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Hardly Able, by Eric Peters

They’re trying to kill love of internal combustion autos. They’ll never kill love of IC motorcycles. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

People who ride motorcycles still care about motorcycles – as opposed to all-too-many-drivers, who view cars as appliances. Who have been conditioned to view them as such.

Evidence of this disparity in attitude comes in the form of what sells – and what doesn’t.

Like electric “motorcycles” – the latter being an absurdity on par with a meatless vegan double “cheeseburger.” Those don’t sell, either. And neither has the Harley LiveWire, which is the electric scooter Harley hilariously thought people who like motorcycles would buy.

To be fair, Harley has sold a few LiveWires. As in 69 of them in the last quarter of 2022. Probably comparable to the number of “plant-based” (i.e., meatless) Impossible Whoppers sold by Burger King. Does anyone bother to wonder why a person who doesn’t want a burger would go to Burger King?

Harley apparently hasn’t thought about essentially the same question. An electric scooter being essentially the same thing (on wheels) as an Impossible Whopper on your plate; i.e., something ersatz. And even that isn’t quite accurate since “ersatz” simply means substitute, as in margarine rather than butter. An electric “motorcycle” – like a meatless “burger” – is a kind of fraud. A thing that wants to be taken for the real thing. 

Motorcycle people won’t abide it. 

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Motorcycles Are Next, by Eric Peters

Did Americans learn anything at all from the two-year experiment in tyranny known as the Covid response? From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:


We live in inverted times.

A “virus” that posed a significant threat to about 1 percent of the population was used as the pretext for imprisoning, Diapering and Jabbing the other 99 percent. This is an incredible thing, when you think about it – especially given we are endlessly told about the “democracy” we must curtsey to at first mention. According to which the principle is that things are done in the interests of the majority.

The fact is often otherwise.

Two states – California and Oregon – have already banned the sale of new cars that are not electric cars within a few years from now (2035 and 2030, respectively). It has been done on the same principle as “democracy” – as actually practiced. A small minority – politicians and their helpers in the regulatory bureaucracy – decree that everyone else shall drive electric cars only.

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