You Can’t Stop a Tidal Wave So You Might As Well Try, by Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Uncola unpacks the propaganda and the psychological manipulation that’s behind the Covid hysteria and totalitarianism. From Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone.  To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’ – this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.

Aldous Huxley

Hat Tip:  John Wilder


…. This entire pandemic scheme has been designed as a divide and conquer undertaking… We are in the midst of this struggle for the future of our country and the world.

– Jim Quinn (11/28/2021), “THE WALL WAS TOO HIGH, AS YOU CAN SEE”

The Omicron® virus has arrived right on schedule and, of course, quite propitiously for those promoting The Great Reset®.   Fortunately, for them, each new wave has its own trademarked classification designed for maximum advertising impact within the ever-expanding COVID® brand.  Accordingly, the Omicron® campaign comes just in time for kids getting jabbed and will potentially distract from the spate of gift-wrapped Faucigate books lovingly laid under living room trees this Christmas.  Furthermore, Omicron®, will likely be used to conceal Covid vaccine failure and convince the Double-Jabbed to take that third swing.

As I’ve stated before, the Elite won’t turn back now. They are completely committed. This is because the Covid offensive either ends up with them lined up against walls or the We the Plebeians in digital chains.

Many reading these words were, certainly, in varying degrees, concerned at the announcement of Omicron®.  But, the concern was not likely over the “virus”, per se, but regarding the reactions to the propaganda by governmental agencies and dupes alike. This is how incrementalism works: trauma and reward are the tools utilized by tyrants to train their subjects.  Sadly, the fear-based lockdown and pressure-release method has most people responding like puppets to masterfully manipulated strings.

It seems Covidism has, indeed, become an international Punch and Judy Show as the puppet masters have created a new reality.  But, to be completely honest, the new reality was stage-crafted years before Covid.

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