Critical Race Theory Should Be Banned, and a Black Parent Explains Why, by Michael Mish Shedlock

That critical race theory (CRT) is being taught in schools is more an indictment of our virtually monolithic educational establishment than of CRT. Privatize education completely and that small number of students and their parents who want CRT will get it and those who don’t won’t. From Michael Mish Shedlock at

This School Board Has Failed!

The best case ever against critical race theory is in the following video, sure to go viral.

Partial Transcript – Emphasis Mine

I’ve got two children her in the school district. It’s very apparent here by all the parents who have spoken, that this board and the school district is failing. More importantly, about Critical Race Theory, this theory was never meant to be brought into grade schools, high schools at all.

It’s actually taught in the collegiate atmosphere, more importantly, the legal portion of the collegiate atmosphere to see different laws through the lens of race from an ethics and ethical standpoint, not for grade schools and high schools.

Instead, educators use it as their own agenda, to indoctrinate the kids to hate each other. And whether you believe that or not, the reality is that is what’s happening.

Critical Race Theory is teaching us that white people are bad. That’s not true. That would teach my daughter that her mother is evil.

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