Why They Hate Us, by The Zman

The left assumes that their opponents are as easily manipulated by propaganda as their own followers are. From The Zman at theburningplatform.com:

Back in the Bush years, the slogan they liked to use regarding their race policies was “the bigotry of low expectations.” An army of people no doubt spent months conjuring the slogan and field-testing it with audiences to make sure it hit the mark. They made sure it was completely anodyne while conveying the required adherence to left-wing morality regarding race. The slogan said George Bush cared while also saying the Democrats were the real racists.

In fairness to the civic nationalists, they have a point about the Left when it comes to the issue of race. Despite all the talk about racial justice, they talk about nonwhites as if they are children. For example, they literally argue that black people are incapable of acquiring a picture ID. Even if you want to limit that claim to the population that is dependent on the state, this claim is never made about the whites. You can forgive civic nationalists for being a bit rustled by this.

Putting that aside, there is another element to that old slogan. The underlying claim is not just that the Left treats nonwhites like children but that the Left assumes the nonwhites lack agency and therefore cannot be held accountable. This is not a small thing to say. It goes behind the hoary clichés about racism and speaks to how the Left sees themselves and the world. They see themselves as the puppet masters and the rest of us are just the puppets.

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