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Let’s talk foreign interference in Canadian democracy – CCP edition. By Mark E. Jeftovic

As in the U.S., foreign interference in elections is just fine if it benefits the “right” party. From Mark E. Jeftovic at bombthrower.com:

Trudeau Libs gaslight Canadians on foreign interference (except when it actually happens)

“We will not let any foreign entities that seek to do harm to Canada or Canadians, erode trust in our democratic institutions, or question the legitimacy of our democracy.”
— Bill Blair, Minister of Public Safety

Bombshell revelations over the weekend (although perhaps not entirely surprising) that the Chinese Communist Party actively interfered in the 2021 Federal Election in Canada to tip the scales in favour of another Trudeau minority government and the defeat of certain Conservative Party MPs who were seen as critical of the Chinese regime.

“China employed a sophisticated strategy to disrupt Canada’s democracy in the 2021 federal election campaign as Chinese diplomats and their proxies backed the re-election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals – but only to another minority government – and worked to defeat Conservative politicians considered to be unfriendly to Beijing.”

The details emerged in leaked CSIS documents which were reported by the Globe and Mail.

Ironically, the opening quote from Bill Blair was not about China interfering in a Canadian election. Blair said that almost exactly a year ago, about the Canadian #FreedomConvoy. It was among numerous claims made by the Trudeau Liberals , the NDP to vilify the truckers – and which were endlessly repeated and amplified by the corporate press. All of which were found to be false in the ensuing inquiry into Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergency Act on Feb 14, 2022.

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Jordan Peterson: Worst is yet to come from Trudeau Liberals

Justin Trudeau and his cohort have set out to destroy an once great Canada. From Jordan Peterson at nationalpost.com:

Rough times are a-coming, what with the cascading consequences of energy shortages, supply chain disruptions, war in Ukraine and severe and looming food and fertilizer shortages

Article content

I have had the great privilege of travelling to 40 American cities in just about as many states and to 15 European countries in the last four months, in the waning days of the great COVID panic, and I have learned many things about our great and self-conscious nation.

First: I have not travelled anywhere else where the citizens and the government are more neurotically “concerned” about the pandemic. It may have escaped Canadians’ notice, but virtually nowhere else in the developed world is it now required to wear a mask, as is still mandatory in many of Canada’s airports and on flights out of our benighted country. There is absolutely no excuse for this, except the punitive self-righteousness of the Trudeau Liberals. What else might you expect, however, from a government that also includes Chrystia Freeland, a deputy prime minister who has bragged about her colleagues’ appalling economic performance, claiming that it is actually good for Canadians to empty their wallets at the gas pumps, because of its implications in fighting the “climate emergency.” I simply cannot believe that this absolute failure of economic policy is now being trumpeted as a positive accomplishment. Here’s a hint for you saintly progressives: if you cared about the poor (the real poor, not the hypothetical poor you are hypothetically saving in the future), you would seek to drive down the cost of energy — energy that is precisely equivalent to work and, therefore, to the wealth that ameliorates poverty.

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Once a liberal democracy, Canada is now an authoritarian state, by Rav Arora

How many Canadians have said: “It can’t happen here.” From Rav Arora at nypost.com:

Two decades ago, when I was 4 years old, my parents immigrated to Canada from India in search of greater freedoms, autonomy and economic opportunities. They’re core Canadian values — enshrined in our national anthem, which gloriously heralds “The True North strong and free.”

However, the past two years have seen a near complete erosion of the foundational liberal values that have attracted millions of immigrants like myself to this country.

Under the once-righteous guise of COVID safety and online protections, the Canadian government has taken its power to extreme levels once only imaginable — let alone permissible — in a dissent-stifling authoritarian state.

The control has extended to nearly every element of Canadian society, but nowhere more so than in our everyday personal lives. Take my own case contending with Canada’s COVID bureaucracy a few months back.

I was returning to Canada from the US when multiple Air Canada employees refused to let me on the plane. Although I had a negative COVID test, the government was suddenly requiring even returning citizens to be vaccinated (unvaccinated foreigners were already barred from entering).

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No, Canada did NOT seize any crypto wallets connected with the #FreedomConvoy, here’s why, by Mark E. Jeftovic

Cryptocurrencies are difficult for governments and judicial processes to crack. From Mark E. Jeftovic at bombthrower.com:

Short answer: They can’t

(Unless they’re in a hot wallet on an exchange within Canadian jurisdiction).

Longer answer:

I’m seeing references and hearing anecdotally how the Canadian government froze or even seized crypto wallets associated with the #FreedomConvoy fundraising efforts. Including the sensational headline from Fortune magazine’s Fed up Ottawa residents win secret suit to freeze the crypto wallets funding Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters“.

…fed up residents

…secret suit

… “Freedom Convoy Protestors” in scare quotes

Oh my.

The article refers to a Mareva Injunction issued by the Ontario Superior Court against the convoy organizers (Dichter, Lich, Barber), Pat King (the convoy crasher in my book), several people who were involved in the Tallycoin fundraiser for the truckers, and then numerous John Doe’s. It orders that 134 crypto wallets be frozen, such that nobody remotely involved with them can basically move or cause to be moved any of the funds in those wallets.

Further, it orders that any wallet that receives funds from any of these wallets also be frozen. Technically that means if somebody were to move a single satoshi to Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, BitBuy, etc – then the receiving hot wallets of those exchanges are technically “frozen” as well.

This isn’t really tenable, and this issue has actually come up before within the context of Bitcoin mining and OFAC compliance. There was a time when Marathon Digital actually tried to create an initiative where they would only mine “fully AML and OFAC compliant” derived blocks. This would have essentially required the censoring Bitcoin transactions and  was widely scorned by the industry. It proved itself to be unworkable, with Marathon  scrapping the program almost immediately. (It is also worth noting here that according to blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, which consults for numerous law enforcement and intelligence agencies, only 0.5% of all Bitcoin transactions are illicit in nature).

Trying to enforce a “taint chain” on specific crypto addresses would run into similar problems to the point where the choice would simply be to shutdown Bitcoin entirely (not possible) or give up.

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U.S. To Invade Canada To Establish A Democracy

From The Babylon Bee:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Meeting in a top-secret, smoke-filled war room, U.S. generals agreed on a plan earlier this week to invade the foreign dictatorship known as “Canada” and establish a democracy there.

“Gentlemen, it’s time,” said General Butch “Meathead” Tanner of the U.S. Army as he munched a cigar. “We can’t let this evil, religious zealot Trudeau oppress his people any longer. It’s time to let freedom ring.”

“And by ‘let freedom ring’, of course, I mean ‘rain down an ungodly amount of explosives,'” he added. “I love democracy.”

A few generals urged caution, pointing out that getting involved in a land war in Canada was “one of the classic blunders,” though they were later shouted down as that’s actually land wars in Asia. Eventually, the vote was unanimous, and troops were mobilized along the Canadian border. Tanks began churning through the snow, running over moose and beavers, and F-22 Raptors screamed into Ottawa blasting away tons of bogeys, which were later revealed to be geese. Horrified Royal Mounties ran away from the combined arms assault, apologizing profusely.

Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden will be notified of the invasion at a later date, or whenever his nap time is over, whichever comes first.

At publishing time, it had been revealed that the plan all along was just to get their strategic reserves of maple syrup.


Fringe Minority Report, 2/28/22, by Francis Marion

The world-wide insurrection continues, from Francis Marion at theburningplatform.com:

Where we’re at.


Fog of war? To say the least.

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Doug Casey on Whether the US Could Soon Declare a “State of Emergency” Like Canada

As Canada goes, so goes the U.S.? From Doug Casey at internationalman.com:


International Man: Historically, when a crisis takes shape, politicians declare a “state of emergency,” which allows government to take action in ways it’s normally not allowed to.

This tactic has been used over and over again to justify all sorts of government action, removal of individual rights, and more.

What’s your take on this? Does it prove that constitutional rights are just imaginary and can be arbitrarily taken away at any moment?

Doug Casey: First, contrary to popular belief, the Constitution doesn’t grant rights. You have rights as a human being regardless of what the Constitution says or doesn’t say.

For instance, the Second Amendment of the Constitution has to do with the right to keep and bear arms. Throughout history, one of the things that distinguished a free man from a slave was the fact that a free man didn’t need permission to bear arms. If he couldn’t bear arms, it was because he was a slave. It was one of the major distinctions between a free man and a slave.

The Bill of Rights is an excellent document, but it’s hard to rely on for moral guidance simply because the Constitution is a dead letter as a practical matter. It no longer means what it says or says what it means. The Constitution has been interpreted out of existence.

It’s good that rights are spelled out in the Constitution, of course, but rights are much more basic than any Constitution. Constitutions can be changed.

We shouldn’t be dependent upon political laws at all, simply because they blow with the political winds. The US Constitution has had a good run as a philosophical, political statement. In fact, it’s the best that’s ever been put into real-world effect. But the hoi polloi view it as an obsolete product of old, dead, white men—the patriarchy. White men and their artifacts, like Western Civilization itself, are now held in contempt by large sections of society.

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Bitcoin Companies’ Response to Canada’s Request to Freeze Protester Accounts Is Pure Gold, by Nick Arama

You can’t freeze an account when you don’t know who the account is. Canadians discover the wonder of cryptocurrencies, from Nick Arama at redstate.com:

Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP
We’ve seen a lot of troubling civil liberties questions regarding the Freedom Convoy, particularly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act. Among the most concerning: banning of protests at the whim of the government, conscripted labor — the government telling tow truck workers that they would be forced to work for the government against the Convoy — and even the freezing of bank accounts for the grievous sin of being involved in a protest against government mandates.

As we reported, you even had Trudeau’s deputy prime minister, Chrystia Freeland laughing about seizing accounts. She is asked not just about the protesters’ accounts being seized but about the accounts of the people who donated to the protesters. She doesn’t give a clear answer about whether the donors’ accounts would also be affected.

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The Fall of Canada, The Danger in the US, by Dr. Naomi Wolf

The tyrants, led by Justin Trudeau, have taken the gloves off and are prepared to subjugate much of the planet, if they’re allowed to do so. From Dr. Naomi Wolf at naomiwolf.substack.com:

Understanding Martial Law

The world has watched, in pain, as images of police violence from Ottawa, and of a bid for Canadian tyranny (that I would ever write those words!) are flashed around the world.

As usual, I hate to be Cassandra; but the chessboard ahead is all too clear. On Feb 12, 2022, I warned, during an appearance on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom, that we all must all now brace for a period during which the powers that now clearly seek to enslave our planet, and subdue our human species, will be broadcasting scenes of civil society mayhem, and of shocking violence against protesters.

I also predicted that there would be food shortages and other economic harms that would be blamed on the protesting truckers, and I warned too that people should print out their bank and any liquid asset records, as there would be cyberattacks on financial institutions and the freezing of accounts. All of that, of course, took place in the week that followed.

I recently received a kind note on social media thanking me for my bulletins about the near future as it helped people, the writer explained, to stave off shock and disorientation. I have often spoken about how tyrants rely on just these effects of shock and disorientation to “tenderize” a targeted population, so I will keep alerting you all to the near future, as unpleasant as that task can be.

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The Air of Despotism, by T.L. Davis

Justin Trudeau has become a good old-fashioned dictator. From T.L. Davis at theburningplatform.com:

Tucker Carlson names world's 'most fearful despot' - newsR VIDEO

We saw it first in Australia, New Zealand and Austria, the sense that the state had a right, a duty, to go to war against some segment of their peaceful populations due to political differences. What I mean by “at war” is the imprisoning of those populations in place; the demand to take part in cynical medical experiments in order to regain freedom. To some degree this happened on January 6th, too. What is most noticeable, however, is the tendency for Western “democracies” to now act in violent, evil and vengeful ways against those who protest maltreatment. Never is there a consideration of ending the offending policies and it’s that recalcitrance that speaks to something bigger, more foundational than a mere disagreement between governments and their citizens.

In Canada, I’m sure that the Canadians thought that their government would not be as brutal or as openly hostile to them as the U.S. government is toward Americans, because, as the world has been taught by acolytes of George Soros, Americans who love freedom are evil, racist rednecks unworthy of respect or civil treatment. Canadians believed, until lately, that their government was above the sort of brutality that one might expect to be leveled on their redneck counterparts.

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