No More Russian Dressing For You! By James Howard Kunstler

You could shovel twenty-four hours a day seven days a week and not be able to keep up with bullshit the American government is spewing on Ukraine. It’s almost as bad as Covid. From James Howard Kunstler at

Whoever is behind “Joe Biden” has done all they can to derail American Life, and the feckless leadership of Euroland has also seemed avid to trash its future. There is a welling movement, in America, at least, to resist all that, to sweep these degenerates out of power….

Say what you will about Russia’s Cleanup-in-Aisle-Four operation in Ukraine. It sure changed the subject from the murderous Covid-19 madness — cooked up by political therapists who have all the answers for our salvation — to the hard realities of power politics. And at just the right time, too, as ever more hard data leaks through the bastions of captured corporate media to morally indict the criminal public health establishment and their elected enablers throughout Western Civ.

In other words, the whole Covid story was falling apart. Though the CDC and the FDA were hiding and fudging all their numbers as best they could, the insurance actuaries and the humble morticians had no such inhibitions about reporting an upsurge in strange deaths. Whistles were blowing over the botched Pfizer approval trials. The world was beginning to grok how dishonest, deadly, and sinister the whole Covid caper really was — from the engineered and patented origins of the disease, to the lethal mechanisms of the “vaccines”— when it became necessary to divert the world’s attention. Plus, the oaf Justin Trudeau badly tipped his hand on the West’s tilt into tyranny… and now American truckers were revving up their convoys… someone, please, do something! Get Russia back in the center ring!

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