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Humans Are Creating Their Own Narratives, by Michael Krieger

What scares the powers that be the most is the thought of millions of information sources and communications that they cannot control. From Michael Krieger at libertyblitzkrieg.com:

Somewhere between the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein and his extremely suspicious death in a Department of Justice operated prison, the public learned that an FBI intelligence bulletin published by the bureau’s Phoenix field office mentioned for the first time that conspiracy theories pose a domestic terrorism threat. This was followed up last week by a Bloomberg article discussing a new project by the U.S. military (DARPA) to identify fake news and disinformation.

We learned:

Fake news and social media posts are such a threat to U.S. security that the Defense Department is launching a project to repel “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks,” as the top Republican in Congress blocks efforts to protect the integrity of elections.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants custom software that can unearth fakes hidden among more than 500,000 stories, photos, videos and audio clips. If successful, the system after four years of trials may expand to detect malicious intent and prevent viral fake news from polarizing society.

Recall that after the 2016 election, focus was on social media companies and we saw tremendous pressure placed on these platforms by national security state politicians and distressed Democrats to “do something” about the supposed fake news epidemic. Fast forward three years and it’s now apparently the U.S. military’s job to police human content on the internet. This is the sort of natural regression a society will witness so long as it puts up with incremental censorship and the demonization of any thought which goes agains the official narrative.

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The Censorship of Alternative Media Is Virtual Book Burning, by Daisy Luther

Are ostensibly “private” companies with deep ties to the government, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google, capable in a legal sense of “censoring”? Given their importance to many alternative media outlets, when they kick outlets of their platforms, they are in practical fact censoring them. From Daisy Luther at theorganicprepper.com:

Recent discussions about an executive order that would “help protect” conservatives from bias on social media have brought a bone of contention to the forefront. Are alternative and conservative media actually being censored or are non-mainstream journalists and bloggers just whining?

As the owner of a website that is demonstrably facing censorship, I can tell you that from my point of view, we Americans are currently in the midst of a virtual “book burning” akin to the ones we look back on in shame.

The history of book burning

As early as 221 BC in China, the burning of books has always foreshadowed a crackdown on dissent and information. It’s probably no surprise that Adolph Hitler ordered the burning of “subversive” books in Nazi Germany, and the McCarthy era brought public burnings of any book that could be – if one’s imagination was stretched to the absolute limit – related to communism.  There are many cases of modern-day book-burning, and it generally links to opposing views, either religious, social, or political.

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Matt Drudge’s ‘Future’ Is Now Realized, And That Has Legacy Media Enraged. By Timothy Meads

The alternative media is eating the mainstream media for breakfast, much to the consternation of the mainstream media. From Timothy Meads at townhall.com:

“Bringing these groups together is beyond irresponsible; it is essentially conducting a hate summit at the White House,” the Southern Poverty Law Center proclaimed Monday morning regarding President Donald J. Trump’s social media summit last Thursday.

Based off that line, you would think the president hosted KKK leader David Duke in the Rose Garden for a Sunday interview as if his opinions mattered. No, actually, that was CNN who did that in 2016, but President Trump did something far worse in the eyes of the Left — he invited citizen journalists, bloggers, and humorous people who make memes to the White House. In doing so, the president sent a loud message to America that internet pioneer Matt Drudge’s vision of the world has been all but finalized thanks to social media and the power of the internet. This has legacy media, and their allies like SPLC, terrified that they are losing their power over public discourse.

In 1998, Drudge gave a speech before the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in which he mapped out a future. He dreamed of a national press free of editors and beholden not to corporate masters but driven by the ever industrial spirit of the American citizen reporter.

Back then, after taking the lead on the explosive Monica Lewinsky scandal, Drudge told the Press Club that “…clearly there is a hunger for unedited information, absent corporate considerations.”

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Are “Conspiracy Theories” Tearing Society Apart Or Saving Us From Destruction? by Brandon Smith

Russiagate was yet another conspiracy theory the alternative media helped prove was a conspiracy fact. Instead of a hollow pejorative thrown by Establishment toadies and their mainstream media, “conspiracy theorist” is becoming a badge of honor. From conspiracy theorist Brandon Smith at alt-market.com:

The phrase “conspiracy theory” is often used by establishment agencies, the mainstream media and useful idiots as a tool to dismiss legitimate evidence or viewpoints that disagree with their predetermined version of events. This method of propaganda was not always as widespread as it is today. The phrase was not “created” by the CIA, but it was in fact weaponized by them in the 1960’s after the assassination of John F. Kennedy with the express purpose of shutting down rational debate.

CIA memo 1035-960, circulated within the CIA in 1967 and exposed through a freedom of information act request by the New York Times in 1976, outlines strategies the agency would use to shut down critics of the Warren Commission Report. Specifically, they suggested the accusation of “conspiracy” with negative connotations attached, predominantly in mainstream books and articles. This was indeed done through the CIA’s many puppets in the media, and the concept of “conspiracy theory” as a pejorative was born.

Through the use of strawman arguments, red herring fallacies and sophistry, the incredible scale of evidence (exposed by investigators like New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison) suggesting the Warren Commission was either corrupt or ignorant in its findings was buried in a flurry of hatchet jobs and hit pieces. And this was the goal, of course; to attack the messenger and silence the truth without having to go through the ugly process of directly confronting the truth.

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Faith No More: America’s Trust in Mainstream Media Hits Rock Bottom, by Robert Bridge

It’s taken a long time, but the mainstream media has managed to destroy the public’s trust in it. From Robert Bridge at strategic-culture.org:

Gone are the days when US consumers looked to the nightly news and print media as a trusted source of information, and especially if they hold conservative views, according to a new poll by the Columbia Journalism Review.

Things are going from bad to worse for the US legacy media as its trust credentials have reached an all-time new low, as if that were possible. It has even achieved a lower trust rating than lawyers and members of Congress.

The introduction to the CJR poll provided the following ominous opening: “For decades, we’ve known that Americans don’t trust the press. What we haven’t known is how people view the makings of journalism, from the use of fact checkers and anonymous sources to the question of whether money skews journalistic decision-making. This new national poll for CJR answers those questions, and points to how big the trust gap remains.”

Indeed, the cynicism on the street should have every mainstream media purveyor in a state of absolute panic.

In one particular finding, it was revealed that many news consumers believe that reporters, seemingly in an effort to push forward with a political agenda, are too quick to run with a story before knowing all of the facts. This has never been more true before than in the Trump era where anything goes, so long as it trashes conservatives.

We have just witnessed ample proof of that media tendency in several high-profile cases. This week, attorneys for Nick Sandmann, a student from Covington Catholic High School, filed a lawsuit against the Washington Post, seeking $250 million in damages for negligence.

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Breaking the Alternative Media’s Dependence on the Mainstream Media, by Robert Gore

I attended the First Zero Hedge Symposium and Live Fight Club in Marfa, Texas, where I presented the following speech: “Breaking the Alternative Media’s Dependence on the Mainstream Media.”  The speech was about 45 minutes long, so the article is lengthy.

Hi, I’m Robert Gore, the guiding light behind the website Straight Line Logic.

Let me tell you a story. Remember the Bill Clinton administration? Remember the scandals? I was 34 when Bill Clinton was elected in 1992. That was a good year for me; I got divorced. Before the election, Gennifer Flowers disclosed her affair with Clinton. There was Hillary, seated lovingly beside him, as he denied the relationship on 60 Minutes. Flowers released tapes of phone calls with Clinton. You would have thought that might raise the media’s interest, but it latched on to George Stephanopoulos and James Carville’s proof-free claims that the tapes could have been—not were, but could have been–doctored. There was no investigation of the substance of Flowers’ allegations, just a vicious smear campaign against her. The matter died, although six years later Clinton did admit to having sexual relations with Ms. Flowers.

The Flowers story characterized the pattern. Somebody would accuse Bill and/or Hillary of something immoral, illicit, or illegal. There would be evidence, or what would have been evidence—whatever it was—had it not gone mysteriously missing. Sometimes a few so-called fringe media outlets would try to investigate, encountering resistance and obstruction at every turn.

The Clintons’ hatchet-people would go to work, trumpeting purported inconsistencies in investigative stories, maligning the character, political leanings, and associates of those publishing them. The mainstream media, or MSM, would ignore and suppress, but would rush to publish anything that exculpated the Clintons from the scandals the MSM wouldn’t acknowledge. The first couple commissioned a lengthy “Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce” memo, which Hillary later popularized as the “vast right-wing conspiracy.” It was a condemnation of all those who had investigated the Clintons, and a handy pre-condemnation of those who might do so in the future. Facts and issues were left unexplored and unaddressed.

I followed what was probably the same progression as some of you through the many scandals: pissed off, then numbed, and finally, resigned. The fix was in and would stay in while Clinton was president.

Ron Brown was Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce. He was on a plane that crashed in Croatia, April 3, 1996. At the time he died, his son, Michael, was being investigated by the Justice Department for shady dealings with a small Oklahoma energy company. Tom Parsons was my brother Jim’s best friend growing up. They were best men at each others’ weddings and they’re both straight-arrow, salt-of-the-earth guys. Tom went to college and medical school on an Air Force ROTC scholarship, and was trained as a forensic pathologist. I went to dinner with him once at a barbecue place, and was amazed how he stripped his baby backs clean with just his fork and knife. Right there I decided: I want this guy doing my autopsy.

Tom was working for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, or AFIP, in Washington, when thirty-three bodies from the Croatia crash, including Brown’s, were brought to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Tom didn’t examine Brown’s body. The pathologist who did found a perfectly formed round hole, .45 of an inch in diameter, the kind a bullet makes when entering the body, on the top of Brown’s head. That hole was seen by another pathologist and by the photographer who took pictures of the body.

Although autopsies were performed on several corpses, there was no autopsy on Brown’s. Tom heard about the hole from his colleagues, but it didn’t become public knowledge until December, 1997, twenty months after the plane crash. It was revealed in a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review story. That newspaper was owned by the late Richard Mellon Scaife. Both newspaper and owner had featured prominently in the Clinton’s “Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce” memo.

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Confessions Of A Fake News Reporter, by Douglas Herman

This article is an anthem for all those who toil in the alternative media, delivering news, analyses, and opinions decidedly different, on the whole, than those of the mainstream media. From Douglas Herman at strike-the-root.com:

“A lie can travel half way around the world while truth is still putting on its shoes.” ~ Mark Twain

I write for those so-called “fake news” websites. You know the ones: the 200 odd deplorable websites, the ones Hillary, the Pope and Michael Moore have attacked as threatening to destroy World Peace, Democracy, Facebook and the Mainstream Media (MSM).

I only write for a handful of them, sad to say, although I’ve been linked to scores more. One of my recent columns went viral and it probably swayed the entire election – for better or worse: Before Trump, Sen Bulworth Spoke Truth To Power . Seriously, the blatant corruption of the losing team, from Super Delegates to Podesta and PizzaGate to hidden Hillary health issues and secret sums of money funneling through the Clinton Foundation in “Pay to Play” accusations cost them the election, despite the best efforts and endorsements of the entire American media.

I’ve written for Rense, Counterpunch, Antiwar and Zerohedge. Most of my best stuff appears here on Strike The Root first, or STR as we call it, a website where Henry David Thoreau rather than Mark Zuckerberg is our moderator. Tragically, STR did not appear on ProporNot and we are devastated, absolutely devastated. Not.

Sometimes I ask my friends: If knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss, which is preferable? I always hope someone will respond, as Socrates or Obi Wan would have: Knowledge of our ignorance is power; bliss in this age is unattainable.

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Big Money Intends To Shut Down Our Website, by Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts may be a little overwrought. Then again, he might not be, especially because he’s worried about the government, which has all the motivation in the world to suppress news not to its liking. From Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

Big Money and the US government controlled by Big Money intend to close down Internet truthtellers. As Trump intends to reduce the tensions between nuclear powers, the 200 List prepared by the shadowy Internet site, PropOrNot, is in Trump’s way. Either Trump will be apprised and convinced of the “Russian threat,” or the dissident websites will be promoted to “Muslim apologists” and fall under the ire of Trump’s Iranophobic generals.

Our site, http://www.paulcraigroberts.org, is one of the sites targeted to be closed down. As I recently reported, the US House of Representatives already has passed a bill that creates an interagency executive branch committee that can be used to close down truthtellers on the basis that disagreement with the official propaganda reported as news by the presstitutes constitutes spreading fake news or is proof of conspiring with Russia or Iran (and soon, China) against the United States.

Apparently, Trump wants peace with Russia but war with Iran, a contradiction as Russia will not permit the US to have war with Iran. So if Trump and his generals persist, there will be no lessening of tensions between the US and Russia, and by extension with China.

If this is the outcome, Trump will blow up the planet as surely as Hillary would have done.

If Trump does not reduce tensions with Russia and China, there was no point in electing him.

The United States government is such a criminal institution that it is scared to death of truth. People who lie for the US government and their oligarch controllers prosper. Those who tell the truth are unjustly and harshly persecuted: Manning, Snowden, Assange, Kiriakou, Binney, et. al. And now there is a list of 200 websites to be persecuted.

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Trump Bypasses Media With Direct YouTube/Twitter Distribution As Feud With Mainstream Outlets Rages, by Tyler Durden

Other than Trump, the Internet and alternative media were the biggest winners from the election. The mainstream  media has discredited itself. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

For the past year and a half the Trump team has played the mainstream media like a fiddle. During the republican primary, he was granted millions of dollars of free air time as the unwitting mainstream outlets thought they were boosting one of Hillary’s chosen “pied piper” candidates that could be easily defeated in the general election. Then, after helping to catapult him to the republican nomination the media predictably turned on him in a blatant effort to elect their chosen candidate. Unfortunately for the mainstream media, none of their plans to destroy Trump came close to working and, in fact, he used their corrupt, biased coverage to rally his supporters which is likely a big reason for his ultimate victory.

Perhaps no one has summarized Trump’s relationship with the media and establishment institutions better than Michael Moore who famously predicted two weeks before election day that Trump’s election would be the “biggest fuck you ever recorded in human history”:

“They [working class voters] see that the elites who ruined their lives hate Trump. Corporate American hates Trump. Wall Street hates Trump. The career politicians hate Trump. The media hates Trump, after they loved him and created him and now hate him. Thank you, media. The enemy of my enemy is who I’m voting for on November 8th.”

But now that the campaigning is finally over, the true panic is setting in for the mainstream media as Trump is threatening to cut off the one thing they have left: access.

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The Day Zero Hedge Goes Dark, by Robert Gore



The mainstream media’s (MSM) coverage of Hillary Clinton’s medical travails offers yet another instance of its blatant bias, and its distortion and outright suppression of the news. The roots of the captive MSM stretch back to the 1940s, which helps explain the waning prospects for dissemination of the truth in 2016.

Veracity is the first casualty of war. During World War II, the government openly co-opted the media, including Hollywood, as propaganda organs. Radio and television stations and networks had to obtain permission from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate. They toed the government’s World War II line. A few newspapers and individual journalists, notably H.L. Mencken and John T. Flynn, challenged it, but Roosevelt pretense of being against US involvement in the war, Pearl Harbor’s vulnerability, the alliance with Joseph Stalin, who was at least as bloodthirsty and tyrannical as Hitler, massive fire bombing of civilian populations in Germany and Japan, and the decision to deploy the atomic bomb should have raised far more questions than they did.

Without missing a beat the government transferred its World War II rationales for “managing” the news and media to the Cold War. The key figure of the era was Allen Dulles, the Director of the CIA from 1953 until 1961. In 1977, Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, detailed the CIA’s relationship with the press in the 1950s and 1960s in a lengthy expose for The Rolling Stone. Dulles instituted a partnership, Operation Mockingbird, between the agency and the media. The agency would supply journalists with information and access to situations that would have been otherwise inaccessible in exchange for on-the-ground intelligence and the occasional performance of agency requests. Implicit in the arrangement: journalists would hew to the CIA line.

A veritable who’s who of the media elite embraced the arrangement. Per Bernstein: “By far the most valuable of these associations, according to CIA officials, have been with the New York Times, CBS and Time Inc.” No questions were asked in the bland reports that the duly elected leaders of Iran and Guatemala had been deposed, CIA-orchestrated operations. Nor were they asked in the early days of Vietnam, as the CIA set up shop in Saigon and the press worried about falling dominoes in Southeast Asia.

Some of the agency’s screw-ups were too big to whitewash. After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, President Kennedy asked Dulles for his resignation. Dulles’ subsequent membership on the Warren Commission, where he stage-managed the investigation to its preordained conclusion, raised eyebrows. However, the raised-eyebrow set were disparaged as “conspiracy theorists,” a term invented by the CIA to discredit anyone questioning the official version of anything.

The Vietnam War was too extensive and lengthy to hide. As the years rolled on and the body count mounted, questions were asked. Journalists had remarkable latitude to roam, often accompanying military units to battle zones. They saw fighting first-hand and talked directly to the fighters. Their stories were a sharp contrast to the military’s bland briefings in Saigon. That Vietnam was, at best, a hopeless quagmire and probably a lost cause was a bottom-up realization; the soldiers and the in-the-field press covering them knew it long before the brass and its house-broken reporters. Publication of The Pentagon Papers in 1971 marked the media’s finest hour in Vietnam. Its revelations of duplicity reinforced America’s mood; by then all it wanted from Vietnam was a graceful exit.

After a ten-year hiatus dating from the end of the Cold War in 1991, the US establishment acquired a new enemy. Despite the pyrotechnics of 9/11, the terrorists presented orders of magnitude less of a threat than the Axis powers in World War II or the Soviet Union during the Cold War. However, a war on a tactic—terrorism—can be waged anywhere and against anybody the government chooses. It can and apparently will go on forever; victory in such a conflict being impossible to define, much less achieve. All this was obvious before the US ventured into Afghanistan and Iraq, but few in the media questioned the conceptual basis of those forays.

Judging by restrictions on civil liberties embedded in the Patriot Act, subsequent legislation, and judicial interpretations, rag-tag terrorists whose main weapons are stolen artillery and firearms, improvised explosive devices, and blowing themselves up pose a greater threat than the US’s World War II and Cold War foes. A measure of how captive the MSM has become: it labeled Edward Snowden a traitor for exposing the government’s Orwellian surveillance in the name of “fighting terrorism.” Snowden should have been hailed. Such surveillance makes a free press impossible; if it cannot shield its secrets from the government it cannot operate.

For the press and freedom of press to mean anything, the media must be outside the government, looking in. Currently, that characterization only applies to the independent segments of the media, mostly the Internet, that takes a reflexively adversarial stance towards the powers that be, including the MSM. Call it the alternative media. What it lacks in the docile MSM’s cherished “access” it more than makes up for in pugnacity.

The Drudge Report made a name for itself publicizing Bill Clinton scandals the MSM ignored. It is the most powerful and widely viewed alternative site. Zero Hedge, like the Drudge Report, aggregates news, analysis, and commentary from a variety of sources, but it also features its own analyses and comments (Zero Hedges has reposted Straight Line Logic articles). Financially oriented, Zero Hedge made its bones during the last crisis, which it saw coming well before it arrived. Its commentary and stories since on the government and Federal Reserve’s responses—the bailouts, stimulus, and quantitative easing—have been scathing.

These two sites are the vanguard of the alternative media: hundreds, perhaps thousands, of sites worldwide that probe virtually every idiocy and prevarication emanating not just from governments and central banks, but large corporations, academia, militaries, intelligence services, and the MSM itself. The alternative media has little capacity to generate original news coverage (although leaks, hacking, and videos have been invaluable), but publicly available material is virtually inexhaustible. It has become a giant thorn in the side of what it variously calls the establishment, the powers that be, the deep state, the Empire, globalists, or the new world order. Although not all in the alternative media support Donald Trump, they are united in their contempt for Hillary Clinton. Their relentless skepticism, disclosures, and editorializing have been bastions for the Trump campaign. It’s probably not an overstatement to say that campaign wouldn’t be where it is without the alternative media.

The established order recognizes the threat. Hillary Clinton’s recent speeches condemning the alt-right and the “basket of deplorables,” and President Obama’s comments Monday about unspecified blogs “churning out a lot of misinformation” confirm the apprehension. The alt-right is part of the alternative media and takes a politically incorrect perspective on the mainstream’s racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender catechism. As such, it makes the easiest target, however, it is not the establishment’s real target. Obama gave up the game with the word “misinformation.” He’s not worried about misinformation—if he were Obamacare never would have become law—he’s worried about correct information, also known as the truth.

The alternative press shatters the cozy arrangement midwifed by Allen Dulles’ between the government and the MSM. The biggest threat to powers that be is always the truth. Just as they will steal everything you’ve got (see “You Will Be Poor”), they will suppress the truth. The alternative media has gone from success to success, but if Trump is elected, it will probably mark an apotheosis. The establishment will neither forgive nor forget, and sooner or later the alternative media will train its sights on Trump himself. It’s hard to believe that he won’t give it reason to do so—power does corrupt—especially for that segment of the alternative media with a more libertarian perspective.

Alternative media hubris is an unaffordable luxury. The counterattack is coming—take Hillary and Barack’s word for it—and the alternative media is extraordinarily vulnerable. It can be silenced by someone pulling the plug on the Internet or parts thereof. Like a “Funds Inaccessible” message on our bank accounts, a “Site Not Available” message may well greet us one morning when we try to pull up Zero Hedge . The rationale could be “deplorable” racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, or Islamophobia, or peddling what has been officially deemed “misinformation,” but make no mistake, the truth that emerges from the alternative media poses a grave threat to those who would rule us, and they know it.