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America in the 2020s: Its Most Dangerous Decade, by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

The U.S. has enough unaddressed problems of its own, particularly monetary inflation, that it should stay out of the Ukraine-Russian war. From Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD, at lewrockwell.com:

We face turbulent times. The 2021-2030 decade is stacking up to be the most dangerous one in America’s 32-decade history.

The United States of America emerged from World War II a manufacturing colossus. During the war it built 141 aircraft carriers (all types), 203 submarines, 62,000 bombers (12,700 of them B-17s), 88,000 tanks—and 4 atom bombs. One atom bomb that used uranium was dropped on Hiroshima, August 6, 1945; a second plutonium one was dropped on Nagasaki, August 9. Two more plutonium bombs had been built but not used, when on August 15 Japan surrendered.

The U.S. dollar replaced the British pound sterling as the world’s reserve currency and became a “petrodollar” when the Saudis and other Arab oil nations agreed to accept only U.S. dollars for their oil. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 the USA became the world’s sole super-power. America now, however, must share that status with China and Russia. Over the last thirty years Russia, shorn of its Soviet Socialist Republics, and China both also have become super-powers, militarily and technologically.

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