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The Biden-Noem Smackdown: “Imposter” Joe Meets Kristi “The Lionhearted”, by Mike Whitney

One of them implicitly stands for totalitarianism, and one of them explicitly stands for freedom. From Mike Whitney at unz.com:

“She hath borne herself beyond the promise of her age, doing, in the figure of a lamb, the feats of a lion.” William Shakespeare

Did you catch Biden’s speech on Thursday?

I did. I foolishly thought Biden would use the opportunity to address the 90 million-or-so Americans who think the election was stolen and that Biden is not really the president. But, no, the niggling issue of “legitimacy” never even came up, nor did any of the ten other top issues that Americans care about most. Instead, Imposter Joe devoted the entire 22 minutes to fearmongering about a virus that has almost entirely vanished and which is rapidly losing its power to keep people voluntarily locked up in their own homes. That development–which should have been cause for celebration– has Biden worried, which is why his handlers settled on a nationwide speech to rekindle waning public anxiety.

The Biden crew are determined to keep the pandemic restrictions in place in order to curtail the freedom of movement, limit the size of public gatherings, and preserve the autocratic powers of the state governors. The obvious objective is to perpetuate the appearance of a public health crisis that serves as cover for the permanent suspension of personal liberties and the subsequent evisceration of the middle class. At its heart, the Covid scam– much like the BLM protests and spurious claims of “white supremacy”– has always been part of a broader class war aimed at conservative, blue-collar patriots. Here’s Biden:

“Look, we know what we need to do to beat this virus. Tell the truth. Follow the science. Work together. Put trust and faith in our government to fulfill its most important function, which is protecting the American people. No function is more important. We need to remember the government isn’t some foreign force in a distant capital. No, it’s us. All of us. We, the people.” (President Biden’s prime-time speech, ABC News)

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The Principled Difference Could Make all the Difference, by Eric Peters

Eric Peters pinpoints Donald Trump’s biggest failing as a politician, and South Dakota governor Kristi Noem’s greatest strength. From Peters at ericpetersautos.com:


I listened to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s speech yesterday; such a contrast – such a tonic for the intellect – vs. the bloviating, belittling incoherence of the Orange Fail.

She elaborated principles, something the OF seems unable to do, probably because he hasn’t got any. I do not mean that as an insult. I mean it as characteristic of many Americans of the Republican persuasion especially, who do not consider particular things in abstract/conceptual terms; who “go with their gut” and “know what they mean.”

Which leaves their meaning as vaporous as a Scottish mist.

The OF failed for exactly this reason. He was defenseless against the principles of the Left. He could not fight the weaponization of hypochondria for the same reason he was unable to do anything fundamental to end – not “repeal and replace” – Obamacare.

In both cases, he was unable to articulate the principles at issue – and apply them.

In the case of Obamacare, the right of free people to decide for themselves whether to buy a health insurance policy or not – as opposed to being told they must not buy this “plan” or that “plan” . . . that is to say, some politician’s “plan.”

Like the Orang Man’s “plan.”

Instead of defending the right of human beings to freely associate – to decide for themselves whether to open or close their businesses (another principle, that of private property) and to decide for themselves whether to enter those businesses, or to wear a “mask” based on their own estimation of the risk and to be left in peace so long as they caused no actual harm to other people – all of it predicated on the principle of self-ownership and all that flows from it – the OF embraced the opposite principle – that the state owns the individual, who is part of a collective he must defer to.

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South Dakota Governor, Health Officials Debunk Sturgis ‘Superspreading’ Study, by News Wire

No, South Dakota’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally didn’t cause a quarter of a million coronavirus cases. Kudos to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem for calling out the horseshit for what it is. From News Wire at 21stcenturywire.com:

The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

A new study authored by the Germany-based IZA Institute of Labor Economics says the most recent Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, held every summer in South Dakota, was a “superspreading” event. The non-peer reviewed study was quickly debunked by Governor Kristi Noem and the state’s top health officials.

The study wildly claims the Sturgis event is linked to over 250,000 coronavirus cases across the U.S. and is responsible for an estimated $12.2 billion in public health costs.

In a press release on Tuesday, Gov. Noem issued a harsh rebuke of the study and media reporting:

“This report isn’t science; it’s fiction. Under the guise of academic research, this report is nothing short of an attack on those who exercised their personal freedom to attend Sturgis. Predictably, some in the media breathlessly report on this non-peer reviewed model, built on incredibly faulty assumptions that do not reflect the actual facts and data here in South Dakota.“

“At one point, academic modeling also told us that South Dakota would have 10,000 COVID patients in the hospital at our peak. Today, we have less than 70. I look forward to good journalists, credible academics, and honest citizens repudiating this nonsense.”

The study’s methodology included tracking “anonymized cellphone data” of the nearly half a million attendees’ movements while traveling to, from and around the event.

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All Crises Are Local, by Jeff Deist

Perhaps a state like South Dakota, with few people and a lot of space, doesn’t require the same coronavirus measures as New York City, with millions of people and limited space. From Jeff Deist at mises.org:

South Dakota is not New York City.”

A seemingly innocuous statement, made last Wednesday by Governor Kristi Noem in response to calls for her to issue a coronavirus shutdown across a state with the motto “Under God the People Rule.”

South Dakota, after all, is one of the least densely populated states in the vast American West. Surely local circumstances should inform local responses to a communicable disease?

Not so, according to Noem’s scolds at Change.org. They want the same “theory” applied in Brooklyn and in prairie towns with eleven residents per square mile.

To her tremendous credit, Governor Noem has held firm against the tide of state officials ordering lockdowns and shelter-in-place directives. As of today five US states do not have statewide shutdown orders in place, and some sheriffs too have stood bravely against impositions of soft martial law.

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