America’s Full Spectrum Decline, by Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null

America under the Biden administration is declining on virtually all metrics, and is doing so at an accelerating pace. From Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null at

“It is possible to live only as long as life intoxicates us; once we are sober we cannot help seeing that it is all a delusion, a stupid delusion.”  Leo Tolstoy

For an ever-growing number of Americans, life is becoming ever more difficult and precarious to maneuver for making ends meet.

Each subsequent year becomes more challenging. It seems that suffering has become an endemic quality to the nation’s character. However, not everyone has been suffering equally.

This national chronic illness is not uniform. Much of our suffering depends upon the institutionalization and negligence of previous injustices, the loss of social equanimity, economic heedlessness, and our leaders’ unmitigated greed and pursuit of power. Nor is everyone adversely affected by the shifts underway in the imaginations of the political and ideological universes.

The transnational corporate class has little motivation to respect or contribute to national boundaries and interests. They perceive themselves as global actors. For the generals and captains of neoliberal globalization, the puppet masters of financial markets, the Covid-19 pandemic only caused annoying disruptions in the quality of their lives. For the remainder, it has been cataclysmic.

Now that Washington acknowledges its proxy war against Russia, and the hawkish ambitions of the political class are determined to drive the economy into the abyss, we must pause and reflect carefully about what we want and don’t want as individuals and as a nation to secure a sustainable future.

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One response to “America’s Full Spectrum Decline, by Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null

  1. What is the function of the nation state?

    The commonsense answer is the nation state exists to protect the well-being of the citizens. It is an extension of community. Citizens work,pay taxes and expect our national governments to govern in the best interests of the country.

    The most and the best that any government can do is to be a good government. Bad governments are then shown up and their citizens have a model from which they can pressurise their own governments to improve their act.

    Bad government are characterised by corruption, criminality, exploiting their citizens and the countries resources all for the betterment of whichever criminal ruling cabal happens to be in charge.

    But when you get a ruling class in a good country decides they personally would be better off following the example of the worst – criminal – ruling elites in the world they abandon the idea and values of the nation state.

    Loyalty to the country and to the people of the country are thrown in the bin as they see they can access huge wealth by simply co-opting every aspect of the state to feather their own nests and join the world’s unaccountable elites.

    This seems to me the reason for globalisation. The nation state and its values stands in the way of piratical profiteers who see a way clear to grab everything – as is the case in 3rd world countries. Patriotism is demonised. And dissolving national boundaries opens up the world to a free for all for the worlds elites to grab everything.

    Democracy has been deliberately broken. Our Quisling rulers are betraying western citizens and deliberately 3rd worldising for their own profit.


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