Doug Casey on the Real Story Behind Collapsing Supply Chains and What it Means for You

It would be surprising if any SLL readers were surprised to learn that governments are behind collapsing supply chains. From Doug Casey at

supply chain disruptions

International Man: The COVID hysteria and the shutdowns have caused supply chain disruptions. Central bankers and the media were quick to pin the blame for soaring inflation on these disruptions.

It seems like sophistry—a fallacious argument with the intention of deceiving. What is really going on here?

Doug Casey: Government officials always want to be seen as smart and action-oriented. Whenever anything untoward happens, they like to step up and pretend to be saviors.

Today’s public thinks that the government not only can but should run the world. The COVID hysteria is a custom-made excuse for them to do so. Unlike people who produce actual goods and services, however, government employees can only take other people’s property and tell them what to do.

Because the essence of government is coercion, they can solve problems only by creating more problems, and new problems provide excuses for more intervention, making the government look even more necessary.

COVID will go down in history as more than just another mass hysteria. It’s likely to be classed as an episode of mass psychosis. It’s the Salem witch trials times a million. It is even bigger than the Great Cultural Revolution in China. The public has been convinced that a dangerous—but relatively minor—virus is going to wipe out the planet, and now, on top of the virus, we have to deal with experimental vaccines, which are likely to be made mandatory, either directly or indirectly.

Vaccine mandates amount to lighting a stick of dynamite in a nitroglycerine factory. That’s true politically, economically, and perhaps medically.

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