An Accidental Incongruity? by Eric Peters

Why do police arrest harmless Covid-19 lockdown, social distancing, mask-wearing, and business opening violators but not rioting criminals? From Eric Peters at

President Trump is getting grief from the leftie press for threatening to bring out the military to stop the riots spreading across the country like, well, a virus.

But why isn’t the leftie press caterwauling about the indifference of the Lockdown Mafia – i.e., the governors and mayors, et al who’ve been siccing armed government workers on moms walking their kids in public parks in the name of a virus they claim is an open-ended threat to “public safety” – to the very real threat posed by this virus? 

It’s not as though the Lockdown Mafia hasn’t got the stomach to use force to “stop the spread.”

It’s a question of who the Lockdown Mafia deems worthy of stopping. Apparently, moms taking their kids to a public park for a walk are worthy.

Also gym owners who open their doors to people who want to work out; restaurants that want to serve.

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