“The Empire of Lies”, by Paul Craig Roberts

Putin came up with a dandy title for the Washington blob. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

It is March and time for my quarterly request for your donations.  This website is carried by monthly donors.  I remind other users on a quarterly basis that they need to support the endangered species of people who tell the truth.  I look forward to your support. I remind you that truth is not something you can take for granted. In the Western world truth is almost non-existent.

In the past two years we have seen that the Western peoples are more badly and more corruptly led than any people in previous history.  The peoples were deceived about a “Covid pandemic” that was entirely an orchestration. Yes, the virus existed, but the “pandemic” was orchestrated by a PCR (no relation) test that produces up to 97% false positives and has been discontinued from use for this reason.  The large number of Covid cases were pure fantasy based on false positives.   The number of deaths were orchestrated by giving hospitals large financial incentives to report deaths as Covid deaths, regardless of cause.  The fear generated by fabricated numbers of cases and deaths drove  people to accept injections of they knew not what.  It turns out that the untested “vaccine” is a larger threat to health and life than Covid itself, and the death and injury rates mount as the “vaccine” does its deadly work in the bodies of injected people.  It remains to be seen what the long term death rate of the “vaccine” will be.

All of the other Covid measures did much harm and no good.  The masks proved to be a cause of illness, not a preventer of illness.  The lockdowns disrupted production, destroyed jobs, businesses, and supply chains, and are the cause of the current sharp increase in prices.

The Western world, full of its totally unjustified arrogant hubris, thinking of itself as “exceptional” and entitled to world hegemony, turned a deaf ear to Russia’s offer of a mutual security pact.  The idiot that serves as US President, the idiot that serves as US Secretary of State, and the idiot that serves as NATO Secretary General, all declared that, despite Russia’s announced red line, they would continue to expand military bases on Russia’s borders.

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