This Coming Friday . . ., by Eric Peters

This Friday the Supreme Court hears arguments on the Biden administration’s vaccination mandates. Either way the decision goes the consequences will be enormous. From Eric Peters at

This coming Friday could be the tipping point – and either way will be a good way.

The nine people who – somehow – have acquired the absolute and arbitrary power to impose their will on 330-plus million people will decide whether the federal government has the constitutional power to apply force to those 330-plus million, in order to compel them all to submit to medical procedures many of them object strongly to being forced to submit to.

This is plain language – as opposed to the opaque language used by government to mask the true nature of itself and its actions.

“Government” – itself – being an example of this.

It sounds vaguely benign. It is force – lethal force, when carried to its inevitable conclusion. If you do not obey government – which isn’t an entity, by the way but rather just a relative handful of people who have acquired the power to force you to do things – you will be punished. Probably – initially – expected to hand over money as a corrective.

This being extortion. If you fail to hand over the extortion money, ultimately, you will be “arrested” – another one of those words – which in fact means you’ll be kidnapped by force and taken into custody. Which is to say, caged – no differently than if you’d been kidnapped by a serial killer. If you attempt to “resist” – that is, to defend yourself, to get away – the government (those people) will then resort to the ultimate violence.

Maybe well before then, as happens commonly.          

Well, these nine people who wear the black garb of executioners are about to decide whether that other group of people – the “government” – can “constitutionally” force all of the people to submit to medical procedures – plural, mark that –  they oppose submitting to, by using the force of government to force employers to un-employ any employees who “resist” – i.e., continue to refuse to submit.

Of course, the government already has the power to do this. The angels-dancing-on-the-head-of-a-pin question to be “ruled” upon (another one of those words) by the nine people – which is actually just a majority of the nine, so only five of the nine will rule as regards the use of force against 330-plus million people – is whether the use of this force is “constitutional.”

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