or negative economic recovery, even at the cost of immiserating their own constituents.

Maybe both New Yorkers are scared that New York’s decline has reached the point that their own political futures are imperiled.  After all, Cuomo just begged wealthy New York City residents to return to the city from their refuges in the Hamptons, Hudson Valley or even out of state, offering to buy them a drink or cook dinner for them as a lure to pay the extra municipal income tax liability they would face.

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Politics, Not Science, Keeping Schools Closed, by Yinon Weiss

The schools are being kept closed for all sorts of reasons that have nothing to do with health. From Yinon Weiss at realclearpolitics.com:

Politicians speak about following the science to set COVID-19 policy, but their decisions are more about political objectives than they are about medical efficacy. Why else did California Gov. Gavin Newsom shut down retail businesses in March when the state had under 300 cases per day but allow them to be open in July when the state clocked in at over 10,000 cases per day?

Why else would Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear allow liquor stores to stay open but close down churches? Why did Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer insist that buying lottery tickets remain legal but made it illegal to buy garden supplies? And how did New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo use “science” to prohibit outdoor funerals but allow outdoor protests?

But as badly as our lockdowns have damaged local businesses, a potentially even bigger problem is created by the physical closure of schools. One of the most important functions of a civil society is to protect and educate its children, and the cancellation of in-person education stands to become one of the most detrimental acts of collateral damage during this pandemic.

California currently expects its 5-year-olds to complete kindergarten exclusively through online distance learning. For this dubious undertaking, the politicians are given passionate political cover. The Los Angeles Teachers Union maintains that “the only people guaranteed to benefit from the premature reopening of schools amidst a rapidly accelerating pandemic are billionaires and the politicians they’ve purchased” — as if billionaires typically send their kids to L.A. public schools. The wealthy will send their children to in-person private schools or hire additional tutors, while most American families will suffer from a widening education gap that could set their kids back years. Worst of all, none of this is medically substantiated.

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Europe Re-Opens Schools – Suffers No Second COVID Wave, by Tyler Durden

There are going to be an awful lot of totalitarians out there if we don’t get that second Covid-19 wave. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Ahead of the fall academic year, American parents are asking one question: If schools reopen, will my child be safe from COVID-19

Well, there’s some good news from Europe in the last several weeks. The Wall Street Journal has compiled a list of officials from countries who have overwhelmingly reported, that after a month or so of having education systems open, there are limited to no outbreaks of the virus.

Schools in Denmark, Austria, Norway, Finland, and Germany, have been operating for 1-2 months with no issue whatsoever about the virus. This is excellent news for American parents but also for stubborn US education officials who continue to shutter many school systems across the country for the upcoming academic year.

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