Delta Gamma Epsilon Semi Moron . . ., by Eric Peters

As resistance to the vaccines builds, mainstream media discovers a new “variant” to stoke the fear engine that is Covid. From Eric Peters at

Doctors check the patient’s pulse for any signs of abnormality – as an indication of what might happen to the patient going forward. The pulse of another kind of patient – the weaponized hypochondriac – can be checked by scanning the headlines of the organized news.

This latter being a better – more descriptive – term for it than “mainstream” (which it isn’t; podcasters like Joe Rogan are more “mainstream” in terms of how many viewers he has than CNN) or “corporate” – which it is.

But that latter doesn’t convey the point quite as well as organized  – which is how it works.

At every stage of this mass hysteria, there has been an organized push – as for example, in the initial stages, the organized hyperventilating about “cases.” Without any attempt made to convey context. The impression was deliberately fostered that a dread disease was spreading – by the organized relating of “cases,” practically on the half-hour.

Each “case” was treated as if the person had died – or soon would.

It was rarely – if ever – explained that most – almost all, as it turned out – of these “cases” were simply positives on a test of dubious accuracy and that most of those who tested positive did not die.

Or even become a case – medically speaking.

A majority only experienced mild to moderate symptoms and recovered, on their own, without ever being under a doctor’s care.

There was no organized effort to explain to people that in medical terms – the way doctors previously discussed and gauged such things – a case had always meant someone sick enough to require medical care. One did not have a “case” of the sniffles

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