A Silver Lining, by Robert Gore

Who will fight for your rights?

…we are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.

Ayn Rand, Capitalism, The Unknown Ideal, Appendix, “The Nature of Government,” 1967

We are no longer fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion, we’ve arrived. It is the stage of which every would-be dictator dreams, where his whims are absolute, and everything everyone else says, does, or thinks must comport with those whims, even—impossible though it would be—when they are contradictory.

Science is anti-whim. Nature, as Francis Bacon observed, to be commanded must be obeyed. Nothing illustrates the ultimate inversion of the official coronavirus response better than its leaders’ assault on science in the name of their “science.”

Doctors have been discouraged or prohibited from administering hydroxychloroquine, by itself or in conjunction with other medications, vitamins, and zinc compounds, to treat Covid-19. They have observed and documented the effectiveness of such remedies—mitigation or elimination of the disease’s symptoms—but their observation and documentation are dismissed. Only the validation procedure mandated by the medical bureaucracy—the expensive and complex multistage tests required of new drugs to establish their efficacy and safety—will suffice for official permission. It’s what their “science” demands of a cheap and seemingly effective remedy that’s been on the market for years as a treatment for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and malaria.

So where were the tests and control-group studies for the pandemic models, lockdowns, social distancing, masks, flattening the curve, closing businesses, and contact tracing that have been the official coronavirus responses? Projections are hypotheses, but only one class of hypotheses was officially accepted—disaster scenarios that fed panic and paved the way for further expansion of governments’ power. The doomsday models have been discredited; cases and deaths have been orders of magnitude less than projected.

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Countries that haven’t instituted lockdowns have fared no worse than countries that have. Andrew Cuomo, governor of hard-hit New York, recently expressed surprise that two-thirds of hospitalized coronavirus patients had been sheltering in place. As if locking people down—often families under close quarters—in apartment buildings that can’t control cockroaches would somehow protect dwellers against a microscopic, easily spread, fast replicating, and virtually infinite virus.

No science at all supports social distancing; six-feet is an arbitrary construct (i.e., whim) of some medical would-be dictator. Masks force the rebreathing of your own respiratory waste, weakening your immune system for the dubious benefit of that all-powerful totem: public health. The health you’re supposedly protecting is certainly not your own. It’s like eating your own feces or drinking your own urine for a purported public benefit.

Flattening the curve to ensure adequate hospital space for the wave of coronavirus patients that hasn’t happened has flattened the hospitals, leading to empty rooms and wards and layoffs for medical workers. Bankruptcies will follow.

Lost jobs and shuttered businesses are just collateral damage for our would-be emperors, who have waged senseless wars and inflicted grievous collateral damage on other countries for decades. Now the devastation and misery they’ve left in their wake have come home. Americans who’ve never asked themselves how it felt to be a victim of their government’s senseless wars are now victims of their government’s senseless war on a germ. After an unsustainable debt-propelled respite, the Greater Depression has resumed (it started in 2008) and will last for years. Its poverty and devastation will sicken and kill multiples of the people who will ultimately be afflicted by the coronavirus.

All this supposedly guided by “science,” yet its proponents commit the most unscientific offense—they corrupt their own data. By their own admission the tests they use give both false negatives and false positives. By their own admission they’re corrupting the death count. Doctors have been instructed to list Covid-19 as a cause of death if the deceased had any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19, even though those symptoms characterize a number of other diseases that singly or in combination kill people, especially people with compromised immune systems. Hospitals have a financial incentive to perpetuate this fraud. They receive $13,000 from Medicare for each Covid-19 patient and $39,000 for each patient put on a ventilator (Links here and here).

The coronavirus tyranny has nothing to do with science, medicine, or health, and everything to do with establishing that ultimate inversion: the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission. These past few weeks we’ve seen how our rulers attempted to discard the last fig leaf—democracy—covering their creeping, now galloping, totalitarianism and complete lack of legitimacy.

A camarilla within the nation’s intelligence services, the Department of Justice, and members of the previous administration, including Barack Obama, attempted to depose the democratically elected president of the United States. Such coups are the province of two-bit plotters in banana republics that make no pretense of observing or protecting rights, where might alone makes right. The United States has gone full banana—the stage of rule by brute force.

Democracy is tyranny of the majority, a system that inevitably destroys individual rights. For the history-challenged, individual rights were the still revolutionary concept on which the idea—although not always the reality—of the United States was established. The logical consequence of the full protection of individual rights is the freedom to live your life as you see fit, as long as you don’t abridge the rights of others. Society or any other group of people has no rights apart from the rights of the individuals that comprise it. Governments have no rights, only the duty to protect the rights of individuals to live peaceably and freely. Government must be the servant, not the master, of its citizens. (See the Ayn Rand Appendix cited above, “The Nature of Government,” for a more detailed exposition of the proper role of government.)

We’re light years from that ideal. Individuals must receive permission to, among other things, leave their homes, hold a job, assemble with other individuals, attend houses of worship, visit parks and beaches, or patronize businesses. The governor of my state, Michelle Lujan Grisham, just decreed that masks must be worn by everyone outside of their own dwellings (I wrote STOP MLG’S TYRANNY on mine). Breathing fresh air is now at the sufferance of our overlords. Civilly disobedient soul that I am, I have yet to don my mask. Don’t think sheep don’t get angry—I get murderous looks from mask-wearers.

With every decree issued since this repression began, those who advocate for their individual rights or actually exercise them by violating the decree are denounced, shamed, censored, and in some cases arrested. Anyone who disagrees by word or deed is “selfish,” unwilling to sacrifice for the common good.

What do they mean by selfish? Is it selfish to fight for your rights? Is it selfish to want to work and produce? Is it selfish to be more concerned with your own welfare and the welfare of your family and friends than with the welfare of strangers, the public, or the government that supposedly represents that public? Is your desire for freedom selfish?

There are those who will tie themselves in intellectual knots answering those questions in the negative, but nevertheless asserting that individual rights and their exercise—free expression, free inquiry, free production, and free exchange—can all be justified as conferring the greatest public good. They then wonder why they never win arguments with those pushing collectivized notions of the public good. When might makes right, the public good is whatever the collective’s masters say it is—argument over.

Fighting for one’s freedom and all that flows from it is selfish, profoundly so. If you don’t fight for that which is yours—the individual rights that are the essential condition of your existence—who’s going to do it for you? Anthony Fauci? Bill Gates? Nancy Pelosi? President Trump? Joe Biden? George Soros? Jerome Powell? Adam Schiff? Mark Zuckerberg? Eric Schmidt? Santa Claus? The Tooth Fairy? When was the last time you even heard the term “individual rights” in polite, mainstream discourse? When individual rights are mentioned at all, they’re treated as a quaint anachronism.

And what do they mean by sacrifice? They mean that instead of selfishly fighting for your rights and freedom, you are to unselfishly place them on the sacrificial altar known as the public good. You’re selfish for resisting the sacrifice of that which is rightfully yours, but those collecting what is not rightfully theirs are selfless saints. If you voluntarily board that cattle car, you’ll secure your spot in the Unselfish Hall of Fame, along with millions of others who have lost their property, happiness, freedom, and lives without selfish protest or resistance. You might even be designated a Hero of the Public Good, posthumously of course.

If you find the world’s descent into evil unfathomable, it’s time to rethink the premises that the selfless is the good and the selfish is evil. Collectivist butchers, including the ones pushing the coronavirus hoax, always demand fealty to some cause greater than one’s self. Fall for that one and you’ve already lost two important parts of yourself—your self-respect and your ability to reason.

The precautionary principle—that no risks can be assumed if someone or something somewhere might be harmed—is anti-mind and anti-life, absurdly evil on its face. That philosophical abomination now excuses wholesale violation of individual rights and deadly economic devastation based on projections, bureaucratic whim, and political expediency. The precautionary principle would, if consistency applied, bring human progress to a halt, eventually rendering the human race extinct. Nothing is as unsafe as an insistence on absolute safety.

Risk is what makes life worth living—it’s the driver of human knowledge and progress. Imagine the choices that confronted early humans as they made their first choices. If we build a fire, will it warm us and cook our meat…or consume us? If we eat oysters, will they nourish or kill us? Will the canoe we’ve built float or sink? The forward steps of both our individual and humanity’s journeys have always involved unanswered questions, hypotheses, risk, experimentation, trial and error, tragedy, and triumph. It takes no imagination at all to envision potential risks. Make fear and safety paramount and none of those steps could have or will be taken.

To believe that risks can be eliminated by arbitrary edicts is delusional; to enforce those edicts tyrannical; to comply with them suicidal. Wars are always fought and tyrannies always established in the name of somebody’s safety. The betrayal of individual conscience and surrender of individual rights to a collective for safety’s sake never produces safety, only misery, destruction, despair, terror and death. That’s a lesson we’re set to relearn as we proceed through one of those darkest periods of human history.

There is a silver lining in all this: the curtain has been lifted, we now know exactly what we confront. Present governments and their many bootlickers and minions do not recognize—much less protect or hold themselves subordinate to the protection of—individual rights. Nor should we expect that they will do so within our lifetimes. Absent their replacement via revolution or abandonment via secession, we will continue to live in a political order where they are free to do as they please while we may act only by permission.

If we want our rights, our freedom, and our lives, we’re going to have to fight for them with word and deed. It has ever been so; it will ever be so. Those who choose to fight will have one important ally: rule by brute force is the agent of its own collapse. It has always failed, it always will. Whether we have the virtue and wisdom to replace it with it’s antithesis—freedom and individual rights protected rather than destroyed by government—remains to be seen.

Stay sane.

81 responses to “A Silver Lining, by Robert Gore

  1. Robert, EXCELLENT as usual!!
    Suggestion Sir is to change the title to the subject, who will fight for your rights. Silver lining is confusing. IMHO

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ursel,

      Thanks. Your suggestion has merit, but once the article has been posted on other websites and linked to mine, it becomes logistically cumbersome to change the title and confuses some people. Also, I like to put ironic touches on my titles, it seems to get more readers interested in the article. We’ll see if it works on this one.



  2. You inspire me, Mr. Gore.


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  5. Bob, I have sent this to a number of people, including The Golden Pinnacle book study group. While many often profess to be true believers, sometimes fear gets in the way.

    No one ever expresses my concerns as well as you do. It helps me keep same and sometimes retain my sense of humor.


  6. There is actual, decades long, real science describing the destruction that an unfunctional economy brings in the way of death by stress, suicide, etc.
    This was completely ignored.

    The so called science thrown at us was bullshit models that bore no resemblence whatsoever to reality. And flatten the curve has been revealed to be a fraud. And we are told to be led by the science.

    It was a complete con, and just like the russian hoax, there is not a person in wash dc, or in a governors mansion that does not know it was all bullshit.

    And yet the democrats pulled it, spineless republican governors went along with it, and worst of all, even now that it is revealed for every single person in this country to see, Trump leaves Fauci in the position of dictating policy.

    Wash DC is a pox on humanity. They will kill us all if we let them.

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  7. “Democracy is tyranny of the majority, a system that inevitably destroys individual rights.”
    Ayn Rand saw this clearly, and your excellent article puts all the current pieces together for the necessary struggle ahead. At present, I am doubtful of a positive outcome, but that is what struggles are for.


  8. Doctor Robert, weird and very sad to see you continue to weave a web of half-truths based on conjecture, not science. You and Alex Jones must be besties. Seriously, what a serious waste of talent you’ve become, and I’ve known you since you were 10. What are you accomplishing here? Absolutely NOTHING. I dare you to post something that has constructive value. I dare you. You can’t, because the emperor has no clothes, and clearly no mask.


    • Marc,
      You’re free to enlighten us. Please set me and SLL’s readers straight on the science we’re supposedly ignoring. You might even try addressing some of my arguments, instead of ad hominem attacks. If I’m not accomplishing anything here, why do I make you so mad? Why do you even bother to read my stuff?

      By the way, don’t hold your breath waiting for me to publish something you think has constructive value.

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  18. robert orians

    Marc , how well does the alphabet agency pay you my friend ? Do you get to sit with the big boys when they have a meeting on the seventh floor ? Do you get to watch as your wife is cucked ?


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  23. Robert, Another exceptional article. Communication is the essence of Life itself; You create life with your words. Thank you.


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  30. I am so glad to have come across this breath of sanity in this crazy world. I look forward to reading more of your work.


    • Thanks, just put Robert Gore in the search function if you want to read more. My articles on the coronavirus are “Irrelevant Details,” “The Last Gasp,” “Basic Math,” and “Coronacide.” I’ve also posted many fine articles by other writers.


  31. Stirringly written and right on target. I’m going to have to read more of your work!


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  33. Mr. Gore, Thank you for your accurate portrayal of the risks at hand in today’s world and the badly needed reminder of who is Sovereign.

    Please take a moment to reconsider your promotion of The Drudge Report. You may not be aware that it was bought out not too long ago and is no longer the bastion of independent thought it once was. It has joined the rest of MSM in pushing gaslighting propaganda. The site has and continues to violate long-time readers’ trust that Matt Drudge garnered through his tenure.

    To anyone reading this comment, please, always verify all source materials, documents, and quotes in every story. Discard any “news” found to contain lies, mis-directions, dis-info, and any other misleading content.

    Our only chance of saving this great experiment called the United States of America is through Truth based on FACTS.


    • Karen

      You are absolutely right about the Drudge Report and thank you for bringing it to my attention. It doesn’t deserve a mention on my Blog Roll and I’ll remove it today.



  34. Excellent article, Robert. Will be my lead link today!!! @ https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/


    • As always thanks, and thanks for the place of honor.


      • Glad you consider it an honor, but to me it is a privilege and a duty to get well informed and researched articles out to others. I feel that one should be able to go to my site and get concise and clear information and news daily without having to look all over the internet in the areas that I cover – IE. – geopolitics, economics, natural health, constitutional rights, preparedness and self-sufficiency.


  35. Thank you Robert! I can only suggest moving to Arizona, where things have already largely returned to normal and many always ignored the suggestions, with no enforcement, of the Governor’s office….


  36. Since the collectivists have the sheep in this country at their beck and call, it’s going to take sterner methods to right this ship. And I ain’t talking about legislation, debate,or reform politically. The damned British didn’t leave Ireland until they were thrown out, after invading 700 years before. They didn’t leave America until defeated militarily. The collectivists won’t stop and won’t leave until they are MADE to. Absolutely top stuff in this post, Robert. Thanks for the rush.

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  37. Karen, although you are not one of ‘those’ Karens’ from your observations, however I would like to point out something that almost everyone forgets, here and almost everywhere. It used to be well known that the country was known as THESE United States of America, now it seems that almost everyone is satisfied with THE United States of America. Think about the difference that just that one word change makes.

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  39. Great article by a fellow New Mexican. Could you address the elephant in the room? That is 5 G. In order to mandate 5G everywhere, they must mandate the tracking of everyone. I am sensitive to 4G and have researched 5G which is much worse, and designed to kill.


    • Sandy

      I’m still researching 5G, but am suspicious and skeptical. I’m suspicious and skeptical of anything the powers say we have to have. When I’m sure of what I’m talking about, I’ll write an article on 5G.



      • Sandy Retired RN

        There is a 5G summit starting June 1 with excellent speakers. Josh de sol at take back your power.com If you can’t find it, e mail me and I’ll forward their email to you


  40. ‘One can ignore reality. One cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.’
    Ayn Rand

    Watching that reality unfold from inside FUSA is no fun at all.

    The reality it holds, however, is the light at the end of the tunnel for those fighting to keep Trad America alive.


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  42. Great read, thank you, am now sharing widely.
    Best praise I can give, is it reminded me of my favorite book ‘The Law’ by Frederick Bastiat, which I’ve re-read dozens of times over the last 50 years.


  43. Robert, I too am living the ‘new nazi’ in the Land of Enchantment.

    You’re being too nice with your mask scribble.

    Mine sez:

    “Phuc Da Guv”


  44. And those be the words of a TRUE Libertarian, not so much of these “cookie-cutter” phonies.

    I think it is time for me to call this blog as one of my more-important bookmarks. Plus, a fine example of writing, such as this one, should help me improve my penmanship and presentation style too.

    Thank you for a VERY well thought out piece. Seems to me that this one should also belong on the Mises Institute blog too. It reads very much like one! 🙂

    – Jim S.


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  46. “All this supposedly guided by “science,”
    The ‘world’ is a calling, follow me,follow me.
    “Science is how we get back to normal” This is what much of the world is saying. we know otherwise and are grateful to see through, what the world is saying.


  47. Herbert Haemmer

    Mr. Gore,
    My compliments on a great article! A friend just sent it to me and I’ll fwd to 66 others on my email list, people who mostly share your views and mine. The negative comments I saw in response to your writing must be members of the Leftists (not Democrats!) that now exist in abundance in this once great country. Very sad indeed to see people with such unlimited blindness who cannot see what is happening around us. Keep up the good work and I will pay attention to your creative and realist writings from now on. Best wishes!
    Herbert Haemmer


  48. BOB,
    My condolences for your suffrage of MLG, but I thank her and her ilk for showing Americans what fascism actually looks like.

    COEURMAEGHAN, thank you for recognizing that I’m not one of “those Karen’s”. Sooooo, not one of those Karen’s.

    Your observation is notable and we all need that reminder lesson. The world has forgotten, and most US citizens really never learned that these “United States” is a voluntary joining of 50 independent “States”–used in the global vernacular to mean individual countries.

    However, my use of the Sovereign was in reference to the Individual. We are all Sovereign in our own right and have the Sovereign right to choose for ourselves bounded only by the limit of not causing harm to others. That right is God given and protected by the US Constitution. What government has not given, it cannot take away.

    To contribute to the knowledge base on HCQ, please consider these links for review. Afterward, ponder the question: Why are “they” fighting so hard to prevent the world from healing? Why are “they” working so hard to scare people away from a known, and rapidly proven “highly” successful, treatment that costs less than lunch at Applebee’s?





    China finds HCQ “highly effective”.



    This list could go. You get the message. HCQ is being used very successfully in dozens of countries around the world. What does the Establishment gain by suppressing it? I know. Do you? Wakey wakey.

    Here’s a hint:


  49. I’m so impressed with your writing, that I just purchased two of your novels on Amazon. I can’t wait to read them.

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