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ESPN Anchor Fired After Being Caught On Mic Actually Talking About Sports

From The Babylon Bee:

BRISTOL, CT—ESPN has been rattled by internal strife after anchor Sage Steele was caught last weekend on a hot mic talking openly about sports.

“We were shocked and saddened by the hateful language Ms. Steele used to describe Chris Paul’s point differential,” said ESPN president James Pitaro. “We have listened to the tape repeatedly, and can confirm no single reference was made to race, gender identity, or politics – nothing but basketball, which we recognize is completely unacceptable. We set high standards for ourselves at ESPN and frankly, we didn’t live up to those standards.”

Ms. Steele was fired from her job as SportsCenter host has been reassigned to cover cornhole and will also be sent to DIE – Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity training. There, she will be given a sports-themed Rohrschach test and be asked to describe what oppression she sees in each sports ball. 

“I am so sorry for talking about sports,” said a glassy-eyed Ms. Steele. “We here at ESPN are committed to preaching the gospel of Disney, and occasionally explaining why sports are evil. Nothing we do should have any entertainment value whatsoever, and I deeply apologize for my behavior.”

Stephen A. Smith covered the issue on his show by starting off speaking very deliberately and quietly, then steadily building to a screeching yell. ESPN will continue to be enjoyable only for the game where viewers try to press buttons fast enough to keep Mr. Smith’s voice at a constant volume.


ESPN To Make Sweeping Layoffs In Effort To Save “Tens Of Millions” In Salaries, by Tyler Durden

How about that, most sports fans want to watch their sports without a heavy, or even a light dose of political hectoring. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Things look like they are going just splendidly in the world of sports in 2020.

In addition to having to deal with the public’s incessant fear of coronavirus (despite the fact that none of the scores of professional athletes in the U.S. that have tested positive have wound up visibly sick or in the hospital, let alone dead, from the virus), major professional sports leagues have also decided to play politics, injecting themselves into the heart of a nationwide racism uproar, instead of basketball and football.

In addition to ratings plunging for both the NBA and the NFL this year, the “get woke, go broke” results continue to take hold.

Now, ESPN is making another round of sweeping layoffs. It’s blaming the coronavirus, naturally, because it certainly can’t blame its own politicized discussions during almost every major sporting event it has broadcast over the last few months.

According to NJ.com, the network is trying to cut “tens of millions” in salary:

One source pegged the potential number of job losses between 300 and 700 employees. Another estimated 400 possible lost jobs. The cuts are expected to hit hardest among ESPN employees who work behind the camera. But some on-camera TV and radio talents could be impacted — particularly if their contracts are expiring this year. The network may also ask its highest-earning talent and executives to take a reduction in salary. The goal is to potentially cut tens of millions in salary, said sources.

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ESPN Pulls Asian Announcer Named Robert Lee To Avoid A Mass Triggering Event, by Tyler Durden

SLL rarely watches ESPN, but for this idiocy SLL readers might want to rediscover their families or good books and not watch the sports network. As always, it’s our readers’ decision, but this kind of  insanity should not go unpunished. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

We’ve been saying this a lot lately, but just when you thought the political climate in this country couldn’t get any more wacky ESPN has to go and pull an Asian-American announcer, who just happens to be named Robert Lee, off the William and Mary vs. University of Virginia college football game because of concerns they might create a mass-triggering of America’s snowflakes. 

Is this even real life anymore?  So the fragile millennial culture now demands that you should be thrown in jail if you call them by the wrong pronoun but it’s totally fine if their insecurities literally derail a person’s career because they refuse to be ‘assaulted’ by the name his parents happened to give him?

Outkick the Coverage broke the story last night with this summary:

In a story that seems made for The Onion, but is actually true, according to multiple Outkick fans inside ESPN MSESPN decided to pull an Asian college football announcer named Robert Lee off the William and Mary at University of Virginia college football game because they were concerned that having an ASIAN FOOTBALL ANNOUNCER NAMED ROBERT LEE would be offensive to some viewers.

Did I mention that Robert Lee is Asian?

Is this even real life anymore? This might even be worse than MSESPN apologizing for the fantasy football slave draft a couple of weeks ago.

To avoid offending left wing idiots Robert Lee, the Asian college football announcer, not the Confederate General who died in 1870 and shares a name with him, was switched to the Youngstown State at Pittsburgh game and Dave Weekley will now call the William and Mary at University of Virginia game.

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ESPN and the Bursting of the Sports Bubble, by William L. Anderson

This article manages to tie in sports, higher education, and economics in an interesting and provocative fashion. From William L. Anderson at mises.org:

When the cable TV sports giant ESPN announced 100 layoffs recently, including letting go a number of high-profile broadcasters, a lot of people took notice, and well they should: things no longer are business as usual in sports broadcasting, and we are not even at the beginning of the end, and maybe not even the end of the beginning.

Like the slow crashing of the retail sector as online purchase firms like Amazon begin their domination, we are seeing a sea change in sports broadcasting and that is going to mean big changes are down the road not only for ESPN, but for all of the sports entities that depend upon the huge payouts that ESPN provides. To put it mildly, a lot of people are about to see their lives change drastically as consumer choices drive sports broadcasting in a new direction.

Enough with the superlatives. What is happening with ESPN, and why is it important? As Clay Travis of the sports website Outkick the Coverage has been writing for more than a year, the main ESPN business plan, the one that brings in the most revenues to the firm, is doomed to near-extinction, and there is nothing ESPN can do about it. Writes Travis:

In the past five years ESPN has lost 11,346,000 subscribers according to Nielsen data.

If you combine that with ESPN2 and ESPNU subscriber losses this means that ESPN has lost over a billion dollars in cable and satellite revenue just in the past five years, an average of $200 million each year. That total of a billion dollars hits ESPN in the pocketbook not just on a yearly basis, but for every year going forward.

It’s gone forever.

Since it began to grow in popularity in the late 1970s, cable (and later, satellite) television has offered its customers coverage with “bundles,” that is different payments allow cable subscribers to expand their viewership as payments increase. For example, a “basic” cable subscription would allow the customers to view, say, 15 channels including the ABC-CBS-NBC-PBS lineup plus other channels such as CNN or Fox. A higher-tier subscription would add other channels, including ESPN and its associated channels and others such as The Food Channel or assorted movie channels.

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