How ‘Witch Hunts’ ALWAYS Start… by Karl Denninger

For the first time ever in the history of science and medicine, the unvaccinated are considered a threat to the vaccinated. Probably better let mental giant Joe Biden explain it, SLL can’t. And neither can Karl Denninger, at

How many “witch crazes” have we seen over the millennia?

The 14th to 17th centuries were full of them.  Think about that for a minute: Nearly three hundred years of it.

Not one bit was based on a single scintilla of truth.

Some of it was simple superstition.  But more than a small amount was driven by greed and grifters, frequently “priests” and others who claimed to be able to “hunt” witches and, by doing so, rid the town of whatever plagued it.  Poor crops, rats, disease, whatever.  For a price, of course.

They knew they were full of crap and they killed for sport; pointing this woman out or that and then watching her be dispossessed or even die, sometimes by intentional drowning and occasionally by being burnt at the stake.  They didn’t care.  There was money to be made and a town to be “saved.”

So let me ask you one simple question: Please name one disease through history in which the unvaccinated are why the vaccinated are at risk.  Just one please, and do include your reference to whatever you claim to be science that backs your claim up.

If you google this you’ll find all manner of 2021 garbage.

How about 2016, before the current witch craze?  Is that good enough for you?

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