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Ukraine Rocked By Corruption Scandal, Wave Of Top Officials Resign: Sports Cars, Mansions & Luxury Vacations As People Suffered, by Tyler Durden

We’re shocked, shocked, to learn that corruption is going on in Ukraine. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

The Ukrainian government on Tuesday confirmed the resignation of multiple high ranking officials amid large-scale corruption allegations, in what’s being called the biggest mass resignation and graft scandal since the Russian invasion began.

Some dozen officials have quit their posts after a huge political shake-up over allegations and probes into cases ranging from bribery, to mismanagement of aid funds for purchasing food, to embezzlement, to driving expensive cars while common people suffer under wartime conditions.

A top presidential adviser and four deputy ministers – among these two defense officials, along with five regional governors were forced out of their posts. And among the regional governors to step down included officials overseeing regions which have seen intense fighting, including the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions, where Russian forces have lately reported gains.

Zelensky to Congress in Dec. visit: aid to Ukraine is an investment in democracy and “not charity”. Via Reuters

In reference to the announcement by a senior government official, Oleg Nemchinov, international reports detail the following list:

  • Deputy Prosecutor General Oleskiy Symonenko
  • Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories Ivan Lukeryu
  • Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories Vyacheslav Negoda
  • Deputy Minister for Social Policy Vitaliy Muzychenk
  • And the regional governors of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Sumy and Kherson

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Ukraine ‘partnered’ with top Dem donor’s crypto company FTX as Biden admin funded war effort: report, from The Post Millennial

The FTX scandal grows increasingly sordid. From The Post Millennial at thepostmillennial.com:

The multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency company FTX, run by CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, the second biggest Democrat donor right after George Soros, collapsed last week as details emerged regarding their financial practices, which led to a run by customers on FTX. FTX did not have the funds to pay out.

It was also revealed that FTX had partnered with Ukraine to process donations to their war efforts within days of Joe Biden pledging billions of American taxpayer dollars to the country. Ukraine partnered with FTX as the Biden administration funneled funds to the invaded nation, and FTX then made massive donations to Democrats in the US.
An article from the cryptocurrency news website Coindesk from March 15, 2022 reported that Ukraine partnered with FTX, and that “FTX is converting crypto contributions to Ukraine’s war effort into fiat for deposit at the National Bank of Ukraine.” Fiat is the legal tender or paper money of a particular country.

Thieves Paradise in Kiev – IMF Admits It Doesn’t Know How Much Ukraine Has Received of $35 Billion in Promised Foreign Cash, Or Where the Money Was Spent, by John Helmer

Who knew that the country that consistently ranks as the most corrupt in Europe would turn out to be an unaccountable money pit? From John Helmer at johnhelmer.net:

A new report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reveals that the Ukraine has become a thieves’ paradise  in which  corporate loan defaults are written off;  embezzlement from banks is not traced;   the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) no longer audits the country’s bank liabilities and reserves;  and the IMF admits it cannot tell how much of the $35 billion in foreign cash grants and loans promised to Kiev has been disbursed, or to whom.

“Disbursements of all committed funds over the remaining months of the year is urgently needed and will make a difference,” declares Kristalina Georgieva (lead image), the IMF Managing director since 2019, “especially in light of the recent horrific damage to energy infrastructure.”  Georgieva was speaking in Berlin on October 25.

“In a best-case scenario,” she added, “we estimate that Ukraine’s financing needs would be about $3 billion per month. When we incorporate some additional financing for higher gas imports and some repair of critical infrastructure, we quickly reach $4 billion per month. The recent missile attacks, which have clearly caused much more damage, not only confirms the validity of these estimates but leads us to consider $5 billion upper range.”

However, in a 32-page IMF staff report    on the state of Ukrainian budget finance and the risk of system-wide financial collapse, the Fund experts  have concluded that “large-scale forbearance with a delayed recognition of NPLs [commercial bank non-performing loans] and the suspension of NBU enforcement actions and audits of financial statements make a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the war difficult and uncertain.” The report has been released at this link on the IMF website.

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Perfectly Lawful and Legal and Unfortunate, by Anna Von Reitz

Lost in the Ukraine propaganda is what a cesspool of corruption that country became after the dissolution of the USSR, and particularly after the U.S. sponsored coup in 2014. From Anna Von Reitz at paulstramer.net:

People keep wondering what to think about the situation in Ukraine. Many are still believing what they hear on the news.

When the old Russian Federation broke up, and Russia released the Ukraine as an independent country it came with the proviso that if there was evidence of criminality, genocide, international threats to Russia on Ukrainian soil, etc. Russia could come back in and secure the situation. This is part of Russia’s obligation to the rest of the world as well as a matter of Russian security.

So, Ukraine was free to be its own country, with the understanding that they were going to be good little international citizens. And if they got out of hand, Russia would come back in and clean things up.

Following Ukrainian independence in 1991, the Usual Suspects piled on. It was like a gold rush. Drug smuggling. Human trafficking. Arms sales. Counterfeiting. Organ harvesting. Oil privateering. Every sordid nasty dirty business in the world was imported to Ukraine, by all the Agencies, the “US Corp”, the DOD, the Mobs of various nations, and associated corporations like Blackwater and Halliburton and on and on and on. All the Dirty Deal Guys showed up like gangbangers.

And everyone including Russia just shook their heads. It was business as usual for the Ollie Norths of the world.

Predictably, some Ukrainian oligarchs floated to the top of the cesspit and became politicians.

The whole situation took an exponential leap downward during the Obama Administration, when Joe Biden and members of the US CONGRESS got involved in paying the oligarchs tons of helicopter money for their personal support on one hand, and taking billions out of the Ukrainian economy on the other.

It was just a shameless wholesale sell out of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. Their oil pillaged, their trade policies manipulated, their entire country opened up to every kind of vice, but the final straw was the DOD opening up over a dozen bioweapon laboratories in Ukraine.

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