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The Air of Despotism, by T.L. Davis

Justin Trudeau has become a good old-fashioned dictator. From T.L. Davis at theburningplatform.com:

Tucker Carlson names world's 'most fearful despot' - newsR VIDEO

We saw it first in Australia, New Zealand and Austria, the sense that the state had a right, a duty, to go to war against some segment of their peaceful populations due to political differences. What I mean by “at war” is the imprisoning of those populations in place; the demand to take part in cynical medical experiments in order to regain freedom. To some degree this happened on January 6th, too. What is most noticeable, however, is the tendency for Western “democracies” to now act in violent, evil and vengeful ways against those who protest maltreatment. Never is there a consideration of ending the offending policies and it’s that recalcitrance that speaks to something bigger, more foundational than a mere disagreement between governments and their citizens.

In Canada, I’m sure that the Canadians thought that their government would not be as brutal or as openly hostile to them as the U.S. government is toward Americans, because, as the world has been taught by acolytes of George Soros, Americans who love freedom are evil, racist rednecks unworthy of respect or civil treatment. Canadians believed, until lately, that their government was above the sort of brutality that one might expect to be leveled on their redneck counterparts.

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