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We Are On Our Own, by Southern Sage

If you don’t get the joke by now, you’ll never get it: the rulers despise the exploited ruled, who are on their own to do something about it. January 6 was just another in a long series of cold slaps across our faces. From Southern Sage at theburningplatform.com:

Graffiti on white brick wall in a run down area, stating 'we are on Stock  Photo - Alamy

Well, this is it, isn’t it? The storming of the Capitol is an event which will mark a watershed in our history. Make no mistake. This is the end of “Trumpism” and the Republican Party. Pence, needless to say, is political history. And you had better believe that the Democrats, and especially the Establishment Republicans, know it. Let us leave aside the fact that many of those storming the Capitol acted out of impulse and rage.

The Establishment will now attempt to label the core population of America as “terrorists” and criminals. Good enough. They will get what they have been asking for. The mask has fallen. Ordinary Americans are waking up to the fact that “they been had” and things will only get uglier. The fools in Congress will react with fury and that will only turn up the heat. We are now two countries and only one can win in the end.

In 1905 a crowd of peaceful protesters gathered outside the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg to beg “The Little Father” for bread. What they got was a hurricane of 7.62X54R ball ammo right in their faces. After that, the die was cast for Russia. Yes, things “calmed down” after a while but the fragile bond between the people and their government had been broken forever. It was called “Bloody Sunday”. We will have many bloody Sundays before the pot finally boils over.

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Foreign Rule, by the Zman

We’re ruled by foreigners from our own country. From the Zman at theburningplatform.com:

The Department of Justice has recently announced that the new great devil for the Empire is the drug cartels, operating just over the border. Empires need an enemy and to his credit, Trump is unwilling to pick enemies from the other side of the globe. Instead, he prefers more practical enemies, ones that cause real Americans real trouble in the real country. The drug cartels are not a threat to “our democracy” or a threat to freedom around the world. They sell drugs and murder Americans right here in America.

That’s a welcome change, given that Trump has often flirted with neocon lunacy regarding Iran and Syria. The ruling class and their media organs will never admit it, but one main reason for Trump is that white people grew tied of fighting wars for a ruling class that despises them. The fact that the Trump administration seems to be serious about the problems south of the border suggests they either get that or simply know how to read polling. Mexican drugs and crime are a serious concern for normal white people.

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Never Let Anyone Call You Crazy For Doubting Establishment War Narratives, by Caitlin Johnstone

Given governments’ record the last few decades, you’re crazier if you believe establishment war narratives than if you don’t. From Caitlin Johnstone at caitlinjohnstone.com:

There has still been no retraction or correction of The Guardian‘s demonstrably false and completely indefensible claim that two normal antiwar Twitter accounts were controlled not by real people but by bot programs based in Russia.

This is the sort of environment that has been created by the ongoing Russia panic that is plaguing the western world: one wherein mainstream news outlets can openly lie about dissenting voices and antiwar activists, refuse to retract or apologize for those lies, and suffer no consequences.

And yet they still have the gall to paint anyone who expresses doubt about the narratives they advance about Russia and Syria as crazy, kooky conspiracy theorists. Google the words “conspiracy” and “Syria” right now and you’ll come up with countless editorials with headlines like “Syria war: The online activists pushing conspiracy theories“, “Disinformation and Conspiracy Trolling in the Wake of the Syrian Chemical Attack“, and “SYRIA GAS ATTACK CONSPIRACY THEORIES FUELED BY TUCKER CARLSON AND FAR-RIGHT FRINGE“.

They’re using the highly stigmatized label “conspiracy theories” to paint healthy, normal skepticism of a notoriously untrustworthy power establishment as mentally unsound paranoia.

The other day I wrote an article about the shocking number of blatant attack editorials the mass media machine has been churning out on anyone who questions the establishment Syria narrative, and that output has not slowed down since. Warmongering empire loyalists like senior Huffington Post editor Chris York have been hard at work making sure the output of McCarthyite smear pieces remains on rapid fire, accusing anyone advocating skepticism of the same establishment which lied us into Iraq and Libya of being a tinfoil hat-wearing nut job.

This fits an established pattern which we have discussed previously, wherein proponents of US-led military intervention accuse those who question their narratives of being mentally unsound. There is a word for the tactic of convincing someone that they are crazy in order to manipulate and control them, and that word is gaslighting. It is a textbook abuse tactic, and it isn’t okay.

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