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Why the Freedom Convoy is provoking unprecedented hysteria, by Rachel Marsden

The Freedom Convoy is a regular people’s protest, which scares the ruling class, because there are a lot of regular people out there, many more than the rulers. From Rachel Marsden at rt.com:

The fact that it’s ordinary people behind the Freedom Convoy, rather than professional activists, has caused alarm among the ruling class

Why the Freedom Convoy is provoking unprecedented hysteria

In the two weeks since the Freedom Convoy of Canadian truckers and their supporters began rallying in Ottawa to demand an end to all pandemic-related mandates and restrictions nationwide, it has become clear that this movement isn’t like other protest movements. And that’s a scary proposition for those in charge who thought that they’d manage and exploit this crisis on their own sweet time and schedule regardless of the actual science and reality on the ground.

There has long been an agenda to corral as many humans as possible unwittingly into a global dragnet through technological adoption. That’s what the revelations of National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden were about back in 2013. A technological panopticon provides those in charge with the ability to monitor and ultimately control or sanction dissidents or outliers as the state pursues the self-serving agenda of a select few. Algorithms that exploit this massive online presence enable the state to accurately craft propaganda to be deployed to vilify them in the eyes of the general population, while portraying the state as the great protector — all while selling citizens out to the interests of a select few elites. Essentially, people are manipulated into arguing against their own good.

For those citizens who aren’t seduced by the mere convenience of technology or the narcissistic allure of social media, the fear of terrorism or of Covid-19 more actively encouraged onboarding to these dragnets. And that was before it was flat-out mandated with government-issued QR code health and vaccine passes that linked directly to your identity.

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Biden’s “Big O”, by Simon Black

The more “stimulus” that gets dumped into the economy, the less it stimulates. From Simon Black at sovereignman.com:

In 1894, a retired university professor named Paul Bachman was living out his golden years in Weimar, Germany.

Recently divorced, Bachman filled his days writing books, including what would become a five volume series… about analytical number theory.

It wasn’t exactly a James Bond novel; number theorists study things like prime numbers, infinity, and the fundamental properties of arithmetic.

Here’s a simple number theory example to give you a basic idea: prove that the sum of the first n integers (i.e. 1+2+3+4 . . . + n) is equal to (n2 + n)/2.

Number theory is full of seemingly elementary concepts which can turn out to be incredibly vexing… and much more complex than they initially appear. And the field has been applied widely in modern technology.

Bachman’s 1894 book (which had a spectacularly long German name) introduced an important concept in analytical number theory, something that eventually became known as “Big O notation”.

In simple terms, Bachman’s “Big O” is used to describe certain functions whose output is limited, even when the inputs grow to infinity.

Big O is an important concept in computer science. Coders classify the efficiency of their algorithms using Big O notation.

Google, for example, pays very close attention to the Big O efficiency of their search algorithms; a more efficient algorithm means faster search results and less computing power.

And there are a range of other applications as well.

Anyone who has studied math and physics knows scientists’ predilection for using Greek letters. Pi in geometry, sigma as a summation operator, etc.

In 1976, a Stanford professor named Donald Knuth published a work giving Big O notation its own Greek letter.

And you can probably guess which one– omicron.

This is a bit ironic given that the World Health Organization recently dubbed the newest variant of Covid-1984 as omicron.

It’s like it’s March 2020 all over again; public health officials are already locking down their borders and restricting travel, and the media is swooning over every new omicron case around the world.

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Delta Gamma Epsilon Semi Moron . . ., by Eric Peters

As resistance to the vaccines builds, mainstream media discovers a new “variant” to stoke the fear engine that is Covid. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Doctors check the patient’s pulse for any signs of abnormality – as an indication of what might happen to the patient going forward. The pulse of another kind of patient – the weaponized hypochondriac – can be checked by scanning the headlines of the organized news.

This latter being a better – more descriptive – term for it than “mainstream” (which it isn’t; podcasters like Joe Rogan are more “mainstream” in terms of how many viewers he has than CNN) or “corporate” – which it is.

But that latter doesn’t convey the point quite as well as organized  – which is how it works.

At every stage of this mass hysteria, there has been an organized push – as for example, in the initial stages, the organized hyperventilating about “cases.” Without any attempt made to convey context. The impression was deliberately fostered that a dread disease was spreading – by the organized relating of “cases,” practically on the half-hour.

Each “case” was treated as if the person had died – or soon would.

It was rarely – if ever – explained that most – almost all, as it turned out – of these “cases” were simply positives on a test of dubious accuracy and that most of those who tested positive did not die.

Or even become a case – medically speaking.

A majority only experienced mild to moderate symptoms and recovered, on their own, without ever being under a doctor’s care.

There was no organized effort to explain to people that in medical terms – the way doctors previously discussed and gauged such things – a case had always meant someone sick enough to require medical care. One did not have a “case” of the sniffles

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The Game of Life, by The Zman

Are nominal rulers are a bunch of shrieking morons and the ruled know it. Something’s got to give. From The Zman at theburningplatform.com:

What has gotten the most attention on this side this past week is the hypocrisy by the ruling class and their histrionic flunkies in the media over the peaceful protest in the Capitol last week. The first response of normal people is to note how the same people raging about these protests were celebrating violent riots in the summer. In what remains of the internet, people have been posting examples of people in politics or the media saying the exact opposite of what they said a few months ago.

Normal people have been programmed to think hypocrisy is important, even though it is clearly not important to the people in the ruling class. Normal people are taught that a civil society operates by a clear set of rules that apply to everyone. When the people in the ruling class have one set of rules for normal people and a different set of rules for themselves, normal people get mad. The ruling class, however, does not care, as there is one set of rules for them and another for the rest of us.

This focus on hypocrisy has left something unnoticed. That is the increasingly overwrought behavior of our rulers. They have become a collection of hysterical drama queens, who carry on like the world is about to end. This is the one thread connecting all of the insanity we have experienced from our rulers recently. Their reaction is wildly out of proportion from what is expected. The actual news, when you think about it, is always about their emotionally charged reaction to mostly normal events.

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Female Problems, by James Howard Kunstler

The Democrats are acting like hysterical females. From James Howard Kunstler at  kunstler.com:

History-the-trickster has paradoxically anointed the Great Disrupter, Mr. Trump, as the agent of order while the Democrats seek to bring chaos into every quarter of American life, a party of shrieking “Karens” and men acting like women. Such as: Tom Friedman of The New York Times mewling like a little girl to Anderson Cooper on CNN Thursday night that he was “living in terror,” that “everybody should be terrified,” because Mr. Trump “refuses to commit to accepting the election results.”

Is that so? I think it was Hillary Clinton who declared just a few weeks ago that “Joe Biden should not concede the election under any circumstances” — for instance, the circumstance that he loses the election. Of course, Mr. Trump, troll supremo, is simply punking his adversaries by proposing to play fair, that is, to play by the same rules they play by. And this only causes the Democrats to retreat into the chaos that is their comfort zone, where they hop up and down like fourteen-year-old girls in a tantrum.

They are provoked, you understand, because Mr. Trump actually represents the thing they hate most: Daddy! Daddy’s in da house, the White House, as a matter of fact, and this baleful symbolic circumstance has driven the Democrats out of their gourds for four years, turning them into a party of hysterical women and men acting like hysterical women. Would you want to get on an airplane in bad weather piloted by a crew of hysterical women? That’s kind of the Big Question going into this national election 2020.

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Why did the protests over George Floyd turn into mass hysteria? by Frank Furedi

Hysteria is becoming the go-to flight from reason for millions of Americans. From Frank Furedi at spiked-online.com:

A new culture of groupthink is emerging, and it is causing mass psychosis.

One of the most distinctive things about the eruption of Black Lives Matter protests across the world is the speed with which they were endorsed by virtually every powerful institution and individual. From Hollywood to the churches, from big business to public-health officials, the word is out: support for BLM is essential, and in some cases mandatory.
Online influencers are vying with each other to show how much they support BLM. Elite institutions are now telling their people that they have a duty to come to terms with their racism. Prestigious institutions from Eton College to the British Museum have issued statements in support of the movement. Elsewhere, employees have come under pressure to adopt the symbols of solidarity associated with BLM.

There is something perplexing about the way that elite institutions and powerful people are falling over themselves to be on the side of the angels. It is almost as if they have concluded that unless they act with haste in relation to supporting BLM, they will be in trouble. In some cases, institutions and companies have gone so far as to attack other businesses and individuals who appear to have strayed from the party line. Reebok ended its partnership with CrossFit because it was outraged by the CEO’s insensitive tweet on George Floyd. CrossFit’s CEO, Greg Glassman, tweeted ‘It’s FLOYD-19’ after the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation classified racism and discrimination as public-health issues. Predictably, numerous well-known people got on the bandwagon to denounce Glassman’s tweet as racist.


Hard talk with Václav Klaus: “The people should say NO to all of it.” by Claudio Grass

Václav Klaus, former President of the Czech Republic, has long been a respected voice of reason. (How many politicians can you say that about?) From Claudio Grass at claudiograss.ch:

As we get deeper into this crisis and we get used to our “new normal”, it’s easy to focus on the daily corona-horror stories in the media or the latest shocking unemployment numbers, and lose track of the bigger picture and of what is really, fundamentally important. Even as the lockdown measures begin to get phased out, the scale of the economic damage is unimaginable and the idea of returning to “business as usual” is no longer tenable. The last couple of months have had a severe impact not just on the economy, but on our societies and geopolitical reality too. These changes are most likely irreversible and we as citizens and as investors will have to be prepared to deal with this massive shift and all that it entails for a long time.

Amid the panic, the distractions and the hyperbole that are prevalent these days, my own daily task has been an effort to separate the signals from the noise. In order to do so, I’ve also reached out to the few people whose views and insights I have long found invaluable and who have prioritized critical thought and kept their principles intact throughout this crisis. Straight talk and direct answers are very hard to come by these days from most Western leaders and institutional figures, this is why I turned to Former President of the Czech Republic, Prof. Ing. Václav Klaus, who has long been a voice of reason and whose unique perspective is even more important now. In the interview that follows, he shares his views on the current crisis and on what’s to come, in a succinct and resolute way and with a directness that is as rare and as it is essential in times like these.

Claudio Grass (CG): The magnitude and the global scale of the lockdown and shutdown measures we’ve seen during this corona-crisis are unprecedented. How do you evaluate the response compared to the threat itself? Do you believe it is justified? 

Václav Klaus (VK): I don‘t pretend to be an expert in epidemiology, but my background in economics and statistics tells me that the threat is smaller than the consequences „organized“ by governments all over the world as a reaction to this pandemic. I would add unnecessary consequences. The authorities reacted in an exorbitant way, in a moment of fear. This is partly the result of the current „online democracy“.

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The Coronavirus Hobgoblin, by Donald Jeffries

The panic and the government’s draconian measures are all out of proportion to the actual threat. From Donald Jeffries at lewrockwell.com:

The great H.L. Mencken, a classical liberal when such creatures still existed, once wrote, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” I find myself repeating this quote more and more these days.

America, and the rest of the world, is in the throes of a panic that has never been seen before, outside the fanciful scripts of Hollywood. A new “super” virus, the Coronavirus, is being hyped nonstop by our state-controlled media as the new bubonic plague. The fear porn emanating from our television sets is relentless.

Attempting to urge calm, and discuss this subject rationally is very difficult. Hysterical shoppers have wiped the shelves clean in many stores. Toilet paper, for whatever reason, is being hoarded by nearly everyone. I have done what I can, with my own limited platform. I’ve had guests like the veteran medical fraud expert Jon Rappoport, and Dr. Steven Hotze, on my radio show “I Protest.” Most listeners, and most of my contacts on social media, seem to agree that this thing is being wildly over hyped. Some agree with my growing suspicion that it is, in fact, a hoax.

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Take a Chill Pill and Come Back Tomorrow, by Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Is coronavirus going to kill millions or is it a propaganda psyop? From Doug “Uncola” Lynn at theburningplatform.com:

This is the third Coronavirus article I’ve written in the past month.   The previous piece has become one of my most viewed, perhaps because it took a skeptical view regarding how Coronavirus® had “been reported, coupled with how it’s been handled, its dubious origins, the alleged number of infected and deceased, as well as the age and general health of those who are reported to have died”.

The article, at the same time, allowed for the dangerous reality generated by COVID-19 and, especially, in regards to the reactions the virus has generated. Here are a few examples of those modifiers:

In any event, healthy skepticism is not close-mindedness, per se, because we may one day have a genuine pandemic on our hands.

….However, it could be that everything we’re seeing regarding COVID-19 is real…

… So is COVID-19 real or is it a marketing gimmick?

….Once again, it could be this latest incarnation of coronavirus is a real killer and the mortality rates now being reported are completely bogus.

… to be sure, the public reactions, including within the financial markets, are real.

Although that last article slanted towards my suspicions, it also left some wiggle room if only because COVID-19 is not a hill I’d risk my credibility to die upon. There’s no need and I have nothing personally at stake. Honestly, I’m just an American Nobody playing it like Popeye umpiring a baseball game;

 I y’am what y’am and I calls ’em as I sees ’em.

And be assured that one thing is absolutely certain at this point in time:  COVID-19 has obtained near 100% global psychological saturation.  Admittedly, it has become a very big deal.

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Reactions To Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Plan Say More Than The Plan Itself, by Caitlin Johnstone

The reaction has been hysterical, and hysterically funny. From Caitlin Johnstone at medium.com:

President Trump has ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, which is reportedly expected to take 60–100 days or 30 days depending on who you ask. According to Kurdish forces in eastern Syria the withdrawal of American as well as French troops is already underway, though France is saying it’s staying. The number of troops to be withdrawn which keeps getting repeated in the news is 2,000, but there’ve been reports that the actual number of US ground troops in Syria is closer to 4,000. The US-led airstrike campaign against Islamic State will reportedly continue.

Trump says the withdrawal is because ISIS has been defeated in Syria, but others are pointing to the conspicuous timing of his recent chat with Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan, who has announced a coming military operation against Kurdish forces in Syria east of the Euphrates in the near future, as the more likely reason. An anonymous senior US official has told Reuters that the two leaders didn’t discuss a US withdrawal from Syria, but the timing of the conversation as well as a recent $3.5 billion arms deal with Turkey indicates the the US withdrawal and Erdoğan’s planned military assault could very well be related. The Kurds put all their eggs in the basket of US support out of a desire to create their own nation, and a US withdrawal means they’ll be forced to either court an alliance with Damascus, as some analysts believe will happen, or risk being trapped between hostile Turkish forces and hostile Syrian coalition forces as the Assad government races to reclaim Syrian territory.

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