The Final Exam, by Eric Peters

Does anyone really doubt that without Americans’ widespread ownership of firearms, they already would have lost whatever remains of their rights? From Eric Peters at


Attempting to get people to “mask up” was the first test. The second was attempting to get them to roll up their sleeves for the Jab. Many failed both tests. Now comes the most important test – the final exam, so to speak. It is the attempt to get them to hand over the one thing that, so far, has probably prevented anyone – in the U.S. – from being forced, at  gunpoint – to submit to masks and Jabs.

Those two latter words in italics to convey the Cliff’s Notes essential points of this exam.

They were able to get most people to put on that vile device styled a “mask” – using the cudgel of denial of service, travel or employment. But it was not universal denial as there were alternatives, including places that would serve an “unmasked” person or work with them. Or you could work (and travel) on your own. It was inconvenient to not submit to “mask” wearing – but it wasn’t all that hard, either.

And it wasn’t forced.

Similarly as regards the drugs styled “vaccines” that were pushed by the government, using the corporations and other “private” businesses that no longer are, in the sense that they are only allowed to be in business if the government says so. And how so. As such, they have become proxy agents of the government. Some – like the creators of the drugs being pushed – use this symbiotic relationship to get the government to pressure people who work for these “private” businesses to take the drugs they make and which they make a great deal of money by pushing.

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