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What foreign policy elites really think about you, by Kelley Beaucar Vlacos

They think you’re supposed to shut up and let them run things. From Kelley Beaucar Vlacos at responsiblestatecraft.org:

If public opinion doesn’t match up with the Washington program then it must be wrong, misunderstood, or worse, irrelevant

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I am beyond sick of elite media condescension, by Alex Berenson

Condescension from people who have nothing to condescend about. Arrogance from people who nothing to be arrogant about. Egotism from people who have nothing to be egotistical about. It all gets so tedious. From Alex Berenson at alexberenson.substack.com:

So yesterday Ezra Klein – the bluest media bluecheck of all – whined on Twitter that if people like him had just been nicer to Joe Rogan, Rogan wouldn’t have asked so many mean nasty questions about the vaccines.

Then the bluechecks wouldn’t have to try to shut him up!

If you don’t know Klein, he cofounded the hyperwoke Website Vox. He now has 2.7 million followers on Twitter and a podcast for the New York Times. Here’s what he said:

These people.

These #@$T@$@ people.

No, I don’t know Joe Rogan well, but I know him a lot better than Ezra Klein does.

Here’s what I know about Joe.

He’s intellectually curious. He’s smart. He asks good questions. He admits when he doesn’t know something or when he’s wrong (WHICH IS WHY HE APOLOGIZED FOR USING THE N-WORD). He likes debate. He likes to hear different points of view.

How different? Early on in the pandemic, he had Dr. Peter Hotez – the most fanatical vaccine fanatic of all – on his podcast.

Is Joe Rogan a scientist? No. But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a lot of scientists aren’t scientists. Hotez is just one among many academics who were incredibly concerned about the pace of mRNA vaccine development when Donald Trump was president and far less worried after he lost the election.

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The Delusional Futurism Of ‘Liberal World Order’ Academics, by Brandon Smith

Academics with no common sense or real world experience continue to tell us how smart they are and preach to us about our shortcomings and their “solutions.” From Brandons Smith at alt-market.com:

Perhaps this is an overly broad generalization, but I feel there is an almost universal feeling among the public that there is something intrinsically annoying about academia. The source of this annoyance is up for debate, but I believe it stems from the image academics project versus the reality of their personal character and intent. Your average university approved academic will say that some people find them distasteful because they are “so smart”, and this makes others envious. I would say it’s the opposite – the average academic is actually quite ignorant, but brandishes a false image of being a genius. This is why I often refer to them as “academic idiots”.

Fake intelligence and faux wisdom are like sandpaper to people’s exposed nerves, and the average person is not as dumb as academics think they are.

At the top of the fraudulent academic totem pole are what I would call the “academic philosophers”; the gatekeepers, the people who pontificate regularly on the meaning of life and society while living the most charmed life one can imagine. These are people who in most cases come from upper class backgrounds. They have been provided for every waking moment of their existence. They have had every door opened for them by someone else on the path to success, and have experienced little to no struggle or suffering in the whole of their time on this Earth. And yet, they somehow deem themselves expertly qualified to comment on the human condition.

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