America in Crisis: The Predicament, by Vasko Kohlmayer

This is a pretty good catalogue of what’s wrong with the US. From Vasko Kohlmayer at

The protests and riots that convulsed America in the last few weeks and our reaction to these events revealed something that many of us would prefer not to hear: our society is in the throes of profound existential crisis.

Evening after evening we watched as the marauding mobs laid waste to urban areas. Looting, pillage, arson, theft, beatings and killings took place on a scale not seen in generations. Downtowns of dozens of American cities were ripped apart by violence and parts of them burned and ravaged beyond recognition. Even as this brazen violence and criminal destruction were taking place in plain sight, the law enforcement was kept from doing its job. The police were forced to stand by and watch even while they themselves became targets of vicious attacks by the rioters. The destruction and damage wrought by the mayhemists will run into hundreds of billions of dollars, not to mention the psychological and moral trauma of many ruined lives. Sadly, most perpetrators will never be apprehended or punished for their crimes.

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One response to “America in Crisis: The Predicament, by Vasko Kohlmayer

  1. The big banks financials are an accounting FRAUD again. Off balance sheet Trillions of liabilities not counting the hundreds of Trillions of derivatives. Why the FED is running the printing press so fast is quite obvious. Subprime corporate mortgages, called Bonds, repackaged, sliced and diced for churning for fees, just like last time on subprime house mortgages. They are buying the ETF’s with all the garbage to prevent the OBVIOUS coming Defaults. BlackRock got the check book, and of course they are shoving their own garbage over to the FED first. What a surprise! Crony Bankster Global Vampire Squid capitalism at its finest.


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