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DeSantis Charms GOP by Condemning ‘Leaks’ and ‘Palace Intrigue’, by Philip Wegmann

Imagine a politician saying no to a journalist’s interview request, and doing it with a one word answer. From Philip Wegmann at realclearwire.com:

On its face, there wasn’t anything unusual about the email that landed last week in the press office of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Background interview request from the Washington Post,” read the subject line that summarized the industry-standard process whereby information is shared with reporters under pre-negotiated terms, usually anonymity. When sanctioned by a politician or their team, it is called “going on background” to shape and broaden a story with additional facts and contexts but without direct attribution. When not sanctioned, well, then that is just called leaking.

Either way, Jeremy Redfern wasn’t interested. The DeSantis spokesman wrote back one word: “No.”

A screenshot of the exchange went viral with the consensus in more conservative corners of Twitter being that a liberal rag, albeit the beltway paper of record, had just been owned. The score in their minds? DeSantis: 1, WaPo: 0.

The little episode does underscore a larger, still emerging theme of the expected DeSantis presidential campaign. It isn’t just that the team that didn’t leak in Florida wouldn’t leak in the White House. The implication is that DeSantis would not obsess over what is written about him in news outlets most of his constituents don’t read, because such an obsession is counterproductive to conservative goals. In this way, DeSantis may prove to be the anti-chaos candidate.

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Trump and DeSantis Need to Admit C19 Shots are Bioweapons, by Dr. Joseph Sansone

How they address the Covid vaccine injury issue could be pivotal if, as expected, Trump and DeSantis square off in the 2024 Republican primaries. From Dr. Joseph Sansone at josephsansone.substack.com:

The new dog and pony show developing within the GOP is a race for president, between President Trump, and Governor DeSantis. Briefly, let’s consider this race. President Trump was cheated out of his reelection victory and is the clear front runner. As presidents go, Trump did well his first three years, the last year, was not so well, as he bought into the C19 con. (I am comparing him to previous presidents not to my ideal of a president dismantling the size of government, etc.) Fake president Biden’s administration certainly boosts Trump’s presidency. We went from energy independence, to no more gas stoves, fairly quickly.

Trump did not engage in any lockdowns, but cleared the way for states to do so. Suddenly, states’ rights were perverted to mean states can become tyrannies. Trump maintained plausible deniability, but the take down of America ensued. How much Trump knew or did not know is up for conjecture. He could have just trusted his advisors and thought he was saving lives. Trump should never have declared an emergency. A better understanding of the philosophical basis for our republic would have prevented any such action. Still, it was President Trump’s rejection of WEF plans for global technocracy that initiated a quickening of the take down of the United States and the C19 biological weapon’s distribution. On the surface, it certainly appears that Trump is not a globalist.

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DeSantis Seeks To Make Permanent Protections From COVID Mandates, by Dan M. Berger

DeSantis is trying to normalize freedom. From Dan M. Berger at The Epoch Times via zerohedge.com:

Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis on Jan.17 said he’d seek to make permanent the state’s pioneering protections against COVID mask and vaccine mandates, and back physicians’ free speech.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in Las Vegas, Nev., on Nov. 19, 2022. (Wade Vandervort/AFP via Getty Images)

Speaking in Panama City Beach, DeSantis said he’d introduce legislation to carry that out in Florida’s upcoming legislative session. Earlier state-mandated measures were temporary and will expire on July 1, he said.

We want to make sure our state remains the freest state in these United States,” DeSantis said.

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo. (York Du/The Epoch Times)

The new legislation—likely to pass since Republicans control both houses of the legislature—will permanently prohibit COVID vaccine passports, COVID vaccine and mask mandates in schools, masking requirements in businesses, and employers hiring or firing based on COVID vaccination status.

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States Grand Jury to Hold Big Pharma Accountable for Covid Vaccines is Approved by The Supreme Court of Florida, from Becker News

This will throw a scare in all the right people, even if there’s only a small chance that any of them will stand trial or face imprisonment. Even small possibilities, however, can cause sleepless nights and huge legal bills. From Becker News at beckernews.com:

A states grand jury to investigate Big Pharma for civil and criminal wrongdoing related to its COVID-19 mRNA vaccines has been approved by the Supreme Court of Florida.

“A statewide grand jury shall be promptly impaneled for a term of twelve calendar months, to run from the date of impanelment, with jurisdiction throughout the State of Florida, to investigate crime, return indictments, make presentments, and otherwise perform all functions of a grand jury with regard to the offenses stated herein,” the court order stated.

“The Petitioner, the Honorable Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, has alleged that good and sufficient reason exists and that it is in the public interest to impanel a statewide grand jury, with jurisdiction throughout the State of Florida, to investigate crime, return indictments, make presentments, and otherwise perform all functions of a grand jury with regard to the offenses listed,” the court order continued.

The grand jury probe will have sweeping scope and will include many targets for investigation.Those include: “Individuals, persons, and entities, including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical manufacturers (and their executive officers) and other medical associations or organizations involved in the design, development, clinical testing or investigation, manufacture, marketing, representation, advertising, promotion, labeling, distribution, formulation, packing, sale, purchase, donation, dispensing, prescribing, administration, or use of vaccines purported to prevent COVID-19 infection, symptoms, and transmission.”

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DeSantis Forms Florida Grand Jury To Investigate Misconduct Surrounding Covid Vaccine Rollout, by Tyler Durden

This could be explosive. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is establishing a grand jury through the state’s supreme court to investigate malfeasance involving the rollout of the covid mRNA vaccines.  The investigations will include the claims of vaccine safety by pharmaceutical companies and the CDC, along with the rising number of deadly reactions to the jab including Myocarditis.  The announcement was made in a virtual town hall-style meeting and was met with a positive response.

DeSantis notes the moral bankruptcy of the scientific establishment in the US during the pandemic lockdowns – With the federal government and many scientists admonishing the public for going outside their homes (even though UV light from the sun is a natural sterilizer), while at the same time supporting the BLM protests in which thousands of people congregated on city streets to riot.  Stopping the spread was not important in the case of BLM, but deadly important when it came to people walking on the beach or protesting the lockdowns.

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Conservative Candidates Take Note – DeSantis Dominated In Florida For These Reasons, by Tyler Durden

Maybe the secret to winning election is to stand by principles a majority of the electorate supports. Who knew? From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Many Republicans are experiencing a bittersweet election week with some impressive wins, but not the “red wave” that they were hoping for.  With a Congressional majority looking like a certainty and the Senate up in the air, it’s an overall victory for conservatives but not a slam dunk defense against leftists and Joe Biden.  What we do know is that while there was no red wave, there was certainly no blue wave either.

This tells us a few things:  For one, Americans are more entrenched in their political views than ever and they aren’t likely to budge.  When governors like Gretchen Whitmer or Kathy Hochul can win reelection after attempting to impose hardcore authoritarian measures on their constituency during the covid scare, it becomes clear that Democrat voters are too mentally challenged to recognize they are harming themselves.  Maybe those people deserve what they get.

By extension, conservative voters are far more nuanced.  They aren’t interested in voting for a candidate just because they identify as GOP, they want that candidate to share their values and concerns and take action.  If a candidate doesn’t show courage and stand immovable against establishment agendas, conservatives may just stay home rather than vote for them.

For example, in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman managed to defeat Dr. Mehmet Oz despite Fetterman’s brain being scrambled by a stroke during the campaign.  Democrats will vote for ANYONE that will keep their state blue, they even reelected a dead Democrat House candidate in PA (Tony DeLuca).  Meanwhile, Oz avidly promoted the covid mRNA vaccines after pretending to be skeptical of them, and tried to sell his followers on them despite there being many questions of safety and efficacy.  A lot of conservatives fought hard and took considerable risks in defying the mandates, and some felt betrayed by Oz’s apparent truce with Big Pharma.  This may have contributed to his election loss.

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DeSantis Is History’s Greatest Monster for Some Reason, by Kurt Schlichter

The Florida governor confounds his critics because he’s competent and knows what he’s doing. From Kurt Schlichter at townhall.com:

DeSantis Is History's Greatest Monster for Some Reason

Source: AP Photo/Chris O’Meara

The quiet, firm competence of Governor Ron DeSantis in the face of Hurricane Ian is proving a real problem for Democrats, Never Trumpers, and other garbage people. He’s good at what he does, unlike them, and people see how he differs from the Establishment despite the blizzard of lies and silly charges designed to tear down the best governor in America. Why DeSantis is a monster who hates gay people because he banned grooming and he caused global warming by not making you turn in your Tahoe for a Schwinn and he dragged innocent illegal aliens from their idyllic sidewalk shantytowns in El Paso to the nightmarish hellscape of Martha’s Vineyard. It’s enough to cause literal shaking! Sure, Donald Trump was Hitler, but DeSantis is both disciplined and (unlike Trump) sees that institutions like the regime media are worthless and must be destroyed, so he is Super Hitler on Steroids times a zillion.

Certainly, the comparison with the half-wits in the White House in the wake of the Cat 4 storm has been less than flattering to the Establishment windbags. President Cornholio has contributed nothing to the relief efforts besides more video of him wandering away, but in his defense, he’s been distracted running his fool mouth and risking nuclear war. And Kamala has been at it as well. The Florida administration had to correct the Veep’s insistence that hurricane relief would be targeted at people of color and presumably non-binary two-spirit otherkin. Diversity may be our strength, goes the cliché, but there’s no diversity in the Biden Administration – they are all idiots.

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Can the GOP Accommodate Two Rock Stars? By Jack Cashill

Ron DeSantis doesn’t look like a man who’s interested in playing second fiddle. From Jack Cashill at americanthinker.com:

Fresh from his deft Martha’s Vineyard gambit, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew into Kansas on Sunday to rally support for Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, now running for governor against incumbent Democrat Laura Kelly.

Saul Alinsky, the acknowledged master of forcing poseurs to honor their own policies, could not have done better than DeSantis. No political stroke in memory has succeeded in exposing liberal hypocrisy quite so effortlessly and effectively. Had the Islanders taken the 50 illegal aliens in, they might have checked DeSantis’s move and saved a little face, but they didn’t. They lived up to their most ludicrous stereotypes, calling in the National Guard and deporting the hapless Venezuelans to some sterile Army base on the mainland. It will be years before “Martha’s Vineyard” is anything but a template for a meme or a punch line to a joke.

Both Schmidt and U.S. Senator Roger Marshall had fun with Martha’s Vineyard in the speeches they gave preceding DeSantis’s. The SRO crowd at the Olathe (O-lay-the) Civics Center ate it up. When DeSantis took center stage, the thousands in attendance were primed. They surged to their feet and roared their appreciation. If it wasn’t clear before this past week, it was clear to everyone in Olathe. Ron DeSantis has arrived.

Before Donald Trump descended the golden escalator at Trump tower in June 2015, the GOP had gone more than a quarter-century without a rock star. Now, it has two, and that is the challenge. Although he ran as the moderate candidate in the 2020 GOP primary, Marshall, a medical doctor, has been a pleasant surprise for conservatives. That said, he did not mention Trump in his speech. Schmidt has also been tagged as something of a moderate, but one would not have guessed that from his intense and impressively disciplined speech. He did not mention Trump either.

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DeSantis Accused Of Human Trafficking After Dropping Kids Off At Soccer Practice

From The Babylon Bee:

Article Image

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Just days after the galling political stunt in which 50 illegal immigrants were human trafficked to the loving, caring, nurturing, sanctuary city of Martha’s Vineyard, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was caught human trafficking again after dropping his kids off at soccer practice.

“I’ll pick you up in an hour, champ. Practice hard and be a good sport!” said brutal Dictator DeSantis after dropping his kid off at soccer practice, indicative of his inhumane, authoritarian policies used to rule Florida with an iron fist. “Hey, don’t forget your water bottle!”

Governor DeSantis’ previous human trafficking venture laid waste to the residents of Martha’s Vineyard after they had fallen into his trap by displaying yard signs reading “We Stand With Immigrants” and “All Are Welcome Here.”

“This brutal use of vulnerable populations as political pawns must end,” said Vice President Kamala Harris while keeping a straight face. “Human trafficking of any sort is evil and wrong when Republicans do it.”

At publishing time, President Joe Biden was caught human trafficking his son Hunter to rehab.


Talk vs. Fail, by Eric Peters

Trump’s a big talker. Desantis is a doer, and a pretty fair talker. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

A sound way to judge a person is by his deeds – as opposed to his words. By this standard, Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, has acted in a way deserving of the support of people who are tired of politicians such as Donald Trump – who talk but never act.

Or act wrongly, ineptly – serially.

Earlier this week, DeSantis acted, again – by publicly firing a prosecutor who would not prosecute – when it came to laws (as regards abortion wrongs) he personally doesn’t like. DeSantis correctly pointed out that it is wrong for a prosecutor to selectively enforce laws and that he would not tolerate it.

This is not the only example of DeSantis acting.

He didn’t just talk about Disney’s disgusting practices. He acted to deny Disney the preferential status – as regards taxes and other things – it has enjoyed for decades.

He has also combatted the vicious misinformation peddled about “masks” and “vaccines.” He brought forth Dr. Joseph Ladapo to serve as the state of Florida’s surgeon general. Dr. Ladapo says “We must make health policy decisions rooted in data and not in fear.”

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