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Socialists Condemn Workers Of The World For Uniting

From The Babylon Bee:

OTTAWA—Socialists around the world are condemning the trucker freedom protest in Canada as the working class unites to defend their human rights.

“When workers of the world unite against overbearing government mandates, that’s literal fascism,” said a sobbing socialist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from deep within his top-secret bunker underneath Washington, D.C. “True, compassionate socialism is when the government partners with private corporations to force experimental drugs on the populace and threaten their very livelihoods if they don’t. Everyone knows that.”

According to sources, socialists were initially thrilled by the trucker convoy, as they had mistaken it for a bread line. To their dismay, they soon found out that it was a toxic freedom march organized by the working class against the Canadian bourgeois.

“As compassionate leaders, we must send heavily armed military and police personnel to stop these united working-class people before they take over and spread their freedom-loving fascism everywhere. It’s the moral thing to do,” said Trudeau.

Reports say Trudeau is weighing his options to quell the protest, including calling them Nazis, hitting them with drone strikes, or releasing a herd of angry moose into the crowd.


The Unmasking, by James Howard Kunstler

They can’t hold back the truth any longer. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

O Canada, the Great White North, hovering ominously above Niagara Falls somewhere, is a winter wonderland, and one of the great pleasures of the season there, apparently, for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is skating on thin ice. Why is that? Perhaps in all the hollering you have forgotten how Mr. T has kicked off a civil war: by forcing government-mandated shots on his country’s working class of an alleged “vaccine” that doesn’t work and harms people, at the dwindling end of a worldwide disease scare that scientists in Canadian labs may have helped to create.

The great truckers’ convoy that converged on Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, has exposed the ugly truth at the heart of this historic moment for Western Civ: that governments have declared war on their own citizens. It happens that PM Trudeau represents his country’s Liberal Party, which is suddenly the party of unchecked government power to interfere in the lives of citizens, the party of speech suppression, news management, forced unsafe vaccinations, and the seizure of citizens’ property outside due process of law.

Under the Emergencies Act, Mr. Trudeau’s police have now arrested the leaders of the trucker’s revolt, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, on charges of “counseling to commit mischief” (O, dear…!), and seized their bank accounts, while also freezing the bank accounts of anyone who donated money to the truckers’ cause. That action led, naturally, to runs on Canada’s major banks, leading to bank shut-downs on Wednesday — d’uh… what do you expect when the authorities send the message: your money is not safe in Canada’s banks, and might not even be your money if we say it’s not?

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Fringe Minority Report, 2/18/22, by Francis Marion

The battle to the north:

Two of the organizers of the trucker protest have been arrested. Charges are mischief etc. There are still thousands of people in Ottawa with more on the way in the face of increased police presence. The convoy’s lawyers are going to have a busy weekend. Trudeau suspends Parliament in order to cut debate and delay voting on the EMA.

An RCMP member sends a message to his coworkers encouraging them to contract the blue flu. Some will head his call. Others will not.

Society vs State: Canada Reveals the Core Conflict of Our Age, by David McGrogan

The interests of the state are generally inimical to the interests of the individuals it rules. From David McGrogan at brownstone.org:

Justin Trudeau’s confrontation with the Canadian truckers may be the single most significant event of the Covid pandemic – not because of its eventual outcome, whatever that may be, but because of what it symbolises. It captures, in perfect microcosm, the tensions between the competing imperatives of the age: freedom versus security; the rule of law versus flexible ‘responsive’ governance; the priorities of the workers versus those of the Zooming bourgeoisie; the need for real-world human interaction and belonging versus the promises of splendid online isolation; the experiences of the common man, who knows where it hurts, versus those of the professional expert class, who know nothing that cannot be expressed as a formula.

More than all of that, though, it gives us a lens through which to view a much deeper, much older conflict of much larger scope – one which underlies not just the struggles of the Covid age, but of modernity itself. On the one hand, the state, which seeks to make all of society transparent to its power. On the other, alternative sources of authority – the family, the church, the community, the firm, the farm, and the human individual herself.

For centuries, the state has waged a quiet war against those competitors, and bent them to its will. It has done this not through conspiracy or deliberate strategy but merely through the single-minded pursuit, across generation after generation of political leaders, of one goal: legitimacy. Governments and other state organs derive their legitimacy, and therefore their positions of rulership, from convincing the population that they are necessary.

They do this by suggesting that without their intervention, things will go badly; left to their own devices, ordinary people will suffer. The family, the church, the community, the firm, the farm, the human individual – these are inadequate to the task of securing human well-being. That task, only the state is equipped to achieve, for only the state can keep the population educated, healthy, safe, prosperous and satisfied. Since this is the case, only the state is fit to deploy power – and only those who govern the state are fit to rule.

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Ottawa’s “Freedom Convoy” Protesters Dig In As Canadian Government Suffers ‘Alex Jones’ Moment, by Tyler Durden

Trudeau’s government is spewing out all sorts of unfounded conspiracies to justify its imposition of sweeping and draconian emergency powers. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Facing nearly a dozen separate “Freedom Convoy”-inspired protests that seemed to be springing up faster than police and his government could disperse them, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked a national emergency to implement sweeping police powers late Monday.

Yet, protesters and their supporters continued, as protesters in Ottawa “dug in”, while new demonstrations sprung up in Alberta and Manitoba, but by Tuesday, Trudeau and his government had clearly had enough. They needed a new scapegoat. Enter, 13 “demonstrators” who were arrested purportedly due to their involvement with the Coutts blockade. Police claimed they seized “13 long guns and a large quantity of ammunition in an early-morning raid targeting three trailers that were part of a blockade”.

Canada’s Public Safety Minister, Marco Mendicino said as much during a press briefing on Tuesday.

“There have been those who have tried to characterize these illegal blockades [as being] about vaccines and mandates and fatigue with the pandemic. That is not what is driving this movement right now,” Marco Mendicino, Canada’s Public Safety Minister, said at a news conference Tuesday.

“What is driving this movement is a very small, organized group that is driven by an ideology to overthrow the government through whatever means they may wish to use,” he said.

In what sounded like the preamble to another “Alex Jones” moment, some “national security experts” have asked the Canadian government to provide more “clarification.”

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The Air of Despotism, by T.L. Davis

Justin Trudeau has become a good old-fashioned dictator. From T.L. Davis at theburningplatform.com:

Tucker Carlson names world's 'most fearful despot' - newsR VIDEO

We saw it first in Australia, New Zealand and Austria, the sense that the state had a right, a duty, to go to war against some segment of their peaceful populations due to political differences. What I mean by “at war” is the imprisoning of those populations in place; the demand to take part in cynical medical experiments in order to regain freedom. To some degree this happened on January 6th, too. What is most noticeable, however, is the tendency for Western “democracies” to now act in violent, evil and vengeful ways against those who protest maltreatment. Never is there a consideration of ending the offending policies and it’s that recalcitrance that speaks to something bigger, more foundational than a mere disagreement between governments and their citizens.

In Canada, I’m sure that the Canadians thought that their government would not be as brutal or as openly hostile to them as the U.S. government is toward Americans, because, as the world has been taught by acolytes of George Soros, Americans who love freedom are evil, racist rednecks unworthy of respect or civil treatment. Canadians believed, until lately, that their government was above the sort of brutality that one might expect to be leveled on their redneck counterparts.

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1989 Again? By Eric Peters

Will Canada have its own Tiananmen Square moment? From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Tiananmen Square happened 33 years ago, in China. It is perhaps about to happen again – in Canada.

The country’s’ GC dictator – the word is accurate because even though Justin Trudeau was elected, he has been ruling by decree for some time now – just announced his determination to continue imposing his will against all who dare to express opposition to it via Canada’s Emergencies Act.

And there is an “emergency,” alright.

The psychological power of the Cult of Sickness Eternal is waning – and along with it, the powers of people like Justin Trudeau. Or rather, the willingness of a waxing number of Canadians to put up with the power-grabbing of people like Justin Trudeau. He and those like him can feel it slipping from their grasp and the sensation must be terrible.

The people are on to them.

And they have had enough.

Trudeau is smart enough – in his feral way – to understand the significance of the Freedom Convoy, the mass gathering of truckers who simply want to transport the food and other goods people want from point to point without being forced to assume the risks of being injected with these “vaccines” that have been proven to be both ineffective as vaccines as well as alarmingly unsafe (viz, the unprecedented number of people who have died after having been injected – including healthy young athletes – or suffered terrible “adverse events,” as these life-altering side-effects are styled).

Leaving aside the fundamental issue behind all of this, which is the righteous outrage at being told everyone must obey  . . . whatever people like this Trudeau creature say.

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Free Speech Becomes Roadkill in the Crackdown on Canadian Truckers, by Jonathan Turley

In Canada, like the U.S., protection of free speech depends heavily on the political orientation of the speaker. From Jonathan Turley at jonathanturley.org:

Below is my column in the Hill on the government and media campaign against the Canadian truckers. The Canadian government has now cleared the Ambassador Bridge. However, there was lasting damage done to the rights of free speech and association after an alliance of the government, corporations, and the media sought to isolate the protesters politically and financially. The most disturbing element was the freezing of donations by companies and the courts. Most recently, the TD Bank joined in blocking support from thousands of citizens. The organized effort to cut off access to donations is alarming, particularly in conjunction with efforts to curtail social media and other informational avenues for the protesters.

Here is the column:

Canada appears to be facing its greatest threat since Benedict Arnold came close to seizing Ottawa in 1775. The source of this “insurrection” and “attack on democracy,” however, is not a foreign government but Canadians who have descended on their own capital to protest continuing COVID-19 mandates.

The protest has been peaceful — and highly successful in cutting off key highways. But the most alarming development has not come from the convoy but from the commentary about it, including calls for mass arrests and even vigilantism. The Ottawa Police Services Board chairman has called it a “nationwide insurrection,” adding, “Our city is under siege.”

CNN analyst and Harvard professor Juliette Kayyem was apoplectic at the thought of truckers shutting down roads and interfering with trade. She tweeted out a call to “slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks.” CNN correspondent Paula Newton said this act of civil disobedience was nothing less than a “threat to democracy. An insurrection, sedition.”

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The Power of Protest, by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The Canadian Freedom Convoy is definitely a watershed, but there’s much work to be done to right the wrongs and repair the damage of the last two years. From Jeffrey A. Tucker at brownstone.org:

All in less than one week, Israel has repealed restrictions and is backing off vaccine mandates, even as cases and deaths are hitting new highs, and implausibly so in the most vaccinated and boosted country in the world. The UK has backed off too. Same in Denmark, Ireland, Finland, and Norway. Switzerland has joined in, and Sweden has rolled back its plans for an extended vaccine passport in has decided to get rid of them completely. Saskatchewan is ending all restrictions.

We are seeing local governments and universities in the US gradually stepping back. No new cities have joined the brigade for vaccine passports and Denver, CO, is stopping theirs. Poor suffering New York City, assaulted by a new segregation mandate, is reeling from the mandates, and surely a rethinking is coming. How many states now wish they had taken the path of Florida, which is experiencing a remarkable economic boom?

Monmouth University tracks attitudes in the US toward government and media as it pertains to the pandemic response. At this point, every arrow over time slants down to the right. The number of people opposing vaccine passports outnumbers those supporting them by 10 points. A polled 70% say it is time we accept Covid as normal.

It’s beginning to feel like a long-overdue crumbling.

It is surely not a coincidence that all of this accelerated the same week as the trucker convoy formed in Vancouver and made the trek across the entire US/Canada border, in the snow, ending up in Ottawa and gathering many tens of thousands of citizens to protest. The Prime Minister fled the city and went to his bunker, making what looked like hostage videos that denounced the truckers with all the usual epithets.

What’s even more striking is that the media in the US and Europe did not cover the convoy, probably the largest in history and certainly the most important protest in modern times in Canada. The topic never ended up on the front page of either the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. And yet: the effect was hugely powerful. Public opinion in Canada swung 15% to create a solid majority against all restrictions and mandates.

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We Are All Truckers Now, by Sally Zelikovsky

The government has just a few tools in its kit to counter the truckers: fines, denial of necessary licenses, arrest, and violence. None of these will either address the truckers’ legitimate grievances or increase the government’s support among Canadians. From Sally Zelikovsky at americanthinker.com:

As momentum from the Freedom Convoy in Canada mounts and works its way into the US, and similar convoys spring up in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, people are collectively standing up to two years of COVID restrictions, lies, misery, and abuse at the hands of our government masters. And we owe it all to Canada’s truckers. Oh, Canada’s truckers! We love you!

But it’s not just the truckers. It’s their families traveling with them. It’s the ordinary citizens bringing them fuel, hot drinks, and meals. It’s the throngs of people braving the cold and raising maple leaf flags in solidarity. It’s those sitting on the sidelines, cheering them on—hoping they don’t cave; praying they continue to resist. It’s the non-MSM journalists actually interviewing truckers and hearing their well-articulated grievances for the first time and revealing that, it turns out, they aren’t the Nazis, terrorists, racists, white supremacists, small fringe minority, or Neanderthals the Trudeau-Biden elites would have you believe.

The truckers make a clear case for freedom. They understand tyranny when they see it. As trucker after trucker emerges as Sikh, Jew, Black, Asian, Ukrainian, and regular white guy, they scoff at the simplistic and over-used, now ho-hum and fully anticipated, fabricated accusations that they are racist terrorists. Those who came to the West from far lands are afraid, however, that the misery and oppression they left behind in their home countries are coming to their adopted homelands.

No hoods. No swastikas. No Confederate flags. Those are all just government-fed fictions.

And what’s the reaction of the officials both in Canada and the US? To pressure GoFundMe to cancel the $10 million raised for the Freedom Convoy; freeze out truckers and their children by having police remove their fuel cans in sub-freezing weather; arrest an old man for honking his horn; and starve out truckers and their families by threatening to arrest people who bring them food and drink. Meanwhile, the Biden administration and Pete Buttigieg plot to find alternate routes around bridges facing long delays because of the truck convoy and the state of Michigan brandishes the possibility of forcibly removing the big rigs and their supporters from the Ambassador Bridge.

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