Diaper Report 12/15/21, by Eric Peters

Want to spread Covid and its variants? Vaxx up! From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

The supermarket chain Kroger was one of the few places where those “not of the body” – to use a reference from an episode of the classic Star Trek TV series – could shop without practicing the strange rituals required by Landru (second Star Trek reference) to show they were, indeed, “of the body.”

Specifically, the wearing of the Chin Speedo that has become the uniform of those who are “of the body” – who practice the strange rituals required by the real Landru, the doctor who doesn’t practice medicine.

I was cast out of other supermarkets, most notably Earth Fare – which was extremely “of the body.” Even after the Gesundheitsfuhrer of Virginia, Ralph “Coonman” Northam, rescinded the decree requiring the various rites be performed as a condition of being allowed to shop, Earth Fare remained militantly vigilant, siccing novitiates (“employees”) upon any apostate (“customer,” in former times) who dared to enter the temple of Landru/Fauci without a speedo over their facial ballsack.

But Kroger was better.

Exemplary, even.

At the height of the worst, the most it did was post an indifferent novitiate at the entrance, who would proffer the Chin Speedo in a very mildly mannered manner to those not “of the body.” A simple No, Thanks to the poor teenager sufficed.

You were left alone after that.

I – and a few other apostates – were free to shop, among those “of the body.”

Often, I was the only person in the store not “of the body.” It was an unsettling, almost deja vu experience – if deja vu applies to feeling as though you were once a member of the Enterprise away party that visited the strange planet where Landru ruled.

But the vacant – yet hostile – eyes of those “of the body” were real enough.

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