The Controllers of Money, Energy, and Food, Will Control the World: Can You Say ‘Covid’ and Ukraine False Flags? by Gary D. Bennet

Covid and Ukraine are part of a long range plan by a group of criminal sociopaths to control and dominate the world. From Gary D. Bennet at

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

Quote attributed to Henry Kissinger

It is best to preface these comments by discussing the fact that the ‘covid’ scam is not over, and has not permanently disappeared. In fact, most of the planks of the ‘covid’ agenda are still in place, even though the lockdowns are temporarily over, most businesses that are left are temporarily open, and mask wearing is for the most part not mandated by every government department and bureaucracy. But what about fake ‘cases,’ what about poisonous bio-weapon injections, what about travel restrictions and bans, what about identification technology, what about tracking, tracing, and testing, and what about rampant inflation due to these and other forms of manipulation?

The ‘covid’ agenda was and is a major part of what is happening in what should be called World War III, but remember that it is just one part of the plot, which in my mind, should be outlined as a war against all people by their own governments instead of a hot war using deadly weaponry against some manufactured enemy state. Therefore, every new claimed threat should be first disbelieved, for getting wound up in any state narrative will necessarily cause a bias against the truth in favor of a preordained outcome set in motion by those attempting to propagandize the crowd. The U.S. and Ukraine collusion called the war on Ukraine by Russia, is a perfect example of this strategy.

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