Everything Is Clear From Up Here, by Good Citizen

Getting to the mountaintop of awareness with its cold clarity and 360 degree view. From The Good Citizen at thegoodcitizen.substack.com:

Notes on survival and remaking the future from the top of a fucking mountain.

You cannot take a holy man away from the top of a mountain.

The Awakened
There are frequent delusions being peddled of an end to the pandemic and a return to normalcy as the lies continue to unravel in the face of a brutal reality and the endless collapsing narratives. For those captives enthralled with this new development hope springs forth to seize attention and satiate their desperate need for optimism. Survival in times of crisis does not depend on optimism or hope, although the latter can be a useful psychological motivator in desperately severe circumstances. Survival requires an acknowledgment of truth and reality, so that reasonable decisions can be made based on accurate intelligence. The acquisition of accurate intelligence is a laborious process these days when censorship and propaganda are proffered hourly as authoritative “news”.

This process begins with the willingness to consciously open one’s mind and dispense with reinforced biases, question long held beliefs, extricate one’s digital presence from algorithmic echo chambers, refuse to freeze when shocked by the horror of new information which often leads to a retreat to the safety and security of old or popular beliefs wrapped in warm delusions. Once that retreat is rejected, one must question their beliefs a third and fourth time and recognize errors where they exist until those old beliefs no longer interfere with processing new information. It’s a lonely process, that requires accepting a devastating loneliness that inevitably follows. Call it a cognitive behavioral procedure of un-washing one’s brain that is so constantly bombarded with lies and propaganda it often cannot distinguish the line between healthy skepticism and bug house paranoia.

What information does a lonely healthy skeptic glean from an impassioned retrospective analysis of the past two years?

The lies are everywhere. They are intentional. Your brain and emotions are tools for management and manipulation. Your behavior is to be monitored and conditioned. The hearts and minds of millions will soon recognize the evil social engineers are all around them, in the halls of every institution public or private. They seek to divide and control totally. This is healthy skepticism based on facts and evidence. This is not bug house paranoia.

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