Got Ammo? by Southern Sage

It’s all heading toward wide scale violence. From Southern Sage at

For years I have been skeptical – to say the least – about the globalist conspiracy theories. No longer. These evil bastards really do exist and they really are working together to implement their crackpot ideas. It reminds me of the late 19th and early 20th century, the so-called Gilded Age, when many Americans began to suspect that the side that won the Civil War was controlled by a greedy, grasping, amoral, corrupt gang of early “Masters of the Universe”, who used their money to buy Congress and turn the laws to their advantage.

The suckers were the decent, hard-working Americans who still believed the USA was the country put together by Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and the rest; many of them had fought to preserve that country and were enraged to find that they had been snookered. Of course, Southerners had already figured it out the hard way. There were populist uprising across the country that, while “mostly peaceful”, included quite a bit of non-peaceful activity, such as the Homestead strike when furious workers killed or beat the living shit out of the hired mercenaries of Andrew Carnegie and his henchmen.

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9 responses to “Got Ammo? by Southern Sage

  1. I so enjoyed reading this essay – really lifted my spirits – and, I’m something of a pacifist!
    Thank you.
    Wishing all concerned a very Happy and Just New Year.


  2. “Violence is as American as cherry pie.”

    Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin.


  3. I see… your support for violence and a typical American staple

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    • Peter, you appear to be distressed at the presence of words.
      May I ask, are you also distressed at the huge numbers that are suffering, or have died or will die, totally unnecessarily, not only in the Western world but the millions in the developing nations whose supply lines have been decimated and who are on the brink of starvation because of the actions of greedy, psychopaths? And this is just the beginning, isn’t it?

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  4. Yep, it’s all about me again.

    Sure…all of them on the far-right.

    To answer your question, in part, is I spend a lot of my time in Indonesia.

    U.S. hegemony and the psychopaths who ran the Sukarno coup are very much evident even today.

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    • Thanks for replying, Peter.
      I’m a Brit so we do what the US tells us to do – lots of dirty work against the innocent in order to obtain their resources, or for strategic advantage or to prevent a rival from doing so.
      I guess the global war against us is a form of karma but I still hope that some will at least be sufficiently aware to mount some sort of resistance.
      Btw, I am not keen on any extremist of any genre – very tedious when not being lethal.
      I’ll wish you a good night and also a Happy New Year!

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  5. Zrpradyer… to give a board reply, all Empires eventually collapse. Yours, mine, and Roberts’.
    Maybe karma plays a role.

    You too… have a blessed 2021.

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