Putting the Final Nail in the Covid Coffin, by William Bernard Butler

Covid should have been over before it ever began. I never came close to being the scourge that it was initially billed. From William Bernard Butler at williambernardbutler.com:

Let’s put an end to the pandemic charade.

The United States Supreme Court has decided that it will hold an expedited hearing on two out of four of the Biden vaccine mandates, with oral arguments scheduled for Saturday, January 7, 2022.  The SCOTUS will be reviewing the Sixth Circuit’s decision affirming the private employer OSHA mandates after the Fifth Circuit unanimously held that OSHA did not have jurisdiction over the seasonal flu and issued a nationwide injunction.  The Court will also be reviewing the “CMS Mandate” dictating that health care workers working for authorized Medicaid and Medicare providers must also be vaxxed.   Both the Eighth Circuit and the Fifth Circuit have enjoined the CMS Mandate, making the CMS Mandate uneforceable in 25 states.   As of this writing, the Court will not be reviewing injunctions against the “federal contractor” mandate which has been halted by federal judges in Georgia and Florida.

I hope readers of this piece will be persuaded that whatever the Supreme Court decides, it will be a win for those who do not want to participate in federally coerced drug experiments.

If the Court follows the trend among Federalist Society judges and rules against the mandates, that will be a win because it will put an end to to the make-believe pandemic and a so-called vaccine mandate that is in fact a massive medical experiment that violates informed consent and the Nuremberg Code.  If, however, the Court is cowed by the Administrative Law State and issues another absurdly political decision and affirms the vaccine mandate like it did in the last health care mandate case–the Obamacare mandate decision–that will be an even bigger win.   It will be a bigger win because it will cause the already very strong vax opposition to get stronger.  The current divide between employers and the goverment will only grow bigger and become more irreconcilable if the Supreme Court affirms.  As more employers opt out of this federal scheme, the federal goverment will rapidly lose credibility and then it will lose authority and legitimacy.

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