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Oprah and the Other Coronamaniacs Were Sure They Were Right, by Mark Oshinskie

To quote Yeats: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity, The Coronomaniacs were passionately intense, or intensely passionate. From Mark Oshinskie at markoshinskie8de.substack.com:

Oprah Winfrey published a popular compendium of platitudes entitled What I Know for Sure. The title struck me as funny because, when I scanned that book’s pages, most of the notions expressed rang hollow. At best, some were arguably true, though as trite as a 1970s college dorm poster.

But if Oprah is sure that these bromides make sense to her and inspire her readers, great! Oprah speaks to a much bigger audience than I do. Though I have a strong, fun marriage, raised three responsible kids and maintain an appropriate weight. So maybe I know some stuff that Oprah doesn’t.

On our respective life journeys, we all reach various places where the road splits in two—or more—ways and we must make a consequential choice. Often, these decisions are difficult because neither option is obviously superior. One might, at these times, feel uncertain regarding the choice one has to make. Weighing such a decision can keep us up at night, for a series of nights.

Some people posture and say that they make choices and never look back. And sometimes, the choice that one makes turns out well and causes no regret. But at other times it takes a while for a decision’s results to reveal themselves and/or results are mixed. Often, there’s no way to know or compare how taking the alternative path might have worked out. And sometimes things clearly turn out poorly. People can front all they want: both pre-and post-decision uncertainty can be appropriate.

That’s what’s been really weird about support for the various Covid “mitigation” strategies: despite the obvious illogic of these interventions and the vast, lasting and foreseeable harm they caused, many people were certain that the lockdowns, the school closures, the masks, the tests and the shots were good ideas.

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From the Notebook: When Harry Met Meghan, by Tom Luongo

Harry and Meghan bid to become head of the woke elite. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

Brendan O’Neill is spot on here with his take down of the Meghan Markle / Oprah interview.

He rightly points out all the cultural imperatives, the clash between the new aristocracy of victimhood and the old one of sacrifice and societal duty represented by the old one, i.e. the queen.

A conflict between the contemporary cults of victimhood and identity politics, as now keenly represented by Harry and Meghan, and the older ideals of duty, self-sacrifice, stoicism and keeping your shit together, as embodied by the queen, and as aspired to by most Brits in recent decades. This internecine clash between the Sussexes and the Palace is really an unspoken civil war between post-Diana New Britain and Old Britain. Last night’s interview, facilitated by that doyen of the new elites, Oprah, was essentially a power grab by Harry and Meghan – their attempt to seize the throne of the victim industry and consolidate their cultural power in the post-traditional world.

This was a calculated attack on the British Royal Crown for a myriad of reasons. It’s not just a fluffy distraction from the latest round of power grabs by Biden and Brussels.

Remember folks, the crown backed Brexit.  The crown was aligned with Trump to stop the inexorable march across the globe by the EU and the Eurocrats under Herr Schwab’s control. Now the Crown is paying the price. It will not stop here.

Meghan and Harry sitting down with Oprah, the High Priestess of Cultural Victimhood, was no accident.  Oprah’s raison d’etre is selling cultural Marxism to middle-class soccer moms.  She’s built a media empire on this. She’s good at it. And she’s a close ally of Obama’s.

Obama is a true Commie believer and a vandal who hates both America and white people. Look around you today and don’t tell me that the current Democratic party and most of their allies in Hollywood aren’t looking to perform a complete reversal of society from one, in their narrative, ‘run by whites’ to one ‘run by the oppressed, i.e. blacks.’

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Oprah Will Run In 2020 Because All The Other Democratic Candidates Are Even Worse, by Kurt Schlichter

It may be a little early, but it looks like if Oprah wants the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, she’s got it. After all, she makes us feel better, and puts us in touch with our best selves. From Kurt Schlichter at theburningplatform.com:

If I was a Democrat, like everyone at NBC and noted Cruise Director Bill Kristol, I’d want Oprah Winfrey to run for president too. She’s got all the qualifications to be a Dem candidate – she’s vacuous, she embraces all the required liberal taboos, and she hates the right people – that is, people like you. And, best of all, Oprah isn’t one of the horde of weirdos, losers, and mutations already threatening to run.

She knows how to string a sentence together, which is useful. Oprah wouldn’t be a human gaffe machine like Touchy Joe Biden. She’s also not 87 years old like he is – it’ll be a shame to miss out on what Joe says and does as age loosens his tongue. Someone get that man a Twitter account!

At one time, the noted naked he-nymph probably would have been a big threat to any Republican running for president. He’s not roundly hated like Hillary, and he seems amiable, if bumbling. But the whole wandering hands thing and all those snaps of him leering at uncomfortable-looking teens with a face doesn’t work for males of pallor in the era of #MeToo.

Those pics of Oprah cavorting with Harvey Fernseed won’t stop her – she’ll get a liberal gal pass like Meryl Streep. Remember, the liberals don’t really care. It’s all fake outrage designed to kneecap competitors. When a history of not harassing women, or enabling those who do, gets in the way of what liberals really want, it’s “Gropes away!” Right, Felonia Milhouse von Pantsuit?

Elizabeth Warren can’t be happy about Oprah considering a run. Big Chief Running Mouth is shrill and annoying, and you get the idea that she’s always on the verge of telling you to use your inside voice. Oprah is calm and soothing and offers mindless insights about how you have to be the very best you you can be, and how you always have to stand in your own truth. The rabble-rousing squaw wants to get people riled up and on the warpath. But Winfrey wants to calm them down, to make them relax, to allow them not to think, and to be swept away in the feel-good vibes. She wants to be the Oprah-oid of the masses.

Fairy Tale, by James Howard Kunstler

Kunstler is probably right when says Oprah Winfrey would make a formidible presidential candidate. From Kunstler at kunstler.com:

Am I imagining that Oprah Winfrey launched her presidential campaign last night at the Golden Globes Awards? Well, why not? Unlike the Golden Golem of Greatness, skulking fiery and furious in his lonesome White House tweet chamber, Americans of all identity persuasions love Oprah. Unlike the president, who attained “stable [for now] genius” status without ever reading a book, Oprah displays real curiosity about this vexing and wondrous world, and an eagerness to engage with it. Unlike the maestro of the janky Trump brand, with his penchant for serial bankruptcy and stiffing the help, Oprah appears capable of running a business empire.

Let’s face it: the Democratic Party has no other figure of gravitas on the bench. Everybody trusts Oprah, probably even more than the erstwhile Barack Obama, with his dogged allegiance to Wall Street and his fifty percent taint of innate white male cis-hetero patriarchical depravity. Oprah might be the Democratic Party’s last best hope before it collapses into the mausoleum of US political history, where the Whigs, Free Soilers, and Anti-Federalists lie a’moldering.

Politics in this land has failed in its effort to become show business, while show business is succeeding wildly in its attempt to replace politics. All Washington can produce these days is a succession of tedious irresolvable soap operas. Hollywood is enacting a grand moral drama of clear-cut heroines and villains, victims and oppressors, sticking to archetypal story-line of our lifetime: the campaign for freedom, equality, and decency. Show business loves the desert sunshine; politics is mired in the Potomac swamp. Oprah even has better hair than the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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