The Corruptocracy, by Robert Gore

Most political philosophy is just an elaborate justification for theft and fraud.

What’s called the silent majority is really the ignored majority, who for the most part are happy being ignored. Their lives revolve their families, jobs, friends, and community, not the media, publicity, polls, or politics. They’re sick of elections well before they’ve seen their hundredth campaign ad, received their hundredth mailer, or ignored their hundredth telephone call. They know that politicians are phony and corrupt and make jokes about them, but hope that their rulers don’t screw things up too badly, cross their fingers, and vote for the perceived lesser of two evils.

There’s a shortage of blue-ribbon pedigrees, Ivy League degrees, and gold-plated resumés among the ignored majority, but a surfeit of hard-knocks wisdom and common sense. Benjamin Franklin said, “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.” Everybody does foolish things, but by and large, the ignored majority learns from the dear school and puts its lessons to good use.

The gilded class denigrates those outside it: Hillary Clinton deploring the “deplorables,” Barack Obama saying working-class voters, “cling to guns or religion,” and Obama telling entrepreneurs, “you didn’t build that.” Yet, it consistently, almost invariably, demonstrates a complete lack of the common-sense street smarts found in abundance among those it disparages.

The quotes’ condescending arrogance rankles, but at a deeper level illustrate the real division in American politics—between the productive class and those it supports. At the intellectual level it’s the irreconcilable difference between those who believe that value can and should be conferred by the government, and those who know it must be created and produced. It’s believing or not believing that something can be had for nothing.

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Freeloaders’ delusion stems from psychology, not ignorance. Every human faces a choice. They can produce value or they can beg, borrow, defraud, or steal it from someone else. For every advance humanity has made, there’s always been someone claiming their unfair share. Most of what we call history is merely an account of who’s stealing or defrauding from whom.

Because production is necessary for human survival, not producing anything of value creates a gaping psychological fissure, one not generally recognized or acknowledged. What’s generally accepted is that humans grasp at rationales and justifications for their actions, not just for the audience to which they’re playing, but for themselves. Most political philosophy is just an elaborate justification for theft and fraud. Political systems don’t spring from philosophies, the philosophies spring from the systems’ actual or potential beneficiaries.

Governments can take every scrap of what is produced. They can pledge every scrap of future production as repayment for their debts. The legitimization of unlimited current and future plunder leads to ever-increasing plunder and debt—and ever-diminishing production. Present governments are merely repeating a cycle that’s played out countless times throughout history.

You would think that government rapacity would be curbed when taxes, regulatory extortion, and debt disincentivize and begin reducing legitimate production. Unfortunately, that assumption flies in the face of historical fact; countless regimes have killed their golden geese. The only regimes that haven’t are those that are currently in the process of doing so.

One among many of rulers’ delusions is that the ruled are buying their lies.
Over time the victims see through the propaganda and narrative management. The lies fool the rulers more than the ruled and are essential psychological support for this predatory and parasitic class.

Commentators from the alternative media bemoan the lack of intelligence and awareness of the American people, and the supposed dominance of the mainstream media narrative. Yet, any number of alternative media commentators, YouTubers, and sites routinely receive more readers or viewers than touted mouthpiece media “powerhouses.” More people watch dissident Paul Joseph Watson’s videos than Rachel Maddow’s nightly screeds, but Maddow receives an inordinate amount of attention from the alternative and mainstream alike and Watson virtually none.

The alternative media’s thousands of sites have eclipsed the mouthpiece media, which exists in a bubble of its own creation. It’s a hugely underreported trend—without fanfare millions of people rejecting the mainstream, reading, researching, and coming to their own conclusions. There’s 330 million Americans and many of them are neither stupid nor duped. It’s just that nobody pays attention to them.

The media bubble envelopes the government-centered corruptocracy and allows those within to preserve the self-deception of personal worth. Someone who lives off the corporate-lobbyist-political food chain, shuffles paper in a government bureaucracy, enforces tax or regulatory extortion, or is otherwise supported in a something-for-nothing scheme cannot have the self-respect that comes from producing value. Instead, the predatory and parasitic classes cling to psychological crutches: conceit, arrogance, condescension, delusion, and willful ignorance.

The most intense predator and parasite condescension is directed at the producers who provide their sustenance. This may seem paradoxical but it’s not. Honest production is an obvious moral rebuke to those who live by theft and fraud. Acknowledging either the value of producers or their own dependence on them would undermine the fragile edifice of their rickety substitutes for self-worth.

Disaffected veterans were the core of a group that would grow to millions, their “faith” in government and the people who ran it obliterated by its repeated failures and lies. Revolutions dawn when an appreciable number of the ruled realize their rulers are intellectual and moral inferiors. The mainstream media is filled with vituperative, patronizing, and insulting explanations of what’s “behind” the Trump phenomenon. It all boils down to revulsion with the self-anointed, incompetent, pretentious, hypocritical, corrupt, prevaricating elite that presumes to rule this country. It is, in a word, inferior to the populace on the other side of the yawning chasm, the ones they have patronized and insulted for decades, and the other side knows it.

Much More Than Trump,” Robert Gore, SLL, March 3, 2016, reposted November 6, 2016

Nothing has changed over the last four years, except that the ranks of disaffected have swollen. Trump gave voice to them in 2016 and he’ll do it again in 2020. Once more it’s the productive businessman outsider against a government hack insider. After Russiagate, the impeachment, the coronavirus power-grab, leftist and Marxists riots, and endless media-driven tempests in teapots, the somethings in this country are far more contemptuous of the nothings who presume to rule them—and farcically, have designs on the whole world—than they were four years ago. The ultimate farce is the Harris/Biden ticket: a corrupt, doddering, old fool and a nakedly ambitious shrew who even Democrats don’t like, neither with a scintilla of detectable principle, waging the most inept campaign ever in front of face-masked, socially distanced audiences that number in the tens.

If he gets anything approaching an honest vote count Trump will win in a landslide. The “reputable” pollsters have become another arm of the entrenched powers’ narrative management. Like everything else the corruptocrats have tried, this effort will prove inept. The purported double-digit Biden leads will motivate, not discourage, Trump’s voters. By every other indicator—voter registrations, growing black and hispanic support, the crumbling entertainment and sports complex, the crumbling mainstream media, the ascendent alternative media, millions of new gun owners, backlash against the riots, slowly fading coronavirus hysteria, and off-the-charts attendance and enthusiasm at Trump rallies—Trump’s winning by a country mile.

And let’s not forget Hunter Biden’s hard drive, much as the corruptocracy, Twitter, Facebook, and most of the mainstream media would like us to. The revelations are important not because they reveal that the Bidens are a criminal enterprise—we already knew that—but because they further confirm the suspicions of millions of street-smart, disaffected Americans: our country is a corruptocracy.

If Trump wins and quells the Super Tantrum, he’ll have to do more than give voice to the disaffected. He’s forced the corruptocrats from the depths of their swamp, and he may or may not be blackmailing them for his own purposes. But not a drop of swamp has been drained, and if nothing happens the next four years, Trump’s tenure will be nothing more than a feel-good fantasy for his fans.

He’ll have to either blackmail paid up swampsters William Barr and Christopher Wray to do their jobs or get rid of them for people who will. Nothing less than indictments and prosecutions that cuts a wide swath across the corruptocracy— Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Mueller, Page, Strzok, Haspel, the Biden crime family, Obama, the Clintons, many of the listings in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book, and the rest of their insidious ilk—will do. Arresting Hunter and Joe Biden the day after the election would be a good start.

Trump must put up or shut up on draining the swamp before he can proceed to his long list of other unfinished business. The swamp is the inevitable backwash of a government that has arrogated unlimited power to itself, has first claim on everything produced within the United States, issues debt without limit, and maintains a confederated global empire. Power creates corruptocracies. There is a one in a trillion chance that Trump or any other ostensible outsider changes any of this, and a one in a quadrillion chance that the system reforms itself.

Trump or no Trump, the disaffected will get more disaffected, at least until the system collapses, which it will. The failing of all governments is that they can’t produce, only coerce. What they can force their citizens to produce is astonishingly low compared to what those citizens would produce if left to their own devices in free markets. The productive economy is straining under the tax and debt loads it’s being forced to carry. The debt orgy this year is probably the last straw. The shut-down real economy and debt-bloated financial markets will force a reckoning.

That reckoning will be global and governments will get smaller. Not because anyone within them experiences an intellectual conversion towards less government—and consequently less power—but because they are bankrupt and access to credit will be severely limited. Central banks may continue to buy their governments’ debt with their own devalued debt, but that daisy chain will come to an end as well. A bear market in debt of all stripes and a bull market in interest rates loom. The silver lining: long suffering savers (both of them) and creditors will finally be compensated for the credit risks they bear.

With the crumbling of governments will come the crumbling of current political institutions and boundaries. The breakdown of the corrupt and doomed old order presents the opportunity for the establishment of new orders. What seems inconceivable now may occur with astonishing speed. A year ago, who envisioned what’s transpired so far in 2020?

Millions of salt-of-the-earth, common sense Americans have watched in horror as their country has imploded from lockdown insanity and riots. There’s an exodus from urban hellholes to safer and saner locales. The response to those who say breakdown can’t happen is that it’s already begun.

Alasdair Macleod is writing about Europe, but what he says applies to the United States:

The fate of the euro will be shared with the majority — if not all — of other fiat currencies for reasons specific to them. The recovery from the ashes of government incompetence can be swift — a matter of a year or two, so long as successor governments quickly learn that free markets, sound money and minimal interference from government are all required for the restoration of economic progress. Additionally, all socialist policies must be discarded, and the profit motive and individual wealth creation embraced.

The destruction of the euro,” Alasdair Macleod,, October 22, 2020

There will be jurisdictions, some born out of secession or insurrection, that will institute “free markets, sound money, and minimal interference from government,” along with the concomitant essentials: freedom and the protection of individual rights, because they work and have worked throughout history. They are the quickest way to recover from economic and financial devastation. Most importantly, freedom is the only moral system, the only system compatible with productive survival, and the only system that promotes human happiness.

Freedom, rather than Trump, represents the best hope for the righteously disaffected.

73 responses to “The Corruptocracy, by Robert Gore

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  2. Excellent article, Robert!!!! Linking as usual @

    Once again, you bring in all the aspects of what is happening to this country.
    Unfortunately, I am beginning to think that there is no turning this around anymore. I think that too many people are accepting the new normal; although, it’s really nothing that new, It’s just more in our face. It will be interesting to see who wins the election. Hopefully it will be Trump. Not because I think that he is such a great leader, but more the lesser of two evils; which is sad that we have to vote on that premise and not for actual hope and improvement!! The one thing that Trump does have going for him is that the MSM and deep state hates him, so that must tell you something. At least he is temporarily putting a kink in their plans. Will it help, if he wins? Possibly. If he loses, then we will see the inevitable end to this country as we once knew it.


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  5. Excellent as usual, Bob. The next few weeks (or months) may be more excitement that most of us want. Stay safe.


  6. “Most political philosophy is just an elaborate justification for theft and fraud. Political systems don’t spring from philosophies, the philosophies spring from the systems’ actual or potential beneficiaries.”
    One possible example: Fed Reserve created to enable theft and fraud for “certain someones”. Most recently, Fed creates money–>Wall Street Markets increase for Amazon, Apple, Alphabet(Google), etc adding $Billions to the net worth of certain elitists. And then some of them show their benevolence by shutting down Facebook and Twitter to help protect Biden.

    Fine article with many, many other pithy thoughts to think about and integrate.


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  8. Let’s just cut to the chase and be done with it!

    America WAS conquered in 1913 by the nascant globalist
    pedo banksters from “The City of London” aka the jewish
    Rothschilds as well as their domestic agents and fellow
    “Hostile Elites”,especially the Rockerfellers.

    Those Rothschilds and their fellow travelers, and both jewish
    bolshevists/zionists took their first steps in attempting to
    create a jewish globalist Rothschild owned and jewish
    bolshevist/zionist controlled world by conducting the coup
    against Christian Russia and the Czar and the Czar’s family
    in 1917..with that success (backed by the financial war chest
    of the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Armand Hammer and other
    aligned globalists) they exploded forth from conquered Russia
    to expand and invade every other nation across Europe that
    the could.

    Hungary under their agent, ‘Bela Kuhn’ (Moritz) fell..but was
    able to break free and regain her freedom with the help of

    Poland was assaulted; but able to defend herself from jewish

    Germany fell to the jewish bolshevists/zionists led by Rosa Luxemborg
    and others in 1921 but thankfully they were able to be roundly defeated
    by the patriotic German Freikorps and Rosa and her fellows were lawfully
    tried and properly and rightfully executed for their crimes.

    National Socialism arose as a legitimate and organic defensive measure
    and movement against the continued depredations both financially and
    culturally by the Rothschilds bolshevist/zionist agents that were operating
    openly in Germany. One of the first things that Adolf Hitler did was to end
    the crushing debt-based slavery that the Rothschilds and their ilk had saddled Germany and her people – he even went so far as to have one
    of the Rothschilds that was in Germany arrested for their financial crimes.

    Of course, Germany, under Hitler and others wise governance soon ended
    the stagnating severe unemployment and cultural degradation that was the
    hallmark of the jewish bolshevist/zionist controlled ‘Weimar Republic’ and while America suffered needlessly under the ‘Great Depression’ [purposefully created by the jewish global bankster owned ‘Federal Reserve’] and Europe suffering equally, Germany came to have the healthiest economy and truly
    happiest people..even Lloyd George of Great Britain came to personally see and comment on the economic and cultural miracles that Hitler and his National Socialist government had achieved and were creating.

    None of this however was sitting at all well with those who own and operate “The City of London”…a financially sovereign, prosperous and happy Germany couldn’t be allowed…if other nations and peoples looked too
    close at the National Socialist experiment, they might try to emulate it too and thereby break free from the the Rothschild’s ‘finance capitalism’ debt-based enslavement…and the talmudic supremacist Rothschilds just couldn’t allow that..not at al!!

    So, they contrived to destroy Germany and Adolf Hitler and the German
    People in a ‘second’ “World War”..a ‘Holy War’ as spewed forth in an
    insane rant on ABC radio by zionist bankster agent Samuel Untermeyer.

    The war was fought, their jewish bolshevist/zionist elements via communist
    Russia and elsewhere were the victors, they got their ‘international political control mechanism’ aka the U.N. into creation and made damn sure that
    slowly but surely such things like ‘nationalism’, ‘patriotism’ and ‘love of one’s
    own people and culture’ were slowly and repeatedly under quiet but unending assault via their jewish bolshevist/zionist “Frankfurt School” and
    other forms of education that could be quietly invaded by them while the
    stranglehold was completed on the media, both print, radio and film..especially their domination of ‘Holly-pedo-Weird’.

    Political control was accomplished by them via their front organizations like
    AIPAC, J-Street and others. Honest investigation, let alone legitimate criticisim was deflected/downplayed by their front organizations like the ADL and SPLC and others.

    Congressmen, Senators and others were forced to take a ‘loyalty oath’ to israel by AIPAC; otherwise financial and social support could be turned off like water from a tap.

    So now, we arrive at where we find ourselves in ‘current year’ America.
    The congressmen, senators, judges and pResident DON’T work for any
    of the productive working class individuals – not at all!

    They are all nothing more than mere corporate employees of the
    jewish globalist banksters that call “The City of London” home.
    They say what ‘Boobus Americanus’ want to hear every 2 or 4 years;
    then they go right back to being the compliant workers for ‘Global
    Bankster Inc.’ as soon as peoples attention let alone eyes aren’t on
    them any more.

    And ‘voting’ will NEVER make anything’s just another ‘Kabuki
    Theater’ entertainment deception/deflection ploy to get ‘Boobus Americanus’
    to bow down and grant them legitimacy to be financially if not physically
    enslaved again..and again…and again…

    Now, knowing and understanding this,..doesn’t it make you feel all
    warm and fuzzy that the jewish globalist banksters and their bolshevist/zionist control elements WON ‘The BAD War’?….

    Where would you be if ‘commrade’ AOC, Pilosi, Biden, Nadler,
    Scheumer, Finestein, McConnell and Trump weren’t around
    to guide and lead you?….


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  10. Uh, Sieg Heil? Whatever. Some of our fellow citizens want to fight WW2 over again, but me? I’m glad it’s over. My take on the upcoming festivities is somewhat like the Old Man and the Sea. Only instead of heading back to shore, a Cat 5 is whipping up the sea, and all of us in small boats trying to outlast the fury. Rwanda ’90 x Yugoslavia ’91 x Spain ’36, with some Azerbaijan vs Armenia thrown in for flavor. The important thing is that freedom somehow comes out the other side of hell, Ja? Spot on as always, Roberto, I’ve always thought of you like you were Robert Jordan in For Whom the Bell Tolls. Try not to get enmeshed in any retreat that involves riding a horse through an area covered by machine gun and tank fire. Hemingway was an ambulance driver in WW1, not an infantryman.


    • Thanks. I’ll do my best to protect myself and mine, and I hope you’ll do the same. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


    • “..Roberto, I’ve always thought of you like you were Robert Jordan in For Whom the Bell Tolls. Try not to get enmeshed in any retreat that involves riding a horse through an area covered by machine gun and tank fire. Hemingway was an ambulance driver in WW1, not an infantryman..”

      You DO remember that “For Whom the Bells Toll” was an out and out
      jewish bolshevist propaganda/indoctrination film and that Hemingway
      WAS a bolshevist, right?…

      And bolshevism NEVER honored ‘freedum’ or “the individual” at
      any time or occasion!


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  34. An old, and not very good science fiction story by Robert Sheckley called The Status Civilisation had the core idea of a society run by criminals who used law against small law breakers but those who managed to break the law on a larger scale and get away with it were promoted into the ruling elite. I see rulers and ruled as a predator-prey relationship. In nature this contest maintains balance, with prey constantly induced to upgrade their survival strategies to stay ahead of the predators. My dream would be that ordinary people get wise to the criminal/legal/political et al methods of the rulers (don’t make it easy for the thief) and if or when that should happen tyrants would be finished for good.


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  36. I loved the whole article… But it has a big mistake in it: The author thinks that there’s difference between the voters (the society) and the political system and the elites who control it and got fed, protected, rewarded from it.
    Well probably I will be hated here, but the truth is that there is NOT such difference!
    Political System is a mirror of the majority of the society which expresses it.
    Otherwise 330 millions people, and over 200 millions voters would be able to tilt the table. And destroy such “bad system”.
    50 US billionaires have the same purchasing power of 165 mln Americans, but only 50 votes, against 165 mln.. probably only 100 mln.

    Why things don’t change?
    Because 165 millions Americans dream of being like those Top-50!!!!
    If you keep such a system alive, you can keep dreaming of being a filthy rich. If you make a more free, a more human system based on common sense and freedom, ultimately you create a more equal system, with diffused wealth instead of concentrated wealth….

    If you destroy this system, the dream of being one Bezos one Zuckerberg, one Clinton, one Bush, one Biden, one Obama… one of the golden plated resumes… goes to hell with it.

    Why did you choose to attend a 50K USD College?! What for? Why do you dream to send your kids to such a “school”. Why or what do you hope for? Why did you swallow all that sh!t?
    Just to reach the Promised Land! The Elysium above the Earth… up in the sky… where the stupid common people who didn’t get it, can’t live. And finally you can enjoy the fruits of your socialism for the rich.
    You want to blame somebody? Look in the mirror. There he/she is.

    IF You don’t believe me, then believe your own eyes! 
    Take Schwarzenegger.  Look at the guy’s biography: he came poor, he worked hard, he made millions with things like Terminator, Total Recall, Conan the Barbarian before…  He is a kind of prototype of “Self made man”. 
    He is not even American!!!!
    His “motivational speeches” are everywhere on youtube. 
    He climbed the whole ladder up to be Governor in California… and then look at what he made for Californians. 

    Can we say he made NOTHING  or that Californians are now in a worse situation than before him??
    Can we say that? I think we can.
    So don’t believe me when I say “the freaking society is the swamp”. 
    Believe your eyes. 
    Well I know how things are. People are immune to facts.
    People sometimes run into truth… they fall… they get up back again.. and they walk away like it never happened.
    Churchill: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”


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  43. this is becoming more of a trumpster party line site.
    I am no democrat or joe biden kinda person
    good luck with your one-sided presentation!


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