Dr. Faustus To Visit Woodrow’s University, by Steve Berger

Dr. Fauci is an exemplar of what gets taught in colleges and universities these days, particularly the big ones. From Steve Berger at lewrockwell.com:

The email link to The Daily Princetonian’s March 18, 22 headline “Princeton announces Dr. Anthony Fauci as Class Day 2022 Speaker” had to be a spoof from The Onion or Babylon Bee. Alas, truth was stranger than fiction. Princeton’s Class Day co-chairs gleefully announced their own special Stockholm Syndrome reenactment with Dr. Anthony Fauci as the guest of honor for embodying Princeton’s unofficial motto, “In the Nation’s service, and the Service of Humanity.” The other inmates/graduates will soon convene to celebrate Dr. Fauci, whose public health guidelines and edicts kept them in a full-tuition, virtual imprisonment a good portion of these last two years. Toast Dr. Fauci as he embarks on his college speech goodwill tour/campaign for that elusive Nobel laureate. The Ivy League, with Princeton among the most zealous, can boast about its safe and effective educational experience since unceremoniously sending its students packing in the spring of 2020. The full panoply of restrictions has been on display at Old Nassau: remote learning, lockdowns, constant testing, masking, limitations on social gatherings, cancelled or curtailed gym usage, no Ivy League sports participation, vaccine and booster mandates without medical necessity and potentially harmful to young healthy adults. The avuncular Dr. Fauci can spew his homilies at Class Day on how the monomaniacal pursuit of Covid zero was all for the greater good. Perhaps, the enraptured students can forget for a day all the collateral physical, educational and psychological damage needlessly incurred these past two years to combat a virus that, for young, healthy students, had practically a zero risk for severe outcomes.

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