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Silent House, by Hardscrabble Farmer

A beautifully written article about families and relationships in the age of Covid. From Hardscrabble Farmer at theburningplatform.com:

I got the call that my cousin had passed just after dark. I had been butchering a hog all day by myself and I was tired and needed a shower, but all I could think of was reaching out to his sons. My younger cousin had been looking after him for the last two years as he slowly disappeared into his dementia and I knew how hard this was going to hit him. I made the call from the bedroom in the dark and stood up against the windows looking out at the leafless trees and distant, rolling hills enveloped in a lead-colored mist.

I hadn’t spoken to him since the last family funeral- we are ten years part and by the time I was heading out into the world he was just hitting middle school- and so we never really bonded closely, but we were familiars to one another over the span of our own lives, family. The phone rang half a dozen times and then went to voice mail so I began to leave my heartfelt condolences. After a few halting words that sounded stiff, the phone picked up and I heard his voice across the distant miles and months between us, desperate and broken.

I repeated what I had just said into the void a moment earlier and then he began to speak, not really to me at first, just a torrent of anguish and grief that rambled on from the horrible treatment of the hospital and worse yet the insurance syndicate and the various agents of Medicare and Medicaid and their endless abuses, to the deep and profound loss he had just experienced, and the sudden hole that had just been left in the middle of his life.

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Dating and Diapering, by Eric Peters

There is an upside to face diapering. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

One of my Undiapered friends is a young guy who – like many young guys – is interested in young ladies. But how do you find one when you can’t see one – their face obscured by a Diaper?

But that’s just the point, I counseled my young friend. You do not want to date the Diapered – assuming you could tell whether they were smiling or frowning at you. These women have done you a favor by saving you a lot of trouble. If they’ve got a Diaper on, especially if not under duress (as at work) you already know something about them a great deal more important than whether they’re smiling or frowning at you.

You know, first of all, that they are herd creatures – afraid to show they aren’t by not swaddling their face with a disgusting piece of cloth because the government – or Wal-Mart – told them to.

You can infer, second of all, that they have bought the Brooklyn Bridge – or would, if it were offered to them for a really good price. Evidence for which is their having bought – at incalculable cost – the ludicrous idea that draping a dirty bandana around their face is “stopping the spread.”

Any woman who – or man – who thinks that is a woman (or man, if you’re female) you don’t want to date.

They are either no very smart or are very lazy. They listen to TeeVee. They are not very good at math. They do not look into things for themselves – and act according to their judgment, based on the facts they’ve evaluated. They stampede with the herd; whatever bovine virtues it has – they signal.

So as to blend in to the herd. Mooooo! 

If that’s what you want, have at it. Lots of contenders – if you could tell them apart.

Snow leopards aren’t as easy to find – but they are well worth looking for until you do find one.

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