Skimpflation, Shrinkflation and the Rising Rebellion of Workers and Consumers, by Charles Hugh Smith

Most Americans know a shell game when they see one. From Charles Hugh Smith at

While Corporate America is focusing on preserving its precious profits, its customers and workforce are rebelling by walking away.

We all see shrinkflation on a daily basis: the 16 ounce container is now 13 ounces, the breakfast cereal box is now so narrow it topples over, and so on.

More subtly, the quality of ingredients is also diminishing: sharp-eyed consumers note that salt, sugar and “artificial flavors” are increasingly used to mask the decline of quality as producers scrape the bottom of the barrel to eke out a profit.

A recent NPR article proposes another form of untracked inflation: Skimpflation, the decline of services as prices march higher. Meet Skimpflation: A Reason Inflation Is Worse Than The Government Says It Is (via C.A.).

The article notes that skimpflation isn’t just a reflection of greedy corporations squeezing consumers to fatten profits (cough, Disney, cough)–Skimpflation is a direct result of the workforce declining to take jobs in which they are treated as chattel.

The article mentions the wholesale decline of service that traces back to the shortage of labor: long waits, spotty maid service (hey pal, you try lifting those super-jumbo mattresses to tuck in sheets all day long for garbage-level pay), the demise of breakfast buffets and Disneyland’s still-defunct tram service (entry prices have soared, but never mind–you have to come here, right, because we brainwashed your kids, so pay up and shut up because you have to pay, there is no way o

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