The Road Ahead, by The Zman

We are the new resistance, and every little bit helps. From The Zman at

Up until this moment in time, the vast majority of right-wing people operated from the assumption that they were in the majority. They were part of the silent majority that did not make a racket in the streets. The Left and their associated riffraff went out into the street and bellowed like lunatics because they never had the numbers. They had to be loud and intimidating in order to get their way. When they went too far, then the great silent majority would awaken and put them in their place.

They also operated under the assumption that numbers still mattered. If the majority got motivated and turned up to vote, they would win the election and that would make a difference to the politicians. Right-wing politics was all about mobilizing the voters and winning a majority. They did not have to worry about changing minds. They had to focus on getting the word out so the majority would turnout. It was the Left that focused on convincing people into going along with their schemes.

This not only applied to elections, but to all areas of politics. The expression “go woke and go broke” is rooted in the assumption that business has to respect the customer or face the wrath of the marketplace. If management takes to Twitter pushing left-wing nonsense, it was assumed they would pay for it. A television program that decided to offend its viewers would see its ratings decline. Right-wingers were the majority, and they were operating in a political marketplace.

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3 responses to “The Road Ahead, by The Zman

  1. Hmm. Radicalising about fifty percent of an armed population? Smart move, eh?


    • They could radicalize 80% and still be in the safe zone. World is out americans are as easy as a twenty dollar hooker.
      Oh yea — fazebuk and tweekter are stealing your data and censoring your free speech
      ” follow me on fazebuk and subscribe to my tweekter feed to learn more”


  2. OK, PP, I get what you are saying but what has become obvious is that the elite/establishment are making mistakes. They believe their own propaganda. Personally I wouldn’t gamble on antagonising an armed populace, in a militaristic culture, imbued with a history and ideals of human freedom and taking delight in knocking the mighty off their perches.


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