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Make America Florida: The Case for DeSantis, by Cherie Zaslawsky

If Ron DeSantis isn’t the Republican nominee for president in 2024, he will be in 2028. From Cherie Zaslawsky at newswithviews.com:

Many people I know have left California for what they consider greener—I mean redder—pastures: red states free of most of the lunacy in the “woke” Golden State.

Some moved to Texas, some to Idaho, but most have fled to Florida, leaving us stay-at-homes green with envy.

Why Florida—with its notorious humidity, alligators, snakes, humungous mosquitos, and yearly hurricanes? In a word: DeSantis.

Facing off against the radical, America-hating Left, DeSantis fought and won two major battles recently: protecting students in third grade and younger from the Dems’ cherished “choose your gender” narrative, and poking woke Disney in its progressive eye. I’ll wager Walt would approve.

Speaking about these triumphs, Charles Lipson has this to say: “What his legislative victories demonstrate is that DeSantis is willing to fight hard against formidable opposition on high-profile issues, including cultural issues. That is exactly what Republican voters want today.”

Governor DeSantis has continuously put the liberty, interests, and wellbeing of Floridians first, for which he endures perpetual barbs and ridicule from the Pravda media’s coterie of presstitutes. Imagine—he took a stand for sanity in the schools, by outlawing gender “fluidity” indoctrination of children in kindergarten through third grade. How dare he!

And as of September 2020, he refused to allow mask mandates! Does he think he’s smarter than the CDC? Let’s hope so!

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Hope For the Democrats In 2024, by William Gudal

A short article from SLL reader William Gudal.

If you’re a Democrat, you better start hoping the Republicans run Trump in 2024. Trump has no chance of being elected President of the United States. First of all, he’s a retread. People don’t like retreads. Second, other than perhaps Hilary Clinton and Anthony Fauci, he’s the most hated person in America. Voters prefer not to hate. Third, he’s way too old, regardless of the questionable level of energy he may still have 3 years from now. I sense people are finally getting tired of old politicians telling them what to do. Fourth, he’s got more skeletons in the closet that a boneyard. This time the dirt will revealed with a ferocity that will leave a Republican electoral ticket with a last minute nightmare on its hands. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, Trump’s record as President, even to Republicans, has almost nothing to show for itself. Remind me, how much exactly did the Mexicans end up paying for the Wall?

By contrast, picture a ticket of Rand Paul, Senator of Kentucky and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. Don’t like that combination, throw Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii and Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin into the mix. All of these people are dramatic departures from what we have had. At least on a relative basis they have youth, leadership qualities, ethical standards, superb communication skills, and a seeming opportunity to provide some restorative unification to a bi-furcated electorate. This probably makes way too much sense to a Republication Party that has a strong compulsion toward self-flagellation. The Democrats can only hope.

Are Democrats Repeating The Mistakes Of 2016? by Conrad Black

The Democrats have completely lost touch with the ordinary Joes and Josephines they once claimed to champion. From Conrad Black at amgreatness.com:

Mistakes of 2016

As we get to the midpoint between the last presidential election and next year’s midterms, all political sides are expending extraordinary effort to ignore the 900-pound gorilla in the formerly smoke-filled room of American politics. This, of course, is Donald Trump.

The Democrats are still outwardly pretending Trump has gone and that his support has evaporated. They also pretend they can hobble him with vexatious litigation and, if necessary, destroy him again by raising the Trump-hate media smear campaign back to ear-splitting levels.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), even as she finds the ground shifting beneath her feet over the administration’s incontinent spending ambitions, is seeing her effort to promote the January 6 trespass at the U.S. Capitol as an outrage on the scale of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 overshadowed by the Afghanistan disaster and the cascade of other blunders and improvidences of the Biden Administration.

Apart from a few veteran and some recently recruited NeverTrumpers joining in the tired pieties about the regrettable January 6 episode, the Democrats appear to be repeating the mistakes of 2016. They hope formerly mainstream Republicans who failed to repel the GOP base from supporting Trump will have better luck this time.

It remains true that a large group of Republicans (and no small number of Democrats) basically agree with most or all of Trump’s policies but regard the man as a distasteful carnival operator whose “Trump University” and health care plan (consisting of urinalysis and vitamins for a healthy quarterly fee) are simply not acceptable for a holder of the great office of president of the United States. Many have implied by their ambiguity that they could live with Trump again if his manners improved and his tactics became less bombastic. The acid test being unwisely applied to Trump’s acceptability as a rehabilitated candidate is his humble acceptance of the legitimacy of the election of Joe Biden as president.

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