Financial Distancing, by Bionic Mosquito

Is the coronavirus meant to cover the rape of the  financial system and the economy? From the Bionic Mosquito at

What if you knew that markets were going to burst, an inevitable outcome of the funny money and credit created, especially since 2008–09 but also before then? What if this bursting was going to create a calamity both on Wall Street and Main Street? What if you knew martial law was in the cards due to this economic distress, but didn’t want to declare martial law?

What if you knew that the debt load was much too high, and one way to drastically shrink that debt load was to push hundreds – even thousands – of companies into financial distress and bankruptcy? What if by doing this, you would push many banks into distress? What if, by doing this, you opened up the door to allow you to borrow even more, given everyone’s flight to “safety”?

What if you could solve all of these problems by taking the commercial loans off of the books of the banks while at the same time allowing the distressed debt to go insolvent, thereby allowing your favorite friends to pick up assets at pennies on the dollar? What if you could hold this bad debt at an institution that had absolutely no risk of insolvency?

What if all of this allowed you to take even more control of all economic and social activity?

How could you set it up such that you wouldn’t get blamed for the financial calamity, yet bring the financial calamity on for your benefit and the benefits of your closest buddies? How could you get people to voluntarily act as if there was martial law without declaring martial law?

Well, nothing immediately comes to mind….


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