Robert Gore Said That? 10/10/18

On Septemeber 30, at Murphy, North Carolina, I addressed the Appalachian Network PATCON, a gathering of very bright people on the cutting edge of preparation for the coming catastrophe. The topic was: “How to Survive an Economic Collapse.”

And the Q & A:

5 responses to “Robert Gore Said That? 10/10/18

  1. Excellent Robert.


  2. Robert, you said you prefer cash/currency to gold. So if you have a lifetime savings of a million dollars, you would be like Walter White and have a suitcase full of cash?

    At least gold keeps pace w/ inflation and will not burn in a house fire. Cash can also be invalidated by fiat (‘New Dollar’) Care to comment or ellaborate on your position?



    • Sorry it’s taken a few days to respond. I’ve been on the road.

      I think both gold and cash have a place in every stash. I don’t prefer one to the nother, but gold can be confiscated and I believe it also identifies those who try to use it as preppers. That doesn’t mean don’t have gold and silver, it just means be aware of the dangers. Paper money has dangers as well, primarily the danger of devaluation via inflation. It is as protection against this danger that one should have precious metals. In a deflationary environment, I believe cash will not only hold its value, but will increase in value as prices drop. Preparation is a matter of protecting one’s self against a variety of contingencies.


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