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“Drag Race”, by Eric Peters

They’re trying to turn children into freaks. It’s time to start drawing some lines. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Remember when a drag race involved cars, not freaks?

And when car companies just built cars?

Today, we have Out With Chevy – which wasn’t about the latest Chevy. And – just recently – Models of Pride – the “world’s largest free conference of LGBTQ+ youth and their allies” – sponsored in part by a car company – Toyota – which reportedly gifts more than $100,000 annually to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which put on the freak show.

One of them on show being Dew Mi Moore – a “drag performer” who goes from zero to freak in less than six seconds. Also present was Mayhem Miller, who told the kids brought there by their parents, “When I was young, we didn’t have anything like this. . .” Probably because parents didn’t used to bring their kids to “drag races.”

“You are going to change our future . . .”

No doubt.

The event also included a workshop instructing kids about the “first steps” they can take toward becoming freaks themselves.

Strong language? Necessarily so.

The same language that’s necessary to use when speaking of Face Diapers rather than “masks” – and the freaks pushing those, too.

The time for forbearance is past because it is no longer appropriate.

For much too long, decent people have shied away from confronting freaks when freaks confront them. When Leftists – honest language, because that’s what we’re talking about here – confront them. Whether it’s a “drag race” or a Face Diaper, it is never a matter of an individual doing what seems to be right for himself, by himself. It is always Leftists trying to shove what they think is right down everyone else’s throat. Down every kid’s throat, too.

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Deplorable Until Proven Compliant: Kafka, Social Credit, & Critical Theory, by Joaquin Flores

If you can make people believe things that are the exact opposite of what they’ve always believed, you’re well on your way to controlling them. From Joaquin Flores at strategic-culture.org:

The coming phase will involve the division of the awakened through the manipulation of trauma-bonding, empathy attachment, and altruism, Joaquin Flores writes.

The new social credit system uses weaponised sociology and mass psychology such that the plutocratic ruling class can transform, with little disruption normally associated with the rotation of elites, into a post-financial technocracy. Therefore, the old social credit system of consumer credit, and likewise systems of law, become moribund. They are replaced by revolutionary methods of social control which a.) uses a sinister trauma-bonded ‘empathic-intuition’ method, at the individual level, b.) alongside pre-crime and permanent guilt as a systemic foundation, c.) and the loss of the 6th Amendment’s guarantee to know the crimes (and evidence) one is accused of.

While the concerned public is familiar with the material technologies in plans of technocrats through various leaked documents, the exposure of summits and societies dedicated to this nefarious cause, the dark anti-human agenda that guides these goes even beyond the understanding of the well-informed.

At face value, social credit is marked by the imposition of a deviant libertine values system of the ruling class, upon the whole society. Secondly, as it is well-known, it micromanages individual’s goods and energy consumption.

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