Is BLM the Mask Behind Which the Oligarchs Operate?? by Mike Whitney

It’s obvious somebody is providing BLM’s funding and pulling its strings. From Mike Whitney at

Here’s your BLM Pop Quiz for the day: What do “Critical Race Theory”, “The 1619 Project”, and Homeland Security’s “White Supremacist” warning tell us about what’s going on in America today?

  1. They point to deeply-embedded racism that shapes the behavior of white people
  2. They suggest that systemic racism cannot be overcome by merely changing attitudes and laws
  3. They alert us to the fact that unresolved issues are pushing the country towards a destructive race war
  4. They indicate that powerful agents — operating from within the state– are inciting racial violence to crush the emerging “populist” majority that elected Trump to office in 2016 and which now represents an existential threat to the globalist plan to transform America into a tyrannical third-world “shithole”.

Which of these four statements best explains what’s going on in America today?

If you chose Number 4, you are right. We are not experiencing a sudden and explosive outbreak of racial violence and mayhem. We are experiencing a thoroughly-planned, insurgency-type operation that involves myriad logistical components including vast, nationwide riots, looting and arson, as well as an extremely impressive ideological campaign. “Critical Race Theory”, “The 1619 Project”, and Homeland Security’s “White Supremacist” warning are as much a part of the Oligarchic war on America as are the burning of our cities and the toppling of our statues. All three, fall under the heading of “ideology”, and all three are being used to shape public attitudes on matters related to our collective identity as “Americans”.

The plan is to overwhelm the population with a deluge of disinformation about their history, their founders, and the threats they face, so they will submissively accept a New Order imposed by technocrats and their political lackeys. This psychological war is perhaps more important than Operation BLM which merely provides the muscle for implementing the transformative “Reset” that elites want to impose on the country. The real challenge is to change the hearts and minds of a population that is unwaveringly patriotic and violently resistant to any subversive element that threatens to do harm to their country. So, while we can expect this propaganda saturation campaign to continue for the foreseeable future, we don’t expect the strategy will ultimately succeed. At the end of the day, America will still be America, unbroken, unflagging and unapologetic.

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2 responses to “Is BLM the Mask Behind Which the Oligarchs Operate?? by Mike Whitney

  1. A great stringent analysis. My guess would be most working class whites and most working class blacks and legitimate migrants view the hysterical rhetoric from on high as a load of tripe and it colours our view of our “betters” accordingly. It does indeed look like a class war instigating a race war as a distraction from the objectives of the world wide feudal over lord elite (the master race) against everyone else they view as slaves, manipulating the ever-gullible middle class to be their moral front men.


  2. Having worked in various levels of dark places, over my career.
    Item 4 rings the most true, but may not address the issue deep enough.

    A question that should be asked .
    Have the globalists decided China will be the next World Power and will China allow them safe haven?

    Because, its seems China ready owns 51% part of many America’s F-1000 Businesses, their production and manufactures between 65 and 90% of the needed and affordable American sold goods (depending on the item type .)


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