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Would Vitamin D Have Saved Half of COVID Deaths? By Dr. Joseph Mercola

There were a few voices that from the beginning advised taking Vitamin D to ward off Covid. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at theburningplatform.com:

Story at-a-glance

  • Vitamin D supplementation cut risk of death from COVID-19 by 51% and reduced risk of admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) by 72%
  • The results were deemed “conclusive” and suggest “a definitive association between the protective role of vitamin D and ICU hospitalization” from COVID-19
  • Vitamin D may protect against COVID-19 by maintaining pulmonary barrier function, boosting the innate immune response and reducing the production of proinflammatory cytokines
  • In another study, none of the patients with severe COVID-19 who received high-dose vitamin D died; instead, 100% of the group improved
  • Regulatory agencies around the world are largely industry-funded, which is likely why they aren’t recommending vitamin D — a “dirt cheap” intervention — for COVID-19

I launched an information campaign to raise awareness about the use of vitamin D for COVID-19 back in June 2020. My own vitamin D review was published October 31, 2020, in the high-impact, peer-reviewed journal Nutrients.1

At the time, 14 observational studies suggested vitamin D levels are inversely linked with the incidence or severity of COVID-19, and my paper concluded, “The evidence seems strong enough that people and physicians can use or recommend vitamin D supplements to prevent or treat COVID-19.”2

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The Covid and Green Energy Tyrannies, by Chuck Baldwin

It can’t be said often enough: it’s all about power and control, not health and the environment, and the weapon of choice is lies. From Chuck Baldwin at lewrockwell.com:

The phony Covid and Green Energy narratives have absolutely nothing to do with science and health and everything to do with tyranny and the destruction of Natural/Constitutional Liberty in the United States. And the two reports I’m referencing in this column more than substantiate that statement.

The Phony Covid Narrative 

After three years of lies, deception, fearmongering and the destruction of what was a free, prosperous economy, a sizable percentage of Americans now realize that Anthony Fauci, the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC orchestrated a first-class con job—the world’s greatest Ponzi scheme ever.

So, now that the cons who perpetrated this global hoax know that the jig is up, President Biden is saying he will suspend the emergency orders—signed into law by Donald Trump and extended by Biden—on May 11. But that’s not enough. The criminals that orchestrated and implemented this insanity, that killed and ruined the lives and businesses of multiplied thousands, must be held accountable. They cannot just walk away scot-free with the billions of dollars in profits from this mass global extortion.

For example, along with Fauci, Deborah Birx was the other half of the “medical expert” tandem that falsified medical science for the express purpose of personal enrichment. Birx has even admitted that they knowingly misled the public.

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Covid Vaccines Have Saved Millions of Lives…in Models, by Manfred Horst

Models are representations of hypotheses, or best guesses. They “prove” nothing, and to use them to guide policy is insane. From Manfred Horst at brownstone.org:

models absurd

As more and more questions are being asked by more and more scientists, health professionals and journalists, the narrative of “safe and effective” Covid-19 vaccines is crumbling by the day, and scientific truth is slowly beginning to impose itself.

The simple scientific truth is that these vaccines are clinically useless, but not entirely harmless (no medical intervention is).

It is not surprising that all those who promoted them are now desperately trying to cling on to their story. How? Well, let’s publish some models, as we have done since the inception of the whole Covid propaganda and hysteria. Who needs hard clinical data?

Another modeling study, comparable in its basic assumptions, algorithms and results to the one published in The Lancet a few weeks ago, is now claiming that the Covid vaccines have saved millions of people from death and hospitalization. This time it is in the US alone that – over roughly a two-year period (December 2020 to November 2022) – 3.2 million people would have died and 18.5 million would have needed in-patient treatment, had it not been for the Covid jabs.

Given that the annual death rate in the US was around 3.4 million in both 2020 and 2021, the model pretends to demonstrate that total mortality would have risen by around 50 percent without the vaccines. Five million people would have died in both 2021 and 2022, 2 million would have been counted as “Corona-deaths” (a rise of more than 500 percent compared to the “pandemic year” 2020), and Covid-19 would thus have become the absolutely predominant cause of death in the United States of America.

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New Study on Vitamin D Combating COVID, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

There were people, including Dr. Joseph Mercola, who were saying at the onset of Covid that Vitamin D was an excellent preventative. They were of course ignored, but now the studies are catching up. From Mercola at lewrockwell.com:

Optimizing your vitamin D level is a foundational element to lower your risk of COVID-19. This simple step will also help you ward off many types of viral infections, because vitamin D is an immunomodulatory agent.

This point — that vitamin D helps combat COVID-19 — was widely censored and deemed “misinformation” during the pandemic. But yet another study — this one published in Scientific Reports1 — shows the association between vitamin D and COVID-19 protection cannot be ignored.

About half the U.S. population has deficient levels of vitamin D, and rates of vitamin D deficiency are even higher in people with darker skin, those living in higher latitudes in the winter, nursing home residents and people with reduced sun exposure. Among groups with low levels of vitamin D, rates of COVID-19 are higher.2

Vitamin D Supplementation Reduces COVID-19 Infection, Death

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University, the University of Chicago and the Department of Veterans Health Affairs conducted a large-scale pharmacoepidemiologic study of the association between vitamin D3 and D2 supplementation and the probability of COVID-19 infection and mortality.3

“Vitamin D deficiency has long been associated with reduced immune function that can lead to viral infection. Several studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency … increases the risk of infection with COVID-19,” they wrote.4

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Oprah and the Other Coronamaniacs Were Sure They Were Right, by Mark Oshinskie

To quote Yeats: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity, The Coronomaniacs were passionately intense, or intensely passionate. From Mark Oshinskie at markoshinskie8de.substack.com:

Oprah Winfrey published a popular compendium of platitudes entitled What I Know for Sure. The title struck me as funny because, when I scanned that book’s pages, most of the notions expressed rang hollow. At best, some were arguably true, though as trite as a 1970s college dorm poster.

But if Oprah is sure that these bromides make sense to her and inspire her readers, great! Oprah speaks to a much bigger audience than I do. Though I have a strong, fun marriage, raised three responsible kids and maintain an appropriate weight. So maybe I know some stuff that Oprah doesn’t.

On our respective life journeys, we all reach various places where the road splits in two—or more—ways and we must make a consequential choice. Often, these decisions are difficult because neither option is obviously superior. One might, at these times, feel uncertain regarding the choice one has to make. Weighing such a decision can keep us up at night, for a series of nights.

Some people posture and say that they make choices and never look back. And sometimes, the choice that one makes turns out well and causes no regret. But at other times it takes a while for a decision’s results to reveal themselves and/or results are mixed. Often, there’s no way to know or compare how taking the alternative path might have worked out. And sometimes things clearly turn out poorly. People can front all they want: both pre-and post-decision uncertainty can be appropriate.

That’s what’s been really weird about support for the various Covid “mitigation” strategies: despite the obvious illogic of these interventions and the vast, lasting and foreseeable harm they caused, many people were certain that the lockdowns, the school closures, the masks, the tests and the shots were good ideas.

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A Conversation With The CDC, by Chuck

Alice in Wonderland makes more sense than the CDC, and its certainly more enjoyable reading. From Chuck at threadreaderapp.com:

ME: CDC, should I get poke if I already had Covid?
CDC: “Yes, you should be poked regardless of whether you already had COVID-19. That’s because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19.”
ME: Oh, so we don’t know how long natural immunity lasts. So, how long does poke-induced immunity last?
CDC: “There is still a lot we’re learning about pokes and CDC is constantly reviewing evidence and updating guidance. We don’t know how long protection lasts for those poked.”
ME: Okay, but wait a second. I thought you said the reason I need the poke was because we don’t know how long my natural immunity lasts, but you’re saying we ALSO don’t know how long poke immunity lasts either. So, how exactly is the poke immunity better than my natural immunity?
CDC: …
ME: Uh … alright. But, haven’t there been a bunch of studies suggesting that natural immunity could last for years or decades?
CDC: Yes.
NEWYORKTIMES: “Years, maybe decades, according to a new study.”
ME: Ah. So natural immunity might last longer than poke immunity?
CDC: Possibly.
ME: Okay. If I get the poke, does that mean I won’t get sick?
BRITAIN: Nope. We are entering a seasonal spike and half of our infections and hospital admissions are poked people.
ME: CDC, is this true? Are there people in the U.S. catching it after getting poked?
CDC: We stopped tracking breakthrough cases. We accept voluntary reports but aren’t out there looking for them.
ME: Does that mean that if someone comes in the hospital with Covid, you don’t track them because they’ve been poked? You only track the UN-poked Covid cases?
CDC: That’s right.

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