As Harvard Study Reveals Limits of Mandatory Vaccine Regime, Joe Biden Should Let Americans Decide Their Own Fate, by Robert Bridge

If there’s no link between vaccinations and Covid cases, why are the civil liberties of the nonvaccinated being shredded? From Robert Bridge at

It would be wise to heed the words from the Harvard team at a time when society is being increasingly divided between two warring camps.

As millions of U.S. workers are about to be made redundant in the wake of the Biden administration’s harsh vaccine mandate, a recent study by Harvard University, which appears to show no discernable link between people fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases, deserves a second look.

By all indications, there is a Cateogy-5 socio-economic hurricane barreling down on the United States, yet few people – least of all in the legacy media – are willing to talk about. Possibly as early as next week, U.S. companies with a workforce of 100 or more will be forced to ensure that its employees are vaccinated or regularly tested. Aside from forcing many companies to close their doors forever, the mandate is expected to affect the lives of some 80 million Americans, many of whom will opt to drop out of the workforce rather than be forced to submit to a medical intervention.

This week, the issue came to a head as Southwest Airlines was forced to back down on its demand that employees be vaccinated by December 8th as thousands of airline workers – including pilots, mechanics and crew members- went on sick leave simultaneously in a ‘silent strike’ against the mandate. The concerted labor action, which the mainstream media went to great pains to conceal, resulted in the cancellation of thousands of flights.

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