Sunday Talks, Is It Omicron Creating Societal Disruption via Staffing Shortages, or Are Companies Missing the Unvaccinated? By Sundance

Many of the workers who have the integrity and initiative to walk away from a job because of a vaccine mandate turn out to be some of the the company’s best workers. From Sundance at

An interesting question surfaces as the vaccine mandate is enforced.  Is it the Omicron variant creating the labor shortages leading to “societal disruption,” or is it the absence of the unvaccinated workers who have been removed from many companies?

In this segment, Dana Bash asks the chief White House political scientist if the nation should prepare for major societal disruption under the guise of Omicron.   As we have previously noted, the absence of a small number of highly efficient and productive employees, the vital few, can have a major impact on business operations (Pareto’s principle).  Is that what we are really seeing, and they don’t want to admit it?

It does not seem coincidental the specific areas cited by Fauci, police, fire and first responders, are the exact jobs where the vaccination mandate was the most controversial.  Additionally, the percentages he cites are very similar to the unvaccinated percentage previously reported in those work groups.

A data driven Suspicious Cat remains, well, increasingly suspicious.

You decide…

Airline cancellations today, again exceeding 4,000 [FlightAware Link]

It may be an uncomfortable or politically incorrect thing to say in modern times; however, twenty percent of the workers in your system of employment deliver eighty percent of the productivity. Yes, 20% of the workforce around you delivers 80% of the result. This natural truth has been consistent for decades, and within that truism is the nature of man – found in the Pareto Law.

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