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Do Trump’s Hawks Speak for Trump? by Patrick J. Buchanan

Is Trump as gang-ho for war as the people with whom he’s surrounded himself? Let’s hope not. From Patrick J. Buchanan at buchanan.org:

For a president who won his office by denouncing the Middle East wars into which George W. Bush and Barack Obama plunged the nation, Donald Trump has assembled the most unabashedly hawkish conclave of foreign policy advisers in memory. And he himself seems to concede the point.

If foreign policy were decided by my security adviser John Bolton, the president confided recently, “We’d be in four wars by now.”

It was Bolton who ordered the Abraham Lincoln carrier group and B-52s to the Gulf and told the Pentagon to draw up plans to send 120,000 U.S. troops. It is Bolton who is charging Iran with using mines to sabotage four oil tankers outside the Strait of Hormuz.

Asked for evidence, Bolton barked back at reporters: “Who else would you think is doing it? Somebody from Nepal?”

But if Bolton is first hawk, he is not without rivals in the inner circle of the commander in chief.

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Trump Walks Back Syria Pullout As Noose Tightens, by Tom Luongo

As Trump has found out, repeatedly, it’s hard to take on the Deep State. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

f anyone still thinks that Donald Trump has some master plan to kill off his Deep State adversaries they should check themselves into therapy. I know withdrawal is hard, but admitting you have a problem is the first step to curing it.

He doesn’t have a plan. He may fight them but it won’t be with any kind of master plan to trap them in some beautiful bit of political judo.

Frankly, Vladimir Putin he is not.

No, Trump is winging things at this point. While he still has the office he’s trying to do some of the things he promised. Doing that may keep him in power for a few more months.

But with his walking back the timetable for pulling troops out of Syria after a visit from Lindsay Graham (R-MIC/AIPAC) should tell you all you need to know about Trump’s willingness to stand up to the pressure he’s under.

Add to that the opening salvo from Mitt Romney (R-Wall St.) and it becomes pretty clear that Trump was told what the score really is. When, not if, the Democrats push for impeachment or a 25th Amendment proceeding against him Graham and Romney will lead a GOP revolt against him, siding with Senate Democrats to get rid of him.

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Can Mohammed bin Salman Survive Khashoggi’s Assassination? by Andreas Krieg

It wouldn’t be surprising if bookmakers were making odds on MBS’s chances of survival. From Andreas Krieg at middleeasteye.net:

Nothing has put the relationship between Washington and Riyadh to the test like the Khashoggi affair

The United States’ special relationship with the royal family of Al Saud has long been controversial: an ultraconservative, oil-fuelled kingdom run by a single family through medieval, draconian laws, disregarding basic human rights.

Yet, as Washington’s client, Saudi Arabia has helped consecutive US administrations to balance US national interests in the region – often at the expense of American values.

Despite public outcries over the kingdom’s involvement in 9/11, public executions, women banned from driving and other human rights abuses, nothing has put the relationship between Washington and Riyadh to the test like the Khashoggi affair has over the past two weeks.

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Opportunities Abound After Khashoggi-Gate, by Tom Luongo

Slimy financial and political opportunists will make hay while the sun shines on the Khashoggi murder. From Tom Luongo at strategic-culture.org:

Every crisis is also an opportunity.  Don’t worry I’m not about to go all Rahm Emmanuel, Mr. Realpolitik, on you today.  The disappearance/death/dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi is both a crisis and an opportunity for the worst people in the world.

And all of them are seizing the day, as it were.

Frankly, most of it makes me sick to my stomach. Because where were these virtue-signaling champions of human rights like Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan or Lindsay Graham (R – AIPAC) for the past three years as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) prosecuted a starvation campaign in Yemen with U.S. complicity?

Does Lindsay not know that MbS is funding the U.S. occupation in eastern Syria he’s so in love with?

Now all of a sudden, every war-monger in Washington and Wall St. wants to cut ties with him because killing a political opponent is “beyond the pale?”  Even Christine LaGarde of the IMF will be a no-show at MbS’s big “Davos in the Desert” conference.

This is a political hit job.

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Converting Khashoggi into Cash, by James George Jatras

The question isn’t whether or not Muhammad bin Salman will proffer a lot of cash to try to make his current difficulties disappear. That’s a certainty. The question is whether it will work. From James George Jatras at strategic-culture.org:

The hazard of writing about the Saudis’ absurd gyrations as they seek to avoid blame for the murder of the late, not notably great journalist and Muslim Brotherhood activist Jamal Khashoggi is that by the time a sentence is finished, the landscape may have changed again.

As though right on cue, the narrative has just taken another sharp turn.

After two weeks of denying any connection to Khashoggi’s disappearance, Riyadh has ‘fessed up (sorta) and admitted that he was killed by Saudi operatives but it wasn’t really on purpose:

Y’see, it was kinda’f an ‘accident.’


Y’see the guys were arguing, and … uh … a fistfight broke out.

Yeah, that’s it … a ‘fistfight.’

And before you know it poor Jamal had gone all to pieces.


Must’ve been a helluva fistfight.

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